(WORLD NEWS) How The Energy Dept Crony Slush Fund Works

CARGATEDUMMIESA Quick hit on “what went down” for the busy reader

A Wiki-Optimized overview- Draft 2.2 – Keep checking back, this will undergo continuous review until we get it as simple as possible.

1. Some bad guys wanted some free money

2. Those guys created a panic, or took advantage of a panic, in order to re-direct your tax money.

3. They put many billions of tax dollars in a special place in Washington.

4. Then they put one of their guys on top of the special place.

5. Then they had their guy on top hire the bad guy’s friends to staff his office.

6. Then they created a fake contest to give your tax money away…

7. …Except they made themselves the only winners and killed off any other contestants with help from famous politicians and White House staff.

8. Then some other bad guys said: “me too..”

9. So all of the sets of bad guys got your tax money in exchange for paying for political campaigns.

10. After they each grabbed their personal wads of cash they bankrupted the companies to avoid having to actually deliver the things they were supposed to.

11. They spent a good chunk of it on hookers and jet plane trips to the tropics and sold nothing you can afford, or use, so you, the public, got almost nothing out of it.

So that’s why you don’t have enough teachers at your kids school.


Do you like that?

Does that sound like what you wanted your tax money used for?

Oh, You’re not happy about it?

Well, taxpayer, it is kinda your fault this happened!

Next time. Only vote for the candidates that “guarantee and warrant that they will pass laws that outlaw lobbying and revolving doors

Don’t settle for a “promise”. A political promise lasts as long as the next donor party, tomorrow. Demand that your candidate for Mayor, Senate, Congress, Assembly, President, or whatever: “guarantee and warrantIN WRITING (so they are legally liable) to do that. If you don’t, you are GUARANTEED to go through all of the economic problems of the last 6 years all over again, only worse. All of the parties did this with the DC kick-back culture. Fix it or repeat the past.

If you take on just those two issues: Outlawing ALL Lobbying and Revolving Door kickback schemes, you can pretty much fix Washington, DC.