The Science Of Immigration Manipulation

By Conner X, PhD

The modern immigrant argument is not based on science. It should be. Here is the science of it.

Democrats are pushing for poor immigrants to flood the USA because science shows that poor, low IQ people can be easily convinced to vote Democrat. Those are statistical facts.

Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, John Podesta, David Axelrod, Dianne Feinstein, Jerry Brown and the rest of the millionaires who control the DNC rely on Democrats being in power to fill up their personal stock market account profits. The science behind that is easy to track. You take every secret bank account number the Pelosi, Harris, Podesta, Axelrod, Feinstein, Brown, et al families and chart the profits into those accounts vs. the years those people were in political office. You then cross reference those dollars with the bills that those crony political people pushed through and the common ownership records. It is very clear that they rely entirely on profiteering from pushing bills that only benefit their stock market funds. The financial forensic facts prove it.

Scientific blood tests show that modern immigrants really are riddled with disease and have the highest rates of incest. Those are medical facts.

98% of all the sheriff and police chief executives in American state that 3rd world immigrants are responsible for the majority of rapes, robberies and murders in their county. Ask them, yourself. It is a fact.

The walls around the Vatican, Obama's house, and all of the prisons in America work perfectly. They prove, via facts, that walls work.

The DNC is only looking at immediate profits for their personal bank accounts. They are not examining the long-term effects on society.