Here Is Proof That Google Is Doing Awful Things To You

By Sarah Weller

You may have heard rumors in the news about Google doing "bad things". You might have sensed an overall public anxiety about Google "being evil".

Generally, though, if you are an average person, it will be quite difficult for you to understand the deeply technical bad things that Google is doing.

Let me try to explain it to you in a more comprehensible way.

Google is using billions of dollars of spy stuff to trick your subconscious into doing things you would never willingly do.

You actually CAN understand it if you think about it as something you already know: Advertising.

You think of 'advertising" as a service where someone paints a thing on a billboard to try to sell you something.

Google found a way to actually paint ideas on your brain and they targeted your political ideas.

You might, at first, think that this was a fantastic dark future vision from George Orwell's notorious book: 1984, but,

If psychological political warfare and subliminal messaging did not work, then there would be no multi-billion dollar sales of 'consumer brands', 'franchises' and billboard companies. All of those things exist only because they have a psychological ability to hold an impression in your mind.

I was at Google when Google was not even Google yet. I know who did what and what the real goals of Google's bosses are.

There were a couple of motivations going on.

One of the founders had read quite a bit about the German Nazi mass social conditioning theories and programs and envisioned Google being sort of digital "payback" for injustice done to Jews.

Another founder had experience getting money from the government for bizarre projects. He helped sell the "idea of Google" to the spy agencies in exchange for lucrative contracts to deliver 'insights'.

Another founder just wanted as much money as you "could possibly, possibly make" and saw the potential upside of reaching into the minds and pockets of most of the consumers in the world.

Weird science with graphics is a Silicon Valley thing. Silicon Valley had a powerful group of Democrat Senators who had high tithing demands.

Google's owners realized that you had to be the DNC to get the government cash, NASA airfields, contracts, grants, loans, free jet fuel, real estate. The more Google rigged DNC election and political impressions, the more DNC government payola they got.

Google and Facebook got Obama elected but it was all of Google's people who staffed the Obama White House and Federal Offices, not Facebook. Google was the deep state and Facebook is just Google's little bitch.

If Eric Schmidt spent a hundred million dollars to try to hide his locations and activities the 52 hours before Obama won his first election, he could not now do it. Too many people saw him, photographed him and recorded what he was doing. Smartphones already existed and they had great cameras and amazing audio recording capabilities.

Here is the worst part of it: Top CIA officers that know social media, psychological warfare and mass public manipulation techniques will claim that they can make you kill someone with just a subliminal messaging campaign. You won't accept it. You won't believe it and you will probably laugh at anyone you told you that.

You could not be more wrong.

If you watch the movies on streaming media sites, called "Push" and another film called "Miracle", you will see documentary evidence verifying proof that humans can be easily tricked into doing extreme things. Google is the ultimate social trickster that manipulates you, over a long period, to do things you would never consciously do. Google steers you away from your beliefs and ideologies and into the beliefs and ideologies of Eric Schmidt and his crony's.

When the rest of the Google story comes out, you will be shocked. It is a dark tale of dark deeds and 'Dark Money'.

Until then, I guarantee you that almost everything you have heard about Google is true and that it is worse than you think.