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The dichotomous clash of federal law enforcement agency motivations

When you read the details of Wall Street banker fraud and DOE car cash scandals, in thousands of websites, it seems like a slam-dunk for any good federal investigator to wrap up some indictments and create a few perp-walks on CNN but, therein lies the quandary.

Many members of the public are thinking: “Why hasn’t anything been done?” Agencies get their budgets and marching orders from White House staff, some White House staff did naughty things in these matters, it is a challenge for some agency heads to go after the people that feed them.

But, each agency has a split of people from both parties working there, on top of a split of some people who are trying to catch bad guys and another group who are trying to cover-up and keep certain bad guys (Political backers and future employers) from getting caught on their watch. You can see the disharmonious agendas.

At each agency, a reporter needs to figure out, first, if the person they are talking to is a Democrat or a Republican. Then they have to figure out if they are from the cover-up clan or the prosecution clan sub-group. Then they can TRY to figure out of that person is going to help the story or hinder the story.

It is a hard, but crucial, task in modern reporting. There are top notch federal cops who are champing at the bit to deliver some indictments but their bosses won’t let them. Take the leashes off and let’s give the public something to believe in again.

Pete- LA T

Did Musk just admit a felony on live TV?

Under Section 136 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 of the United States Congress, it is a felony for the Department of Energy to issue a loan to a company that is about to face potential bankruptcy. The very specific written Congressional regulations forbid it. We have already seen a number of other recipients immediately go bankrupt after they got their DOE money, grabbed their upfront finders fees/campaign conduit-ing cash and ran. Recently revealed documents appear to show Tesla’s DOE loan was rigged in order to favor Tesla’s investors in exchange for campaign funding. In the video below, and associated articles, Musk confesses that Tesla was about to go bankrupt even as it told Congress, in writing, that Tesla was all fairies and unicorns and rolling in dough. It turns out to have been a lie. The actual financial metrics, now being viewed by forensic accounting experts under numerous shareholder lawsuits that have now been filed, show that the reality was vastly different then Tesla reported. Did Musk lie in his DOE loan application? Did DOE staff ignore the lie when they reviewed the loan application? Did someone tell them to? See Below:

Further proof Tesla did not qualify, per the law, for the loan it got:


Network News Rips Tesla:

Neil Cavuto & car expert Lauren Fix on Tesla:

Another $139 million lost in DOE scandal. Tesla next?

So we have a zillion taxpayer dollars lost on Solyndra, a zillion $$ taxpayer dollars lost on A123 and (now it is a chinese company via our tax money), a zillion zillion taxpayer dollars lost on GM, a zillion taxpayer dollars lost on Abound, a zillion taxpayer dollars lost on another, and another and … today we have another $139 million lost in the DOE scandal on Fisker (which has now become a Hong Kong company via our tax money). So Tesla has cost the U.S. millions in old investigations, millions in new investigations, millions in job losses by having Tesla’s VC’s sabotage other job providers, and we still spend taxpayer money on Tesla in credits, subsidies, waivers, government fee discounts, tarif waivers and more. When Tesla goes out of business and you add up the actual total losses, it will be stunning!

M.- The Hill- Washington DC
Uber Scandal !!!! ?

In one of many lawsuits, now filed, investigators are examining a potentially sinister misuse of public funds.

Did Rahm Emanual use public Treasury dollars to fund the campaign by backpaying those expenses via his VC friends?

If so, that is even slicker than a “501 C6” Stealth non-profit in a “you-pay-our bills-now/we-will-pay-you-back-later” deal.

The flow of the process would look something like this:

VC buys campaign ads and pays campaign costs directly $ -> Treasury $ exclusively directed to -> VC’s Company (ie: Solyndra, Tesla, Fisker) $ -> VC Stock Kick $ -> VC repaid via stock kick, contracts & exclusive supply deals $

NOTE: A “stock kick” occurs when you can suddenly use credits, waivers, deferrals, free loans or other non-revenue windfalls to manipulate the stock value in order to increase your asset value as an investor. In this case, if this took place, it would be very, very illegal.

As a clever lobby/fixer he might get an admirable nod from fellow lobbyist/fixers, the problem is: He seems to have done this from within the White House, evidence seems to indicate.

Did White House order “no more DOE Loans to be funded” in order to protect campaign financiers other investments and clear the competitive field for those VC’s? READ MORE…

DF- Reut./GHt- LAT, C. – WAPO


Who are the “Lithium ion VC’s”? Say “Howdy” to the ACTUAL Illuminati!

Did they break the law? Multiple federal agency & committee probes now asked to look into organized crime charges over kickbacks.

The Westly Group
The Google Boys
Firelake Capital
John Doerr
Kliener Perkins
Elon “The MuskRat” Musk
Steve Westly
Ray “The Sausage” Lane
Draper Fisher
Ira “linguini” Erenpries
Khosla Ventures
Tom “Fettucine” Styer
Steven “The Rat” Rattner

Hey Now… when you look at: their lobbyist contracts, payment disclosures and blind SUPERPAC’s, which lithium ion interests they own or control and, when you follow the money, it gets pretty ironic...

They are all friends of silicon valley’s “McKinsey” DOE Secretary of Energy Steven Chu; McKinsey DOE $$ Guy Matt Rogers & McKinsey DOE $$ Guy Steve Spinner (They paid to get them appointed). McKinsey staff have previously been put in Federal prison for rigging things, ie: Rajat Gupta. FYI.

They contracted a silicon valley consulting company called McKinsey Consulting and told McKinsey to write all these white papers for the White House and Federal Agencies that said: “lithium ion is the key to the future“. Then they paid to put Chu at DOE and they invested in all of the Lithium while their guy: Chu, handed out all of the taxpayer money to their investment projects. Easy Peasy. Scam.

Which Senator did they interact with the most? Which West Wing Chief of Staff?… Even more interesting… This is info from a Senate investigation, leaked to Press, and from Class Action litigators who recently filed national fraud lawsuits against Tesla.

Recordings and emails appearing soon. At least 3 agencies are now investigating, or have been asked to investigate by senior Congressional staff. Since Reid went “nuclear”, the gloves are off, it seems.

Do your own research. Check out every name mentioned and all of their past connections. Nowadays, it isn’t that hard to research. All of the parts of this have been mentioned in the mainstream press as of now.

Reporters asking to FOIA review the original Solyndra case # and case #’s hyphenated off of the Abound, Solyndra, and similar cases case #’s are having the best luck in story leads.

“One is building the new Bohemian Grove on the California coast at Half Moon Bay. One has started a Jr. Illuminati initiation program for young recruits that begins in the Stanford dorm rooms. One has publicly been charged with multiple crimes. One runs the technology suppression team for the NCVA. One has broken the record for hiring local escorts. Come watch the fun!

It’s non-stop hijinks with those crazy old boys from the Tech Branch of the Illuminati. Stay tuned for each episode of this made-for-tv romp that is guaranteed to be great fun for the whole family.”

Elon Musk, and these sorts of ego-maniac billionaires, do not care about regular people or customers. They exist for the joy they get in manipulating power and control and tend to do things like this:


D- LAT, GH- WAPO, HJ-HuffPO, Surf Alliance- FGT,


Tesla Loan was hard-wired in exchange for investor favors

I worked as an aide to a major office in DC. This wasn’t a big surprise to technical reviewers and government researchers, many of whom were shocked that Tesla got the loan approved on such flimsy due diligence. Something else must have been up.



If GM had to do a recall for a potential thing, why didn’t Tesla have to do one for an actual thing? (Hint: Bribes)

“GM to Call Back 8,000 Chevrolet Volt to Strengthen Battery Pack

Michael Graham Richard
Transportation / Cars @ Treehugger

The saga continues! After some Chevy Volt battery fire issues during testing and GM offering Volt owners to buy back their cars or loan them replacements, we learn that that GM has decided to not take any chances; it is supposedly about to announce a call back of 8,000 Volt electric cars.

The Associated Press only writes: “A person briefed on the matter says General Motors will ask Volt owners to bring their electric cars into dealers to strengthen the structure around the batteries.” We should have more details later today, but if you own a Volt, expect to be contacted by your dealer and to have to bring them you car for some strengthening of the structure protecting the battery pack.”

See image below. Even though Chevy Volt batteries are contained deep within the body and chassis of the car, GM still had to do a recall to cover the lithium ion batteries up in even more steel. Tesla lithium ion batteries are fully exposed at the edges and bottom of the car. It should not be possible for NHTSA to NOT require a recall unless someone is paying someone off. Is Musk “Convinced there will be no recall” because Rahm told him so?


(C) GM

The Tesla Battery pack has TONS more impact points than a Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf or other car. It has less shielding density per Lithium Ion Square inches than any car. The batteries are very close to the edge and exterior of the car without protection equal to the known, and calculated, destruction potential. That is why Tesla’s blow up more often:

IMPACTThe Tesla battery box wall is a mere breath away from a deadly road surface moving with tremendous force and the lower edge of the car where an impact is most likely to occur. Thousands of pounds of shock force will instantly do things to those batteries that will be: Awesome in a frightening and fire-explosion kinda way.



The Lithium ion profiteering scam. Dump, grab the money and run.

FISKER lithium Ion batteries burst into flames at the drop of a hat. This is now well-known. Telsa and Fisker funding with tax dollars was more about funding battery company deals for their investors than anything else. Lithium Ion Batteries blow up in Boeing’s, Tesla’s and they just blow up. That is why TSA does not allow liquid on airplanes. That is why AT&T eliminated Lithium Ion in its server racks. EVERYBODY knows that lithium ion blows up and releases deadly chemicals, why is this cover-up still going on?   Oh, I See: Profits and kickbacks!


Everyone was warned about this. Over 100 published reports from major universities and federally funded studies have now been sourced and posted showing that this had been guaranteed to happen by some of the top scientists in the world prior to Tesla receiving DOE money. Who owns all these battery companies? Watch for the WESTON REPORT from a major Huffington Post Journalist which links every investor in TESLA to all of their political connections and influences. Invest in Tesla and you will get tracked by numerous investigative reporters.


Tesla Fraud Lawsuit by Clancy–Glancy-Binkow–Goldberg-LLP-Announces-Class-Action-Lawsuit-on-Behalf-of-Investor-17489178/

Did any other California company get the same TAX perks as Tesla?

Did any other California company get the same, or as many, State tax breaks, waivers, deferrals, factory credits, offsets, interest reductions or State cash as Tesla? Who Benefited? Which Politicians received gain? Who lost?

TJ- LA Times


Tons More Tesla Battery Pack Fires than they are telling?

Checking records from Departments of Motor Vehicles, CarFax, The Auto Insurance Industry databases, auto junkyards and owner blogs, it seems that Tesla has a cover-up on their hands. Records seem to indicate that there have been a vastly larger number of fire and explosion incidents with the Tesla car.

D. LA Times




These dangers have been well known and deeply documented for decades. So why did Tesla and Fisker get to get free Federal loans and rigged stock market promotions using a chemical that has been documented by scholastic and federal studies, since the 90’s, as being so nasty? Because their investors also had deep investments in making and selling that chemical and producing batteries with just that chemical. That was the payback to those investors for paying for “other things” (campaigns, Adwords, Etc.) that would make the free money, stock optics and backroom-arranged market monopolies a “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours” deal. “Who cares” if a few thousand Chinese die from toxic poisoning while making those batteries, they are “over there”, they don’t count.”, someone thought.



How Lithium Ion got cooked into one big VC scam. The “Fluoridation” of the American Auto Industry:

See this movie? Replace Fluoride in these movies with “Lithium ion

Bottom Line: The Flouride “concept” was a way for mining companies to sell waste product and get tax subsidies for it while dumping something on the public that was actually very dangerous. Sound familiar? Lithium ion is mined, BTW!

The Even More Bottom Line: Lithium Ion was put in Fiskers and Tesla’s to make a certain, select group of people rich via their investments in Lithium Ion mining, production and use. The State Department says there is nearly a trillion dollars of Lithium ion base material in Afghanistan. Draw the lines and see who made, or would have made, huge profits on Lithium ion. Then draw lines and see who paid for campaign costs. Then see where the lines cross over.


“Dude, Where’s my car.. err, uh.. my car company?”

He lost his car and his company at the same time. He probably shouldn’t have bribed senators in order to get give-away loans and Lithium ion exclusive-contract kick-back deals for his investors.

TT- Boston

VC Lithium Deals

Billionaires owned these lithium ion battery and mining companies. They all got free windfalls from our tax money. They didn’t need OUR TAX money. Teachers and firemen needed that money! They used the free tax gift money to artificially inflate their stock market ratings so they could sell more stock on WALL STREET by making their financials look better. Isn’t that how Al Capone used to do it? They got hold of lithium fields and controlled them before others figured it out. They created a monopoly with your tax dollars but the joke is on them. It turns out Lithium Ion is seriously dangerous CRAP and it doesn’t work! HA!

Ranso – DCA


Wouldn’t it be an interesting coincidence if all of the Silicon Valley owners and investors of the Lithium ion mining and battery industry were also most of the same main contributors to a certain election campaign, directly and indirectly, and if they also happened to be almost the only “winners” in the DOE that was run by Steven Chu of Silicon Valley? But something that sinister could never happen, right?

T- LA Times


Yah, T of the LA Times, but when you say it like that it sounds bad. These were just businessmen and senators spouses who were trying to make a living. Why shouldn’t we taxpayers be willing to contribute our hard-earned taxes to billionaires who know how to do things? Stop being a dick! Without billionaires we wouldn’t have anyone to manipulate our way of life! We taxpayers don’t know nothun’ about rigging an entire industry. We simply must leave those sorts of things to the experts! And what is wrong with lying to pump up the stock market? It sells more stocks for gods sakes!


Things that make you go: Hmmmmm?

So do you think these billionaires pushed the Afghanistan invasion in order to get the Lithium ion? I mean, it is just a tiny country in the middle of nowhere with nothing else to attract. Type ” Saudi Arabia of Lithium” in the four big search engines and read all of the articles.



Run a background check on Elon Musk, Dianne Feintein, Ray Lane, John Doerr and Steve Westly, and the rest, on these services, below, and see the results. Pretty damn shocking and interesting:

BeenVerified, TalentShield, GIS BackGround Checks, EquiFax, CVCertify, Infortal, Onesource, Kroll Backgrounds, Checkpeople, Dun And Bradstreet, Social Intelligence

If anyone had seen these background check reports in public, none of these people would be where they are.


Lithium Mining

Take a look at Forbes and Barrons numbers of how much money the mining industry makes! Lithium ion is a mining industry thing at the beginning, then it moves to a silicon valley thing. Look at who has mining AND silicon valley connections.



Rahm and Argonne

Let’s look at Rahm Emanuals connection to funding for Argonne Labs Lithium Battery projects?




If you think that the size and audaciousness of the crime being examined is almost inconceivable, think again. The greatest crimes are committed in plain sight.

Who would have imagined, at the time, that regular people would try to kill all of the Jews in Germany?

We rarely even consider the fact that a group of people captured, dragged half way around the planet, and raped and beat the black people of Africa.

You see the great piles of skulls from Southeast Asian genocides; how did that happen?

Big crazy crimes DO happen.

While a trillion dollar lithium scam may sound like a wild proposition, so did other things until you later realized: “OMG, these awful things actually happened!”.

Even though conventional wisdom may push against the concept, history has shown that assumption to be the fools errand.


A123 Lithium Ion Bankruptcy:

By Nathan Bomey, Todd Spangler and Zlati Meyer

Detroit Free Press Staff Writers

Battery maker A123 Systems’ Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing Tuesday triggered a fresh round of political criticism of the Obama administration’s alternative-energy investments.

The Waltham, Mass.-based company, which has 626 employees and 348 contract workers in three southeast Michigan locations, said auto supplier Johnson Controls had tentatively agreed to pay $125 million to purchase its automotive-related assets, including the operations in Livonia, Romulus and Ann Arbor.

Republicans immediately compared A123’s bankruptcy with the California solar panel manufacturer Solyndra, which filed for bankruptcy and liquidated last year, wiping out a $500-million loan guarantee from the U.S.

“A123’s bankruptcy is yet another failure for the president’s disastrous strategy of gambling away billions of taxpayer dollars on a strategy of government-led growth that simply does not work, ” said Andrea Saul, a spokeswoman for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


Battered by recalls, high costs and sluggish consumer adoption of electric vehicles, A123 lost $1 billion since its founding in 2001, despite substantial government support.

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded a $249-million grant to A123 in August 2009 with promises of 5,900 jobs, mostly in Michigan. The Michigan Economic Development Corp. also awarded A123 more than $125 million in a variety of tax credits, grants and incentives in 2008 and 2009. The U.S. grant and Michigan incentives drew bipartisan support when they originally were approved.

“This is what’s possible in a clean-energy economy — these folks right here, doing extraordinary work,” President Barack Obama said at the White House Rose Garden after meeting A123 employees on April 30, 2010. “This is what happens when we place our bets on American workers and American businesses.”

A123 has received $132 million of its federal grant so far. The Energy Department said Johnson Controls could be eligible for the rest of the funding, but that has yet to be determined. The federal government’s investment does not have to be repaid, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

But Americans have not embraced electric vehicles that require regular recharging. In many instances, they are priced significantly higher than their gasoline-fueled counterparts. Even federal and state tax credits have not erased that price premium.

Then the lack of easy-to-find recharging stations has left many motorists worried about being left on a remote dark road without adequate power.

“It was an expansion of manufacturing plants in anticipation of customers who never arrived,” Litchfield Hills Research analyst Theodore O’Neill said.

A Johnson Controls spokeswoman declined to comment on whether the company would keep A123’s employees. Its acquisition of A123 must be approved by a U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge in Delaware. A123’s battery plants remain in production for now.


Johnson Controls has a lithium-ion battery plant in Holland, Mich.

A123, which lost $269 million in the first eight months of the year, according to bankruptcy documents, turned down an interview request.

Democrats responded that during his 2002-06 term as governor of Massachusetts, Romney also provided support to emerging technology firms and some of the investments did not pay off. Meanwhile, the Department of Energy pointed out that A123’s investment had bipartisan support from Michigan lawmakers, including incumbent Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow and her Republican challenger, Pete Hoekstra.

“Johnson Controls’ investment in A123 will help ensure that the U.S. remains competitive in this growing global sector,” said former Democratic Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who promoted battery tax incentives as a way to boost the Michigan economy.

A123’s bankruptcy filing comes two months after Chinese auto parts maker Wanxiang Group agreed to invest up to $450 million to acquire up to 80% of A123. But that deal fell apart as A123 was set to burn through $400 million in cash over the next 12 months, O’Neill said.

Instead, Johnson Controls is cherry-picking the best assets out of A123, O’Neill said.

Johnson Controls also was awarded a $299-million Energy Department grant for its lithium-ion battery plant in Holland. The company’s spokeswoman declined to comment on whether that plant would be affected by the A123 deal.

Barclays analysts said in a research note that the deal would make Johnson Controls “the dominant surviving” U.S.-based lithium battery maker.

A123 shares, which closed Monday at 24 cents, fell 75% to 6 cents on Tuesday.

Many sophisticated A123 investors have lost millions, including global conglomerate General Electric, which had invested about $70 million by 2009.

Dan Leistikow, an Energy Department spokesman, said in a blog post that the government’s investment had produced meaningful battery innovation that would live on.

In its bankruptcy petition, A123 listed total assets of $459.8 million and liabilities of $376 million.

The company’s biggest customer is California start-up Fisker Automotive, which plans to keep the contract with Johnson Controls through at least the first quarter of 2013, spokesman Roger Ormisher said.

General Motors, which picked A123 as the battery supplier for the Chevrolet Spark electric vehicle, said it would accept Johnson Controls as its new battery provider.

In, and during, the following Tesla Proposal, Tesla told Singapore, and a number of other countries, that the battery system was totally safe, even though they had filed patent documents and regulatory documents, now revealed in other articles, which stated otherwise:

Tesla Plan for International Expansion

By Teresa Bergmann, Vu Nguyen, Astrid Santiago, Sean Yang


Character + Competence = Trust

(With a tip of the hat to John McDonough at Boston Globe)

It was supposed to be the greatest initiative of an administration.

It was said to be an effort designed to be a history book legacy deliverable that the world would never forget.

It was an effort, the public is told, that the greatest minds had put the most extensive due-diligence, ever devised, into.

It was an effort that had the most money ever dedicated to any similar initiative resourced to it.

It turned out to be one of the most stunning technical and due diligence failuresin human history to-date.

OK… now guess?:

Am I talking about DOE or ACA?

Do you see a pattern here?

D..- DenverPost
(Picture above- How did so much our your tax money go from here to Silicon Valley VC’s?)


 Lithium ion Kills more than workers, it kills companies!

From THE VERGE, By Sean Hollister

“If you build it, they won’t necessarily come.

In 2009, the Obama administration invested $1.2 billion into US-based factories creating batteries for electric vehicles. The result was a disaster. One by one, every company that received federal funding went belly-up or admitted the money hadn’t had a real impact. For instance, LG-owned Compact Power quietly revealed that it hadn’t produced a single battery in over two years of operation, while A123 Systems’ higher-profile bankruptcy was viewed as the second coming of failed solar panel-maker Solyndra. Even with hundreds of millions of dollars of federal funding, key electric vehicle contracts went to Japanese and Korean factories instead of their American equivalents.”



D. P. – LAT






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