Bundlers and DOE Ex-Staff find that the tracks they thought they covered up were actually NOT covered up… Oops!

Energy Department Staff find that the tracks they thought they covered up were actually NOT covered up… Oops!

As departing energy department staff shredded and deleted as fast as they could, they thought they had covered the tracks of the theft and manipulation of billions of tax dollars which they routed to their friends.. not so much. Every insider phone call, every insider email (even on personal email accounts that they used to hide the process) every conversation in a Washington or Virginia restaurant with security cameras, every conversation in a car.. all documented. Postings by ACLU staff, such as the widely distributed post below, show that every aspect of the energy department “secret” deals is documented, archived and only one subpeona, or one FOIA filing or any investigator demand away from disclosure:


As is now widely reported in the news: Any device that is marketed as a “smart device” or ANY electrical device, can be used to track you. Any bored child, hacker or competitor, with easily downloaded software tools, can spy on you using the following methods:

By tracking your utility smart-meter use activity.

By tracking when you cross bridges, or other points, on your bridge toll fastrak device.

By reading everything you ever wrote, read, looked at or clicked on in Facebook, Google, Twitter and any other “social media” site no matter how high you set your privacy settings. Don’t use “social media” if you don’t want to be tracked, and have your experiences processed to sell you ads and lose all of your privacy. Shut off all of your social media accounts. You don’t need any of them. Post this posting in blogs about any “social media”.

By reading any device that your bluetooth can connect to or transmit from, or to. Turn off Bluetooth. If your computer is offline but your phone or tablet is connected to your computer, hackers can backdoor into your computer through any connected device.

By reading your use of, location of use and activity when you use any ATM.

By using any aspect of Google. Google exists simply to spy on, and track people.

By using a parking lot monthly, daily or pay-per-use card or device. Pay by cash.

By logging all of your profile versions and communications on dating sites.

By being in any major city. Every major city has cameras that cross cover every part of the city. The cameras in stores and on buildings are crossed over. Most every bus, police car and many utlities vehicles share their cameras to the common database which any group can access.

By watching you from drones that are so high, or so small, you can’t see them.

By watching what you watch on Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Comcast, Xfinity and similar media outlets.

By using less than three mouse clicksevery Dell Server, Cisco router, Linksys device, Intel motherboard and Netgear device can be “backdoored” open and every document it is attached to read, opened and acquired.

By making the phone manufacturers Apple, HTC, Samsung, etc. put a secret switch in your phone so they can kill your phone remotely if you start to organize. Buy the oldest phone you can find, without GPS or even a screen. The old ones won’t have tracking chips.

By lasering, microwaving or otherwise bouncing energy off the windows or objects in your home or office to listen to you by recording the air vibrations of those objects that your voice causes.

By reading your location of uses, direction of travel, individual actions, trends in purchases, amounts of purchases and time of purchases for each and every credit card and debit card use.

By intercepting the network application in your car dashboard and watching the people behind you and on the street via the back-up camera in your car.

By using deaf people or specialized computers to read your lips no matter how far away you are or what windows you are behind.

By remote activating any camera on your computer, mobile device, TV, or any other location and watching you while putting fake screen information on your screen so you do not know they are watching you. Remove the battery of any mobile device when not using it. Hacker software makes your device appear to be turned off but it is still alive and watching you.

By reading every email that passes over any server in the world and by logging your passwords for any server.

By looking through walls with wifi distortion field devices, interferometry devices and EMF grid sensors.

By simply turning on software products such as Predator, Carnivore, CALEA, Prism, DCSNET, and over 100 others that exist to automatically acquire every personal information element they can find in an unattended manner.

By monitoring the GPS, Siri, OnStar, Microsoft Sync, Tesla dashboard, Nokia Here Audio and any other networked electronics in your car. Don’t buy a “smart car” if you don’t want to be watched every second you drive it. You can be listened to through it. Your GPs signal can be hacked and rerouted through it.

By reading the GPS, cell phone signal triangulation, bluetooth, Near Field Communications chip, modem or any other signal on your cell phone or table. Remove the battery on any device you don’t want to be tracked on. Only use an old cheap phone with no GPS and no internet capability.

By using fake cell towers called “sting rays”, your cell phone signals can be easily intercepted.

By making the “remember” function of any browser send what it “remembers” back to the hackers.

BY Itunes, Pandora and music services storing your preferences and all use data which can be forwarded to others.

By acquiring all information from lotteries, contests and subscription cards you fill out at expo’s fairs, online and at any other location. Filling out a contest entry guarantees you will end up on the junkmail lists.

By capturing and databasing all of your product exchanges and returns, store and log all of those actions and then hackers, and others, can access their database and pull down all of your records.

and more…


While the stated purpose is to “stop crime”, in many cases the information acquired, as we now learn from the IRS data manipulations, is used by some to stop, delay or harm those who have conflicting points of views. The statement that it is “legal” is mitigated by the fact that it now only costs $50,000.00, or less, to buy a “law” or “policy” in Washington. Corporate lobbyists buy them every day. Corporations and political operatives have the same agenda: To use you for their purposes. So they are not motivated to fix it.

The proven “targeting” of political adversaries by the IRS, and others, shows that, given the chance to use the system against those with other views, they always will.

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