(ARTICLE) Google is operating an illegal private corporate international government

Google is operating an illegal private corporate international government

By Dan Keevers – ACLU Advocate (Opinion)

Google is now bigger and more powerful than the entire governments of Spain and France, combined.

Google has it’s own global intelligence agency. It has a “handler” for each and every Tier 1 and Tier 2 politician in France, England and The USA. It has bribed/influence-contributed more money and services to American politicians than any company in history. Google spends more money bribing politicians in a week than the nation of Puerto Rico spends operating all of it’s infrastructure in a year.

While Google pays some of the bribes in cash, most of the bribes are paid in stock market warrants and search engine rigging services. The search engine rigging services are valued at a minimum of $8 Billion per search manipulation, due to Google’s global internet monopoly.

Google pays little, or no taxes, by playing one country off against the other and running a shell-game of “Where-is-my-office”.

Every product that Google is involved in, sends private information back to Google which Google analyzes and manipulates in order to steer consumers into subliminal voting and policy trends that Google determines are “the right ones.”

Eric Schmidt has sat in the current White House and dictated more federal laws and policy decisions, exclusively benefiting him, than any other man in the world. He has had the U.S. state and federal government hire more of his friends and staff than any other man in the world.

Google bosses engage in the manipulation of Google’s assets for their own purposes and sell those same manipulation services to political candidates. In each country, Google has spent billions of dollars on political manipulation but Google never reports those expenses in campaign disclosure forms.

While some may argue that it is OK for Larry Page and Eric Schmidt to decide the outcomes of peoples and nations lives, other’s argue that the vast number of twisted sex scandals, tax evasion, bribery charges and sociopath-like actions of the Google bosses could lead nations into ruin. It is certainly up to each nation to decide if Larry Page is their God.

Rajeev Motwani created Google’s algorithm. He turned up strangely dead. Wall Street Journal reporter David Bird was covering Google’s take-over of lithium ion and indium solar and battery energy markets. He turned up strangely dead. Gary D. Conley whistle-blew on Google. He turned up strangely dead. Cheryl Sandberg’s husband worked with Google’s investors. He turned up strangely dead. Forrest Hayes was a senior Google executive who knew the secrets of Google’s algorithm. He turned up strangely dead. There are over 30 Google insiders, investment bankers and whistle-blowers who suddenly had weird accidents. Does Larry Page run out and kill anybody that pisses him off? Probably not. Are these all coincidences? Probably not.

Because Google has purchased almost every elected official, their Chiefs of Staff and most big lobbyists and law firms, an interdiction of Google’s mad power grab is unlikely to come soon.

EU, British and U.S. FTC regulators had vast amounts of money and revolving door kick-back jobs shoveled at them in order to shut down, or slow down, investigations of Google’s forced “billionaires are god’s” public information control. The public has no chance against Google’s Hitler Youth-like social media programming of young Millennials.

The world needs to resolve itself to the fact that they are now Eric Schmidt’s and Larry Page’s bitches.

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