Are Chinese Hackers Making Tesla Motors Electric Cars Kill People?


Are Chinese Hackers Making Tesla Motors Electric Cars Kill People?

 A shocking number of Tesla’s have now suddenly swerved off cliffs and killed the drivers in fireballs of burning death, or swerved into oncoming traffic and killed innocents in on-coming lanes, or swerved into pedestrians and cyclists and killed… again and again.

Why would a car with such low sales volume have such a huge number of deaths and accidents involved with it?

For a time, the media, and the public has just assumed that Tesla owners are all just rich douche-bags . The assumption was that they are always partying, getting drunk and crashing their Tesla’s, because they are just dicks.

Something more sinister may actually be happening.

In a recent 60 Minutes episode, the ability to take over a car remotely, by hackers, was fully demonstrated.

A vast number of articles has anointed Tesla as the most hackable car in the world.

A Chinese university held a contest to see who could remote hack a Tesla first. Multiple teams got it done.

Now the Chinese have hacked most of Washington, DC so we know they have the hardware.

News about how easy the Tesla is to hack has been around for a few years but no recalls for this ever took place. With the media openly acknowledging that Elon Musk is a federal Mooch protected by the White House, it is no wonder.

With the increasing numbers of deaths, fires, explosions and unexplained swerving’s in the land of Tesla Motors, shouldn’t a recall be demanded?

When Erick Strickland, the head of the NHTSA was confronted about these issues, he just quit the agency.

Some may have thought it was OK that the Tesla douche-bags were getting wiped out but now the deaths include many innocents. How many deaths will it take before action is taken? The Tesla cover-ups are wearing thin.