The Entire U.S. Immigration Scandal Is Because Crooked Senators Want To Swell DNC Voter Ranks In Order To Put DNC Politicians In Office Who Will Give Payola To Those Senators

Crooked DNC Senators pocketed hundreds of millions of dollars of personal profiteering cash from the CleanTech Green Cash Corruption, Russian Mining Deals, Train building scams, Construction company scams and other crooked stock market rigging which those Senators, those Senators families and their Silicon Valley financiers owned! They got those criminally corrupt profits from Obama and his worms and they expect to get that from Hillary and her worms. That is why they are so pissed off.

They believe that poor immigrants will vote for the DNC candidates so they want to flood the USA with poor, inbred, unskilled immigrants.

Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, Boxer, Huffman and all of the New York DNC Senators will do anything to stop the FBI and the GAO forensic investigators from revealing a spreadsheet which shows all of the covert bank accounts, stock market accounts, covert trust funds and sequences of shell companies that each of them holds that has been funded by crony criminal scams with the Obama and Clinton Administrations.

If the public saw this spreadsheet, they would 1.) demand the immediate arrest of those Senators and 2.) instantly understand why their elected officials are so criminally corrupt.

We have seen the working draft of that spreadsheet.