Fuel 360 fuels your car at work or home: Welcome to the future!

WEB: https://fuel360.wordpress.com


New Mobile Solution Answers the Question: “Where are you going to fill up your fuel cell electric car?”

San Francisco – Drivers can have their fuel cell electric car filled up without even going anywhere or doing anything. The fuel comes to them.

A new service called Fuel-360 Convenience ™, located at https://fuel360.wordpress.com will come to a customer’s home, office or where they are shopping and fill their car up while they work, sleep, watch TV or do anything else.

Due to shifts in the economy, most American’s are now renters. Renters almost never get an opportunity to run an extension cord around their multi-unit garages to try and charge their battery electric cars. Even with top government incentives, landlords still refuse to allow electric cords to be run across common areas. This has led to electric cars being only available to a few well-to-do home owner’s who are willing to invest in the complex high voltage plug systems.

Fuel cell electric cars need no cords. Every apartment dweller can have one.

Due to the high-demand for the new fuel cell electric cars, coupled with the low volume of filling stations, PERSONAL ENERGY DELIVERY has now arrived.

Customers can get their clean fuel when they need it. Where they need it. How they need it. they can get fueled while they sleep, while they work, or while they are enjoying a night out. The Fuel-360 Convenience ™ service already connects to every fuel cell electric vehicle brand in the market. It is a natural for Toyota, Kia, Honda, Hyundai and other fuel cell brands.

Fuel-360 customers never hunt for a fill-up station or wait in line, ever again.

The Fuel-360 system is patented, proven and already has $150 billion of existing infrastructure up and running across the nation.

While some old-school battery investors endlessly proclaim that their competing are batteries better, much like the naysaying chicken vs. egg argument, the latest safety, efficiency, toxicity and domestic security studies flag fuel cells as the clear winner. In any case, the fuel cell electric cars are here. They have hundreds of billions of dollars of famous car makers and infrastructure behind them, and it is no longer possible for competitors to stave it off. For details on the winning metrics: Fuel-360 Convenience ™ offers an “IT’S BETTER’ page on its site, which clearly shows why fuel cell electric cars won the day.

Drivers have been able to use the Fuel-360 Convenience ™ technology and network to drive their fuel cell electric cars all the way across America without ever needing to turn their cars off. The “endless-hose” concept of the extensively patent-issued Fuel-360 Convenience ™ allows customers many options, from instant fuel-up to zero-station-hunting direct delivery.

One can’t get gasoline delivered to them but customers can get Fuel-360 Convenience ™ fuel cell electric fuel delivered to them in a number of forms, in a safe, legal, permitted, convenient quick and easy way.

There are single fill-up, subscription and multi-fill packages available. A simple App, text or phone call gets the customer fuel on it’s way.

While competitors may slap their heads with an “oh, I should have thought of that!” exclamation, Fuel-360 Convenience ™ have the patents, technology and partners “locked-up tight” to prevent copy-cat incursions.

Fuel-360 Convenience ™ is seeking its next round investors for their San Francisco Bay Area Launch. Interested, credentialed experienced investors can reach them on their site https://fuel360.wordpress.com