There IS A ‘Silicon Valley Mafia’ Manipulating The Government And The Media


* Facebook, Google, Amazon, Ebay, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tesla bosses and owners collude and conspire to run racketeering operations.

* Their synchronized and coordinated manipulation of news and media always has only one political intention and always uses tactics which only steer the manipulation effects to the benefit of this particular Cartel.

* They are all exclusive recipients of Obama Administration cash, jobs, contracts and other payola.

* They interact, every moment, with billions of average people around the world without oversight, Congressional or public monitoring and no other companies are allowed the same access.

* Their access and position is based on taxpayer financed resources which only they are allowed to use because of their bribe payments to politicians.

* They have used their monopolistic, extremist, synchronized access to the public to control public and government impressions, policies, moods and perceptions for their ideological and profiteering goals.

* They have paid bribes in the form of cash, stock, advertisings, revolving door jobs, sex workers, real estate and hundreds of other kinds of bribes to almost 95% of the U.S. Congress and regulatory agency staff.

* They meet covertly in restaurant and bar back-rooms (ie: “AngelGate”), hotel suites, Aspen resorts and private mansions in order to plot and scheme their coordinated efforts.

* They control significant numbers of executives at the FBI, DOE, FTC, DOT, SEC and other agencies, who, under non-compromised conditions, would normally arrest or indict them.

* They have an extraordinary number of ex-CIA, ex-IN-Q-TEL and ex-Mossad spy staff employed at their companies.

* They tell their naive young employees one thing and use their work-efforts to accomplish another thing: Their political goals; while using Scientology and Rajneesh cult-like ‘mindfulness’ and ‘holistic’ echo-chambering to exploit those employees.

* They had staged a nearly one trillion dollar government funds kickback scheme with the Obama Administration which they were promised that Hillary Clinton would keep going. They have gone over-the-edge because Clinton did not win and their kickbacks are getting cut-off.

* FBI and DOJ bosses (including Comey, Holder, McCabe, etc.) were fully aware of these facts because they received written reports stating this facts as early as 2008. They covered up the crimes of the Cartel.

* Very few people understand how the Cartel’s subliminal messaging, mood manipulation and intention triggering technologies work and how they can be used to cause physical, emotional and cultural harm on an epic scale.

* To ignore, or cover up, the facts that these companies are a Mafia-class organized crime Cartel is to subject the national population to a risk greater than that of the old Italian Mafia!