Auto industry revenge strikes Tesla, reduces value of Tesla’s by $30,000.00

The auto industry is not pleased that Tesla bought-it’s-way-in instead of earning-it’s-way-in like they did. For payback, they took extraordinary measures.

Never in the history of the automobile industry has there been a concurrent release of a tapered-nose/ open-mouth grill design by multiple companies.

As soon as Tesla and Fisker announced, and sought to sell, their cars with tapered-nose/ open-mouth grill designs, the auto industry took action with an insidious plan. They started releasing the cheap models of their car lines with tapered-nose/ open-mouth grill designs.

Now you can get a cheap little KIA, Ford Fusion or any number of low-cost cars that look just like a Tesla.

People buy Tesla’s because they are arrogant rich people who want to make a statement about their ego’s as they drive down the road past you.


Now you can’t tell if the car coming at you is a Tesla, KIA, Ford , etc.

Market research experts say that the value of owning a Tesla has dropped by at least $30,000.00 now because you can buy any number of cheap cars that look just like the Tesla.

Oh well.