(WORLD NEWS) Elon Musk Claims To Be Dumb


Musk says that we should not expect Tesla to have sold any cars because they are just a “new car company”.


You have gotten hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars from the U.S. taxpayer and institutional pension funds via VC group buddies. Very little of the money you got was from “big private rich people investors”. A track-back on the VC funds shows that the money came from little old ladies pension funds.

There really needs to be a shareholder fraud lawsuit. If we go back and look at the financials before each quarter, the papers you filed with DOE and the “cooked”, errr… “restated” financials, it is clear that the books are cooked, the story to the media is wrong and that you are running a sham deal to hype your ego and to take cash out of loans for your friends giant “service and management fees”.

You have been trying to sell your cars for OVER A DECADE. Only a few yuppie fanboy friends of yours will buy them. Detroit and Japan sell 2000% more cars than you and have introduced whole new lines of cars and sold them out in the same time-frame that you have tried to get people to buy your over-priced, non-innovative, yuppie “statement” of “look how rich I am”. People want their cars, nobody wants yours!

You said, IN WRITING, to the US DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (and, hence, The AMERICAN PEOPLE) that if you got a taxpayer free loan at 400% better terms than any American’s mortgage; that YOU would have sold 200,000 cars over a year ago!!
How many of those 200,000 cars will you sell this year? WHAT! only a few to your friends.. hmmmmmmm?????

You took unfair advantage of the system to create a tort interference with your competitors . You could get sued by Bright Automotive or ZAP Motors for abusing the process in order to hurt them. They could win big!

Thank heavens for FOIA’s and investigation committees!

You are trying to bury funds in real estate deals for these new “retail outlets” before you go out of business. Everybody sees through that.

Your investors are edging to bank profit on the tax write-offs.

Did you lie or did you just blow it in a fantastic way?