Corruption Mapping –

Corruption Mapping –

How to make a Corruption Map:

1. Define the issue as publicly stated.

2. Define the ACTUAL issue behind-the-scenes.

3. List the beneficiaries.

4. List their profit potentials for that issue.

5. List how much they spent on lobbying (AKA Bribes) in the last 3 years.


1. Iraq human rights

2. Controlling oil fields

3. Halliburton, Boeing, GM, UTC, etc.

4. $180 Billion

5. $90 Million

See, Easy…

Now you try making a few for the car money….

try Using terms like: Market control, monopoly, kickback, rigging, etc.

You can pretty much figure it all out by looking at who had to quit their jobs in DC between 2008 and today…