Investigators have provided evidence which appears to prove that Gawker Media was hired by White House staff, via campaign billionaires (Most likely seeming to be Elon Musk and John Doerr) to run character assassination and defamation attacks on the applicants in retribution for competing with the stock holdings of those White House financiers and in revenge for cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation of the massive corruption which those Silicon Valley campaign financiers engaged in.

The facts and connections relative to Gawker Media being a retained political and business defamation service have now been proven by the following forms of evidence, acquired by investigators:

  • Leaks from HSBC, “Swiss Leaks” and Cayman Island banking leaks
  • Internal emails
  • Evidence sets from the “Hulk Hogan” case
  • Evidence from federal investigations relative to Evidence sets from the “Hulk Hogan” case
  • Testimony from sexual services providers retained by suspects
  • Historical databasing and analytics of all Gawker Media articles and cross-linking with intended take-down targets and political agendas
  • In multiple cases, Gawker Media worked with Google on coordinated “hit-jobs”. Gawker “sets up the ball” by writing and publishing the attack articles and “Google kick’s it down the field” by locking the links, to the attack article, on it’s front page, for maximized damage
  • Editorial notes from former Gawker staff
  • Evidence from multiple past lawsuits against Gawker Media
  • Police records from Europe regarding Gawker owner Nick Denton, particularly relative to multiple current police investigations in England
  • Private investigator surveillance records
  • Tax and employment filings for Adrian Covert, Nick Herrman, Nick Denton, John Cook and various current, and past Gawker Media workers
  • And numerous other evidential materials.

Here is some of the latest news about the many challenges that transparency has brought to Gawker Media and Nick Denton:


USA TODAY rips GAWKER’s And NICK DENTON’S Facade and Cover-up Scheme– USA Today Exposes Nick Denton’s heinous scum-pit as political attack dog– Reveals that the “big change” at Gawker Media is no change at all. Just the same blood sucking leech, but now with lipstick on– Gay abuse charges against Denton stacking up


– Hulk Hogan lawsuit even more likely to take Gawker down

Wolff: Gawker is still Gawker

Gawker, the multimillion dollar gossip and bile website, reined in the worst of its antisocial behavior this summer after a widespread backlash over the particularly sadistic pummeling it gave a publishing executive without public position or profile using details of his private life leaked to it by a would-be extortionist.

Gawker Media owner and mastermind Nick Denton expressed his personal disapproval about the bad judgment of his staff — a cult-like group of Denton retainers and protégées — and proclaimed his intention to remake the site into something kinder and gentler

The overhaul and relaunch of Gawker Media’s flagship site was announced last week in The New York Times. Not incidentally, the story was written by Times media reporter Ravi Somaiya, a longtime friend and social buddy of Denton’s and part of the wide media network, that Denton — despite Gawker’s outsider rage against media insiders, and Denton’s personal hostility to the media establishment — has long cultivated.

Indeed, in the months after the Gawker attack on the publishing executive, Denton made a concerted effort to consult various media figures, among them favorite Gawker targets — myself included — about the future of the site. His assurance was that he was seeking talent from outside the famously insular Gawker culture, “adults,” he said, who would be able to take Gawker from resentful peanut gallery to a new level of journalistic authority and influence: “It’s a great opportunity. And it’s time.” He, along with company President Heather Deitrick, a young lawyer often at Denton’s side, began interviewing outside candidates to assume editorial direction of the company, including former Bloomberg Businessweek editor Josh Tyrangiel, and former New York magazine editor John Homans.

But, in fact, the new Gawker, according to last week’s announcement, turns out to be a site that will be run by longtime Gawker staffers John Cook and Alex Pareene, both who have spent almost their entire careers working for Denton (both briefly leaving and hurriedly returning), excelling at Gawker-brand cruelty. The new editorial slant is not so much to change Gawker’s ad hominem style of insult and shaming but merely to move it to more specifically political targets. Still, Pareene told Somaiya, it would also “include coverage of big business, the media and culture when appropriate.” In other words, nothing much seems to have changed at all.

It was rather like a hate-fueled political party trying out, wink wink, some more coded and less overt language that might appeal to people who needed to feel better about its past excesses and extremes.

But, in a sense, it was the opposite too. Gawker’s politics had always been the hardcore goony leftist kind, hence a new political focus might let Gawker be even more Gawkerish, toward candidates and political fixtures, but, as well, toward anybody else who might wander into the harm’s way of Gawker’spitiless and fouled-mouthed world view.

This new strategy was also the answer to a digital media riddle. Within the economic limits of digital journalism — Gawker, along with all other digital media companies, faces ever-declining ad rates and rising traffic demands — how do you make a product of superior quality and stature? Answer: You really can’t.

Denton was said to be astonished by the salary levels of “adult” editors from outside digital media.

What’s more, the business basis of digital media and hence the essential nature of digital journalism is that traffic is derived from an ever-greater number of stories produced at ever-more economical cost.

Although Gawker, unlike many of its competitors, has periodically devoted resources to actually breaking news, its primary business is in quickly rewriting stories originally written by traditional news organizations. That’s actually the business of most digital news organizations — Gawker’s alumni have become a reliable low-cost source of industrial-strength rewriting for many traffic-desperate sites — with the goal of rewriting more stories and doing it cheaper than other digital news organizations. The hope is that beyond just writing more of them, you might somehow distinguish your rewrites from your competitor.

BuzzFeed, for instance, a super-strength rewriter, brings traffic to its unending avalanche of cheap content through its superior gaming of social media distribution channels, most notably Facebook. But that involves constant new technology development and traffic arbitrage strategies, in the end quite a costly approach.

The profitable Gawker, on the other hand, has more economically distinguished its rewrites through the audacity of its name calling, the rudeness of its language and the bravado with which it skirts actual libel. “Can they really get away with that?” is the question that provides Gawker’s main traffic bait.

In fact, Gawker now faces something of a serious threat from an invasion of privacy claim brought by wrestler Hulk Hogan. The case, due to be tried before a local Florida jury, might well result in an award that, even if it is ultimately reversed on First Amendment grounds, might so financial encumber Gawker that it could result in the company’s demise. Denton’s worries about the Hogan lawsuit are said to be part of the reason he uncharacteristically retreated from the controversy over Gawker’s invasion of the media executive’s privacy.

Surely eager to protect a personal fortune of as much as several hundred million dollars wrapped up in his business, and as eager to be included in the establishment as he seems bitter about being excluded, Denton did appear to be genuinely interested in making Gawker a more select and smarter journalism organization.

But in the end, no doubt realizing that Gawker had become shockingly boring since its post-backlash better behavior policy, Denton seems to have made the more astute decision that Gawker’s business, and unique selling proposition, is about rancor and character assassination. That’s what it knows how to profitably do.
The Death Of Nick Denton

How to Kill Nick Denton and Gawker Media Without Breaking A Single Law

Nick Denton, is, supposedly, according to the blogs, riddled with AIDS, and other STD’s, from his twisted foray’s into sexual perversity with young boys. One would think that, if this was true, his potentially imminent demise would bring victory bells from half of Hollywood. His, normally, puffy fatness has worn down to a gaunt, ghost of a man with a disturbing Grand Central Park, deep-in-the-bushes, masturbater-esque fifty-yard-stare. His eyes are now dull and dim. He is a mere whisper of the man he once was.

Nick Denton has personally supervised, ordered and caused the deaths of numerous people. He has destroyed these many lives with just a key board. Purely out of his desire for profit, based on inflicting as much human damage as possible, Mr. Denton has left a trail of American lives in his wake.

Denton lives for the moment when he can defame, abuse, character assassinate and kill the careers, family lives, income, social ecosphere and future of as many people as he, and his squadron of malcontents, can get their hands on.

Acting on orders from the DNC, Silicon Valley billionaires and the White House Press office, Denton swings his deadly media scythe with broad strokes of allusion, fallacy, spin, and liberal doses of falsehood, directed, with his diseased fingers, via his filth layered keyboard.

Denton hires deeply disturbed youngsters. He particularly seeks out the most abused looking, drug addled, socially deviant students he can find. The more sexually ambivalent and rage-filled, the better. Denton tells them that he will publish all of the hate filled screed they can type, as fast as they can type it, as long as they direct it at the targets that Denton specifies.

So now you have a vast grave-yard of people that Nick Denton, and his cadre, have killed with their vitriol, heinous hate-filled media attacks and meat puppet blog harassment. Those people, and their friends and families want Mr. Denton to die sooner than later. Unlike Denton, though, his victims do not have such a loose relationship with the law. They don’t hack phones; hide money from the IRS in the Caymans and the Ukraine; bribe officials; hire boy prostitutes; abuse their interns or other bad things. Not to say, with any certainty, that Nick Denton does those crimes, but the number of reports and blogs, on-line, accusing him of these kinds of misdeeds is astounding.

Whether or not Gawker Media was created by the CIA, or In-Q-Tel, to break the law, without getting caught, as some charge, is not the issue. The issue is, no matter who your secret benefactor is, is there ever an excuse for breaking the Constitution?

Sure, Hollywood, politicians and business leaders want him, and his slimy tabloid, killed off. How can they do it, though, without breaking the law, and while knowing that Gawker has White House protection?

As the unofficial news outlet for things that the White House doesn’t want to get tracked back to it, Gawker, and Denton, can always be counted on to give page space to the opposition researchers results.

Want a Senator destroyed? Want a celebrity removed from spokes-person status (ie: Hulk Hogan) : Nick Denton is your guy.

While thousands of people would be delighted to see Nick Denton, slumped over his cafe table in his little Manhattan bistro, with an ice pick sticking out of his noggin, That scenario is not going to happen.
Plus, it is really, really against the law to do stuff like that.

So what is the next best, legal, thing?

Just wipe out Nick Denton’s backers. Take out his advertisers and expose all of his financial shenanigans.

The Chinese hackers claim to have hacked the Gawker-plex. Wait till they post the meaty stuff.

The British elite pedophile and phone hacking scandals are looking more closely at Denton. Wait till they look super-close.

Denton has already been forced to out himself, for the political shill that he is. His announcement that the hyper-political Gawker Empire will now be “officially” a “political publication” empire is as ludicrous as announcing that cows will now officially give milk. He has simply stated the obvious and confessed to being what everyone suspected: A Hack-For-Hire by Political Evil Do-ers.

Because he is paid under the table by Silicon Valley campaign financiers, for his hit-jobs, he has had to agree to shut down ValleyWag, which picked on the Silicon Valley campaign financiers.

Denton is now The Walking Dead. He stumbles across the post-apocalyptic media-scape with his final darkness in sight. The DNC has given him one last wad of cash to take out the 2016 opposition candidates, but in this day, and age, where slush-funds can no longer be hidden, and everything can be tracked, it may only serve, along with Hulk Hogan, to seal his fate.

Nick Denton will die knowing that his legacy, throughout all of human history, will be that of: “one of the biggest scum-bags to ever live”. That fate is certain.

In a shocking revelation, in fear for the life of Gawker Media, Nick Denton has been forced to take out an emergency loan, but where did he get it from? CitiBank? Nope! Bank of America? Nope.
Nick Denton and Gawker Media could only get their emergency cash from one little boutique bank.
The bank’s identity is, indeed, very revealing. Nick Denton is no technology guru. Yet, he gets his money from the piggy bank of the Silicon Valley Cartel, the very people he is accused of being a character assassination hit-man for.
Yes: He got his emergency cash from the Silicon Valley Cartels: Silicon Valley Bank!
Isn’t that an interesting turn of events? Rather telling, wouldn’t you say?

Gawker dodges potentially deadly Hulk Hogan lawsuit — for now
By Keith J. Kelly

Hulk Hogan (left), Nick Denton Photo: Getty Images (left), Patrick McMullan
Keith J. Kelly



Cire Padela

by ALLUM BOKHARI27 Jul 2015170

A few years ago, Gawker Media went through their own mythical period. When online public shaming was still praised as “callout culture” and righteous “internet rage” by activists, Gawker was out in front, leading the charge.

Gawker mercilessly destroyed the careers of its targets, many of whom, such as Justine Sacco and Pax Dickinson, were guilty of nothing more than off-colour jokes on social media. They were the shamers-in-chief of the internet: all the more frightening because the sins they punished were so ubiquitous and mundane. Former Gawkerite Adam Weinstein portrays this period as a kind of golden age for the blogging network.

The world has changed rapidly. Public shaming is no longer cool;  John Ronson resoundingly won the argument against it with his new book, despite vain attempts of activists to (you guessed it!) publicly shame him. Attempts to portray Ronson as hostile to the”historically powerless” fell flat, as commentators eagerly embraced a mainstream author willing to speak out against the new mob mentality.

Gawker Media, which relied so heavily on the practice to grant itself the veneer of righteousness, has now become one of the most derided publications on earth. Their botched attempt to out Conde Naste executive David Geithner as gay caused outrage across the media and political landscape. Meanwhile, their long history of violating celebrities’ privacy is swiftly catching up to them in the form of  Hulk Hogan’s $100m lawsuit, filed against Gawker for the release of a sex tape involving the wrestler.

Throughout history, great empires, states, political movements and institutions have all fallen victim to the myth of invincibility. From the Romans at the Battle of Teutoburg to the British Empire in the Boer war, the destruction of these myths is all the more painful due to the triumphs that preceded them. Few would call Gawker invincible today. Its reputation is on the rocks, as the company plans to relaunch itself later today. The Geithner story has proved to be disastrous for the company, triggering a string of editorial resignations in addition to the storm of external condemnation.

But the story doesn’t strike me as a case of imperial myth-shattering. In the major historical examples – the Boers, the Vietcong, the Germanic tribesmen – great powers were humiliated at the very height of their glory by poorly-equipped, underdog opponents who should have been walkovers. The Geithner story, where Gawker had to fight the entire media establishment by itself, doesn’t fit this pattern at all. So what does?

Gawker vs Gamergate

When a few thousand gamers started to draw attention to poor standards in video games journalism last September, no one predicted it would grow into a year-long movement that spanned the globe. Nor did anyone predict the damage it would do to Gawker Media. Gamers had no track record as campaigners or great organisers, nor as social media activists. When #GamerGate emerged, it was a bolt from the blue, and some predicted it would be over in a week.

But gamers were determined. They had a laundry list of complaints against the gaming press, and they had Gawker in their sights from the beginning. The name of Gamergate’s hub on Reddit – “/r/KotakuInAction” – is revealing. (Kotaku, for those of you who don’t know, is Gawker’s video games vertical.) The near-ruination of game developer Brad Wardell by Kotaku’s poor reporting, a steady stream of outrage-mongering on the topics of race and gender, and perceived conflicts of interest on the part of Kotaku writers meant many gamers had gone sour on the site by the start of Gamergate. One supporter of the hashtag described Kotaku as “yellow journalism and tabloid gossip brewed into a foul, brain-killing mess.”

Twitter in 2014 was the land of #YesAllWomen and #CancelColbert, a haven of politically correct outrage. The emergence of a culturally libertarian, anti-censorship, anti-narrative hashtag like Gamergate was unexpected, to say the least. Progressive journalists in the games and tech press reacted with instant hostility and released a string of articlesbranding gamers as reactionary, sexist “hyper-consumers.” As Slate‘s David Auerbachargued at the time, games journalists had essentially declared war on their own audience.

Gamers used the attacks to their advantage, sending a deluge of complaints to companies that advertised with their antagonizers. Gawker, with its long history of unethical reporting, was particularly vulnerable to this strategy and lost its first sponsorjust days after Gamergate began its campaign. They had already locked themselves in a losing battle — but their Quinctilius Varus had yet to enter the field. That came later.

Ultimately #GamerGate is reaffirming what we’ve known to be true for decades: nerds should be constantly shamed and degraded into submission

Sam Biddle (@samfbiddle) October 16, 2014

Bring Back Bullying

Sam Biddle (@samfbiddle) October 16, 2014

If there is one feature that unites the imperial downfalls of history, it is the moment of hubris. The moment at which an opponent’s strength is wildly underestimated, or one’s own is wildly overestimated.

In October 2014, Gawker writer Sam Biddle did both. He no doubt intended to do to Gamergate what he had done to Justine Sacco — publicly shame them, or “degrade them into submission,” as he put it. But his tweets — posted, disastrously, during national bullying awareness month — caused a PR calamity that would lead to one of Gawker’s most visible humiliations. The shamers were about to be shamed.

Yesterday I tweeted some things about “nerds” that were supposed to be funny, but ended up hurting many ppl. I fucked it up, and I’m sorry!

Sam Biddle (@samfbiddle) October 17, 2014

Gamergate’s boycott campaign pivoted, focusing all of its firepower on Gawker Media’s advertisers and sponsors. Within a day, Biddle had taken to Twitter to issue a public apology — an act that would become a feature of Gawker in the months to come. Editorial director Joel Johnson reiterated his apology on the front page of Gawker — another sign of the future. Johnson also sent a memo to Gawker’s writers warning them to watch their words on social media. A publication whose writers were famed for their recklessness was beginning to show signs of caution.

Even Gawker couldn’t hide the extent of their defeat. Editor-in-Chief Max Read summed up his feelings in a headline: “How We Got Rolled by the Dishonest Fascists of GamerGate.” A few months later, the full extent of the damage was revealed — Gamergate had cost Gawker seven figures in lost advertising revenue. The myth of invincibility was over.

Gawker vs Gamergate had all the features of a historic humiliation. On the one hand, there was Gawker, one of the web’s Great Powers. A well-resourced, New York-based “internet bully” with a reputation for destroying people. On the other hand, there were gamers — disorganised amateurs. It’s hard to find a better underdog story.


Public reports and investigative reporters have much to say about Nick Denton and Gawker Media. It is believed, that Gawker Media is a “hit-job” service created to character assassinate, damage and reduce the brand affect of adversaries of the Cartel. Journalists, and others, have charged Gawker Media with everything from tax evasion, to being the front for White House and Silicon Valley Billionaire “hit-jobs”, to being a targeted political agenda manipulation machine. Victims have charged that Gawker Media and Nick Denton have worked in the employ of Jay Carney, Robert Gibbs, John Doerr, Elon Musk, Steve Jurvetson and other political notables.

Gawker Media had financial connections, business connections, political connections and communications with the key suspects and took actions which helped the key suspects while attacking and damaging their adversaries. Recents leaks, investigations and lawsuits have revealed some of Gawker’s dirty secrets. Outside-of-U.S. investigations on Nick Denton’s previous activities in England, are of interest, as well. Wrestler Hulk Hogan had top celebrity endorsement value for American voters, when he was about to endorse an opposing political candidate, Gawker took him out…but, that may have been a fatal mistake for the Gawker attack dogs.

They have endured numerous abuse lawsuits from staff, victims and others. The following is some of the news coverage about Gawker Media and Nick Denton:

Dear Hulk Hogan:

We wanted to give you encouragement and applause in your trial against Gawker Media and Nick Denton.

This may be one of the biggest things you will ever do in your life.

Your case helps redeem many others, and fix a broken part of modern American society. It really is a big deal!

Many of us believe that politicians used social media metrics, and fancy calculations, to figure out that your name, attached to any political endorsements, could get tens of millions of voters to pay more attention to, or like, the candidate that you endorsed.

They felt threatened by that possibility, so they used their character assassination tool, known as Gawker Media, to take you out.

We have all seen the news, these days, about characters like Sidney Blumenthal, Richard Berman, etc, and their “take-down tools” for political paybacks.

Gawker Media showed up one day, out of the blue, in many innocent people’s lives, and took their lives away for political hit-job reasons.

Nick Denton is on camera saying his job is to destroy lives for profit. His staff refer to themselves in social media as “Character Assassins”.  When they take a target out, they never give the target a chance to counter the slander and libel they are about to print because they don’t want the victim to have a chance, in advance, to counter the vicious defamation attack they are about to blast across the media-waves .

Once Gawker fires off the attack, that the Press Office of a famous institution ordered them to do, their buddies at famous search engines lock it in top position on the internet so that Gawker can both profit from the ad sales and get paid “ damages bonuses” for the intensity of the calculated attack.

The news says they stole Romney’s tax forms, Apple’s IPOD prototype, Palin’s book, Santorum’s brand, The CIA’s Bin Ladin hunter’s secrecy, and so, so much more.. Anything, against anybody, for a buck, it seems.

Now we hear that overseas police want to talk to Denton about the British “Hydrant” and “Tabloid Phone Hacking Scandals”. We see that a young gay boy tossed a brick through Denton’s window because he said Denton abused him. We see HSBC leaks and tax investigation’s that seem to indicate that Gawker evades taxes with off-shore hide-aways.

We see lawsuits, by Gawker’s own people, for sexual and economic abuse.

These Gawker people seem to be horrific examples of the worst that a society can manifest.

Many others have lost their lives because of a sudden Gawker take-down attack. So far, there has been little, or no, justice. Someone in Washington, DC, is protecting Gawker but that shield of coverage has now seemed to have worn thin.

Go get ‘em Hulk. Your super-hero days are still alive and well.

Signed-    AMERICA


Gawker Media: Hypocrites vs. Douchecanoes

by Matt Forney  For TAKI

In 2002, a failed British journalist named Nick Denton started Gawker, a bitchy gossip blog run out of his Manhattan apartment. Over 10 years later, Gawker and its sister sites have become the biggest names in clickbait “journalism,” pulling down millions of visitors a month and making its owner a millionaire several times over. The secret to Denton’s success? He took the aggressive, lynch mob mentality of British tabloids, which specialize in ruining people’s lives, and injected it into America’s comparatively placid, Oprahfied media market.

In particular, GawkerJezebelValleywag, and their sister sites specialize in witch hunts: digital vigilantism against those who fail to keep up with leftist orthodoxy. Geoffrey MillerPax Dickinson,Justine TunneyViolentacrez: the list of people whom Gawker has garroted for “racism” or “misogyny” could fill a phone book. With an army of Twitter twits behind it, Gawker Media truly is the moral majority of the left, instigating mob action against those who sin against the religion of toleranceGawker’s provocations are even encouraging real-world violence now, as Valleywag’s overfed man-baby of an editor Sam Biddle eggs on attacks against San Francisco tech workers from the safety of the East Coast.

Video Player

“Which makes the revelation that Denton has been allowing trolls to terrorize his female employees all the more delicious.”

For the past few months, 4chan has been engaged in a trolling operation against Jezebelposting pictures of rape and gore porn in the comments section. Despite the fact that these shocking and disgusting images are stressing out staffers to the point where they’re developing PTSD, Denton has steadfastly refused to do anything about the problem. Jezebel’s staff recently snapped and posted an open letter on the site demanding that Gawker Media do something, calling 4chan’s trolling “a very real and immediate threat to the mental health of Jezebel’s staff and readers.”

Fat chance of this happening, however. As others have pointed out, Gawker Media’s business model depends on getting clicks; indeed, their writers are paid according to how many page views their articles get. Since comments help drive traffic to websites, fighting 4chan’s rape porn trolling will reduce Gawker’s profitability. Not only that, Google itself ranks web pages according to how many comments they have, as comments are extremely difficult to fake. Fewer comments means a lower page rank, which translates into less search traffic and less money for Denton to blow on exotic vacations with his boy-toy hubby. If Gawker Media was willing to testify in federal court as to why they should be allowed to rip off their interns, you can bet your bottom peso that they aren’t going to do jack about this.


And there’s the punch line. Gawker Media, the company that gets people fired from their jobs for making “sexist” jokes, has been creating a hostile work environment for its women staffers for months. They’re the leftist equivalent of a priest who rails against homosexuality only to be caught molesting altar boys in the confessional booths. In staying silent on this for so long, Dodai Stewart, Lindy West, and Jezebel’s other star employees have shown themselves to be frauds. They don’t care about feminism, “fat shaming,” or whatever cause they’re screeching about today; all they care about is money and power. And now we have the proof.

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Advertisers Ditch Gawker Media In Droves. “Brand Tainted” says Forbes Exec. Gawker’s Denton Sweats Over Decline in Web AdRevenues – CBS News

GawkerMedia’s Nick Denton has made a horrible prediction regarding internet adspend for the next year: … Gawker’s Denton Sweats Over Decline in Web AdRevenues. Shares Tweets Stumble … But the web ad economy as a whole will be the beneficiary of falling budgets.…

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Nick Denton charged with ordering phone-hacking, helping Anonymous hackers, stealing Mitt Romney’s tax records, hiding money in Russia and Caymans and MORE…



‘Straight To Hell:’ Reflections On Annie, Gawker 

I feel like I’m probably going straight to hell for all of this. But, given all the other shitty … Emily Ratajkowski entertainment expats facebook GawkerGawkerMedia gender hipsters Hollywood Hugh Hefner inter-racial dating internet Jezebel Julia Allison korea liberalism ……

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Terror– John Cook of Gawker; now of Greenwald – NOT CIA’S FRIEND!

Gawker Tries to Reveal Identity of CIA Agent Behind Bin Laden Kill

By Jana Winter

May 1: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, along with with members of the national security team, receive an update on the mission against Usama bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House.AP

The Gawker website is under fire for trying to expose the CIA agent who may have helped lead the effort to kill Usama Bin Laden — despite efforts by the U.S. government and media to keep his identity secret for security reasons.

Using red arrows pointing to a full-length picture and close-up photos of the possible agent, Gawker reporter John Cook on July 6 wrote a piece under the headline “Is This the Guy Who Killed Bin Laden?” The story has since sparked an angry response from former intelligence agents — as well as Gawker’s own readers — who say Cook’s post was irresponsible and could have deadly consequences.

This whole business of exposing people is a real serious matter. It’s not entertainment, some people may think it is, but it’s not … There are real people out there that are going to be killed because of this,” said Charles Faddis, a former CIA operations officer who spent 20 years working international hot spots and who headed the CIA’s Terrorist Weapons of Mass Destruction Unit before retiring in 2008.

I don’t have a lot of patience for this,” added Faddis, speaking about attempts to out the identity of a CIA operative.  “This is serious, this is really serious. It’s completely irresponsible.”

Some Gawker readers also weren’t amused. A commenter named “Myrna Minkoff” wrote in response to Cook’s story:

If this is the guy who tracked down Bin Laden, I can think of no better way to thank him for his outstanding civil service than by outing him on a highly trafficked web site and putting his career, his life, the lives of his loved ones in danger. Hooray!”

Another commenter “joelydanger” wrote:

Consider that the next time you decide to write another article that tries to glorify DEVGRU, the CIA, or anyone and anything else used on the mission. You’re causing harm and danger to the very people you’re claiming to be heroes.”

But Cook insisted he didn’t compromise anyone’s security by posting the photos.

I do not believe my post put anybody in physical danger,” Cook said in an email response to several questions posed by “I do not believe that people whose photographs are distributed by the White House as part of its public relations efforts have a reasonable claim to ask that no one speculate as to who they are.”

Cook was referring to a series of official White House pictures taken from the Situation Room during the raid on Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. The most famous of those photos, seen on televisions, newspapers and websites around the world, showed President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and other officials watching a live feed of the raid.

Barely visible in that photo is the right jacket arm and the bottom of a necktie that appear to belong to a tall man standing behind Gates. Other pictures taken in the Situation Room during the raid, posted on the White House Flickr feed, show full-on shots of a tall man whose jacket and tie appear to match those of the man standing behind Gates in the earlier photo.

On July 5, the Associated Press published an extensive article on a CIA agent who led the hunt and eventual takedown of Bin Laden. The article referred to the agent only as “John,” explaining: “The Associated Press has agreed to the CIA’s request not to publish his full name and withhold certain biographical details so that he would not become a target for retribution.”

Later that same day, the website Cryptome, a Wikileaks competitor that publishes leaked, sometimes classified documents and information, used clues from the AP article to home in on photos from theWhite House Flickr feed and other AP photos that might show “John.” The article noted that “John” appeared just out of frame in the famous photo.

The following day, Cook picked up the Cryptome info and published the photos from the White House Flickr feed, beneath the “Is This the Guy Who Killed Bin Laden?” headline. Cook’s post also included an AP file photo of CIA Director Leon Panetta leaving a briefing on Capitol Hill, where the man who may be “John” is seen in the background.

Of course, it could be a random staffer who happened to be in both locations with John,” Cook wrote. “Or it could be the guy who iced bin Laden.”

The New York Observer posted a story late Tuesday that claimed to have confirmed the identity of the CIA agent, starting with the AP article and the Situation Room photo, and it posted photos online of the man it said was the agent.

Cook said he and his Gawker editors discussed potential safety concerns before publishing the information and photos.

We came to the conclusion that it is highly unlikely that the White House would distribute for publication a photograph of a man whose life would be endangered if his photograph were ever published. Likewise, we decided that it is highly unlikely that such a man would publicly accompany the director of Central Intelligence, in the presence of AP photographers, to Capitol Hill to testify.”

But those White House photos do not identify the man in question, only noting that the group of people are “members of the national security team,” numerous Gawker commenters pointed out.

You seem to have not noticed that they took great pains to make sure his face wasn’t in the shot and he was never identified by name,” Myrna Minkoff wrote, when another commenter challenged her criticism of the Gawker post.

Other commenters chimed in.

Sure it’ll put him, his friends, and his family in danger regardless of whether or not he’s actually the guy, but it’ll generate some pageviews and advertiser revenue, and that’s the IMPORTANT thing, right?” wrote someone using the name “dgoat.”

You should still be ashamed of yourselves.”

Sortie en mer

Embarquez pour une expérience interactive et immersive. … speakers and fullscreen recommended

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One Denton Bio | Gawker Media LLC and Nick Denton- The …

The headquarters of GawkerMedia, … (Ironically, it was one of the few things he’s ever done mainly for the hell of it.) … Blog at Follow. Follow “GawkerMedia LLC and Nick Denton- The Killing of Babies …

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“Gawker is the most vile and evil example of the written word in history”, says employee. What Gawker Media Is Doing About Our Rape Gif Problem

On Monday, we posted an open letter to the management of GawkerMedia, our parent company, regarding an ongoing problem that we here at Jezebel could no longer tolerate: horribly violent rape gifs that were consistently appearing in our comments. For months, we asked GawkerMedia HQ for help with…

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Jezebel calls out Gawker Media for failing to address …

Jezebel calls out GawkerMedia for failing to address incessant misogynist comments … we’d report the hell out of it here and cite it as another example of employers failing to take the safety of its female employees seriously.…

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Gawker and the Rage of the Creative Underclass — New York …

Everybody SucksGawker and the rage of the creative underclass. By Vanessa Grigoriadis; Published Oct 14, 2007 ; … Gawker made its debut under the leadership of Nick Denton, the complicated owner of the blog network GawkerMedia, …

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Gawker Sucks and Here is Why | The Writings

Perhaps you, like everyone else who uses the web, likes to visit gossip sites like Gawker. I have had it with those sites. Their trade is in lies, deception, … GawkerSucks Even More | GawkerMedia. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Enter your comment here …

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Gawker Sucks – “Free Beacon” — Breaking News, Politics …

GawkerSucks. Share. Tweet. Email. … It is unclear to me how GawkerMedia’s actions are materially different from, say, Napster circa 2000 when it was sued out of existence for facilitating the illicit downloads of copyright material. Who knows.

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Adrian Covert is now under permanent surveillance by multiple private investigators and law enforcement entities



Did Covert run hit-jobs on targets to help cover a felony his bosses handlers were running with U.S. Tax Dollars? What did Covert know about Elon Musk’s and John Doerr’s felony lithium mining scam with taxpayer cash? Federal Archives of Covert writings prove he only promoted Musk and attacked Musk & John Doerr competitors.



Who else hates Gawker Media? – Boycott-Gawker-And-Gizmodo

Who else hates GawkerMedia? Nobody who works at Gawker/Gizmodo/etc. should ever work again! Butt handed to Gawker; …

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Why Digg Really Sucks and Gawker Media Probably Does Too …

Right on. I won’t say that most of the stuff on Digg is bad. It’s just not that great. Meh. But I really agree with you that there are way too many “me too” blog posts out there.…

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What did Nick Denton’s Gaby Darbyshire know about Nick Denton’s off-shore tax havens?


New Statesman | Reddit blocks Gawker in defence of its right …

Links from Gawker are banned from /r/politics, after journalist threatens to reveal the identity of the man running Reddit’s “creepshots”, “beatingwomen” and “jailbait” forums.…

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Gawker Sucks –

GawkerSucks Sunday, August 24, 2014. … Earlier today, Joel Johnson announced Gawker was disabling all image uploads in their comments. … And you can be sure the top guys at GawkerMedia, like Joel Johnson, are now looking into it!

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Gawker Sucks: Finding Mobutu

GawkerSucks. Sunday, December 9, 2012. Finding Mobutu. Most people reading this are probably familiar with GawkerMedia properties.

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Gawker Mediaとは goo Wikipedia (ウィキペディア)

GawkerMedia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vanessa Grigoriadis, “Everybody Sucks:Gawker and the rage of the creative underclass, New York magazine, October 22, 2007.

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Gawker Media – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

GawkerMedia is a Cayman Islands1 corporation online media company and blog network, founded and owned by Nick Denton based in New York City. It is considered2 to be one of the most visible and successful blog-oriented media companies.citation As of March 2012…

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Gawker Writers Have to Work Weekends Now Too | New York Observer

NickDenton, for his part, said that the weekend plan is “nothing new,” and that in the first half of the year, … and said he thinks it “sucks.” Share this: Facebook; Twitter; Google; LinkedIn; Print; Email; Filed under: Alex Pareene, Gabriel Snyder, Gawker, NickDenton, The Media Mob. Comment .…

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Nick Denton – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

NickDenton, born 24 August 1966, is a British journalist and internet entrepreneur, the founder and proprietor of the blog collective Gawker Media, and the managing editor of the New York-based

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Shots In The Dark: Why Gawker Sucks

I was just googling “Gawker sucks” and this came up making a very clear point of why I was googling this phrase in the first place. They’re not even funny.

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Oh my! Gawker’s Nick Denton’s ex boyfriend is not happy with his new boy toy.


Frankly there’s nothing more delicious than watching someone famous for ripping people’s alive (yes journalism sucks these days) apart become his own parody on manners and gossip. That said there was a twinkle of relish when I came across page 6‘s interesting expose on Nick Denton, the media zealot of Gawker media (which owns a smattering of salacious dribble including gawker, jezebel,deadspin,lifehacker and jalopnik)who has suddenly found himself the scorn of a former jealous and one imagines scorned lover.

page 6: Gadfly Gawker Media head Nick Denton recently changed his Facebook status from single to “in a relationship,” but not everyone seems to be happy about it.

Sources say an angry ex of his new boyfriend tossed a brick through the window of Denton’s SoHo loft building recently, and has been causing enough further trouble that the police have been contacted.

Not to drift too much from Nick but I too was quite aghast when I decided to publicly note that I was no longer single but in a relationship on Facebook (for some reason I was quite surprised by the number of people who responded to what I perceived to be something really quite arbitrary and of little consequence in the world scheme of things, but yes people do pay attention it seems) which perhaps might explain the sudden attention that Mr Denton received when he publicly decided to note that he was in fact now no longer a pedophile or single.

Of course who also noted one assumes is a scorned former lover of the media titan who felt compelled enough to go smashing bricks into his former lover’s abode. And perhaps with good reason as it appears Mr Denton’s attentions have now turned to presumably a nimble agile and quite pretty young man ( 28 year old Derrence Washington) who it appears is an English actor here in NYC on tour (permanent tour one supposes).

What perhaps make the intrusion even more charming (not to suggest they are ever charming) is Mr Denton’s own acknowledgment that he is now being served the same dish he is well known famous for serving up on a regular basis.

When we asked Denton about the incidents, he told us via e-mail: “After that Hulk Hogan sex tape on Gawker, I can hardly complain about intrusion into my private life!

Yep, love is messy,” he added.

Indeed love and gossip are quite messy but that said I’m betting Mr Denton is loving every minute of it. If I could suggest one thing Mr Denton, perhaps if you were to send a bouquet to the former lover it may temper their ire. I know it worked for me once. Oh dear…

above image found here



Who owns the Gawker Media company? – Ask questions, Find …

… Who owns the GawkerMedia company? : … Jossip founder David Hauslaib estimated’s annual advertising revenue to be at least $1 … but someone else will have better luck selling the advertising than we did.”[5] In a fall 2008 memo Denton announced the layoff of “19 of our ……

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Was John Herrmann secretly working for IN-Q-TEL?

Video Player

Gawker Sucks

Gawker is holding a tournament right now to determine the “ugliest” accent in America. Josef Fruehwald, a linguist and lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, has …


Gawker Sucks | Washington

It’s been a fun couple of days for Gawker haters. First, on Sunday, HBO’s Girls revealed that Lena Dunham’s character Hannah—in the midst of a pseudo-sociopathic …

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Gawker Sucks | Exposing “Gawker Medias” racist Slants one ..

Exposing “Gawker Medias” racist Slants one post at a time. Gawker Sucks. Exposing “GawkerMedias” racist Slants one post at a time. Home; About; jump to navigation.

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The Lefts Smoke and Mirrors Campaign 

The Bain Files: Inside Mitt Romney’s Tax-Dodging Cayman Schemes . What’s really there? ……

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One Denton Bio | Gawker Media LLC and Nick Denton

One Denton Bio. Posted on August 27, 2012 by gawkerhell6543. The Demon Blogger of Fleet Street … Moe Tkacik, nick dentontax fraud. Bookmark the …

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(Leaked Document From Hack) From A Draft Report To the 

His partner Ray Lane was charged with massive tax evasion. … Nick Denton Nick Denton was asked by John Doerr and Elon Musk to print attack articles, …

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Why Gawker Sucks | Gawker Media LLC and Nick Denton– The 

Why Gawker Sucks Not only is it … kimmel Jimmy Kimmel Josh Stein Moe Tkacik NBC TV nick dentonnick denton asshole nick denton phone hacking tax fraud …

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Gawker and the Rage of the Creative Underclass — New York …

Everybody Sucks Gawker and the rage of the creative underclass. By Vanessa Grigoriadis; Published Oct 14, 2007 ; ShareThis. Typographic Illustration by …

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Why Gawker Sucks | Gawker Media LLC and Nick Denton- 

Why Gawker Sucks Not only is it snarky, it’s snobby. Here the editors of Gawker express their amazement on seeing “this middle-aged woman—we’d …

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Gawker Sucks and Here is Why | The Writings

19 Responses to Gawker Sucks and Here is Why. Pingback: Gawker Sucks Even More | Gawker Media. Pingback: Gawker Media: Hypocrites vs. Douchecanoes – DAILY …

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Gawker Sucks: Does Gawker only hire mentally ill teenagers in order to exploit their frustration with life?…  

Gawker Sucks. Sunday, December 9, 2012. … What sort of writer was Jeb Lund before becoming Mobutu? It turns out he was a professional wrestling columnist.

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Gawker Sucks At Advertisments – New Media 

I imagine the pitch meeting went something like this: “We need Gawker to make the WORST AD OF ALL TIME. Also, it needs football and DiGiorno pizza in it.

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by Eriq Gardner  HOLLYWOOD REPORTERHulk Hogan on Gawker Sex-Tape Trial: “I’ll See This Through to the End”As Hogan’s $100 million suit heads to a raunchy trial, the result could impact celebrity privacy and even the Sony hack — says one lawyer, “This whole dispute is remarkable.”As Hogan’s $100 million suit heads to a raunchy trial, the result could impact celebrity privacy and even the Sony hack — says one lawyer, “This whole dispute is remarkable.”A version of this story first appeared in the June 26 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.When wrestler-turned-reality TV star Hulk Hogan sued Gawker in 2012 for posting part of a secretly recorded sex video, it was a poor bet that the $100 million suit would go to trial. No celebrity sex tape case has ever made it to a jury, for reasons ranging from the strength of the First Amendment to stars being more interested in wiping the video from the web than winning money. But Hogan (aka Terry Bollea) hasn’t settled, and on July 6, he is set to make history when a trial opens in Florida.How the case got this far is a reflection on the parties. Gawker is run by Nick Denton, 48, whose outspoken aversion to celebrity privacy — and wars with everyone from Lena Dunham to John Travolta to Quentin Tarantino — borders on the fanatical. Hogan, 61, sees the courtroom as one more match to conquer. “I have never been afraid to fight for what I think is right,” Hogan tells THR. “I promised in the beginning that I would see this through to the end to hold Gawker accountable. And I will.”In addition to possibly setting new legal precedent for media outlets that publish celebrities’ private moments, the trial could be one of the raunchiest ever. Even if Pinellas County Judge Pamela Campbell forbids the viewing of the video of Hogan with Heather Clem, the ex-wife of Hogan’s best friend, documents in the case suggest testimony could be graphic. In an effort to show the sex tape qualifies as “newsworthy,” Gawker is seeking to introduce evidence that Hogan has injected his sexual prowess into the public sphere by fondling women’s breasts for a Rocky III publicity photo shoot and discussing in interviews where on a woman he likes to ejaculate, the size of his genitalia and the use of his mustache when performing oral sex.The potentially NC-17 two-week proceeding is being watched by Hollywood attorneys for less prurient reasons. “This whole dispute is remarkable,” says Adam Thurston at Drinker Biddle & Reath, who has handled cases involving celebrity sex photos. “I’m not aware of a celebrity sex tape case that has gone the full distance. … When you have a friendly state court judge, she’s going to let Hogan have a pretty free hand at trial.”In addition to asserting his privacy rights were violated by Gawker, Hogan is suing for intentional infliction of emotional distress — saying in court documents that he “suffered a breakdown” when facing “a choice of having the sex video torpedo his career” — and alleging violation of his publicity rights, a popular claim by celebrities wishing to control the commercial use of their name and image.Few publicity rights suits have made it to trial, as Dustin Hoffman’s did in the late 1990s when he won a $3 million judgment against Los Angeles magazine for its computer-altered photo of him in a fashion spread. (The case was overturned on First Amendment grounds on appeal.) At Hogan’s trial, expect discussion of how celebrity sex and nudity is used to drive traffic (and revenue) to news and gossip sites like Gawker.Hogan’s battle represents the latest strife in the escalating tension between the media and celebrities. As news outlets expand their reach through social media, public figures are finding it more difficult to escape the sometimes unflattering spotlight. More than 2.5 million people watched the Hogan sex video online. Gawker’s story was published alongside an essay about why everyone likes to watch celebrities have sex, which Denton believes adds to its newsworthiness. But Hogan’s team is preparing to call a professor of journalism at the University of Florida to testify that the video itself didn’t need to be posted and fails the “Cheerios test,” playing badly for readers eating breakfast.

The case addresses the breakdown of privacy in multiple ways. Hogan is claiming the tort of intrusion upon seclusion (usually analogized by the paparazzo who uses a telephoto lens to peek into a private residence) and also is asserting a claim under Florida’s Wiretap Act because Gawker published a recording that was filmed secretly. Can journalists use illegal recordings? In 2001, the Supreme Court suggested they could, as long as they only played the role of recipient — an opinion (Bartnicki v. Vopper) that recently provided confidence for those reporting on hacked Sony documents. But Hogan’s attorney Charles Harder points out the high court expressly exempted First Amendment protection on sex tapes and “domestic gossip or other information of purely private concern.”

What rises above gossip to be newsworthy? Gawker asserts that it had every right to publish the video because it was evidence of adultery that received widespread media attention before Gawker’s publication. The defendant also says Hogan participated in the discussion of the affair by denying it happened — potentially making the video needed corroboration. “The tell-all journalist in me is glad we’ll have the opportunity to air out the issues in public,” says Denton, who already has spent more than $1 million on the case (and had to sue his insurers to pick up some of the tab).

For Denton, who founded Gawker in 2003, the trial represents perhaps the most significant risk to his company. He settled a suit over an Eric Dane-Rebecca Gayheart sex tape that Gawker posted, but he says he found Hogan’s demands unreasonable. (Neither side will say what Hogan wanted.) Now, the fate of his company could be in the hands of Florida jurors who will be told that Google searches for “Gawker” reached a historic high around the time of the Hogan sex tape story. “It is time to put an end to the immoral bullies who use the First Amendment as a means to destroy privacy and decency,” says David Houston, a Hogan attorney.

Denton estimates there’s a 1-in-10 chance Gawker faces “disaster.” Any loss will be appealed, but Gawker might have to post a substantial bond in the interim. At trial, the focus likely will be on how Gawker got the tape, what it knew about it, how it used it to its advantage, and Hogan’s injuries, if any (the potential $100 million comes from the punitive damages that Hogan has requested). Denton’s team likely will attempt to frame all this in the context of free speech. Legal observers like Thurston say that Gawker would have the upper hand in any post-trial appeal (the judge’s preliminary injunction was reversed by a Florida appeals court), but the more immediate problem for Gawker is that the jury won’t take up its constitutional arguments that Hogan’s claims interfere with the freedom of the press. Thus, a trial verdict could exert financial pressure on a media company that has prided itself on being as independent as possible.

As Denton prepares to defend a brand of journalism that he believes is free of corporate influence and the spin of publicists, he’s speaking out about how celebrities should know better. Asked what would happen if he had the chance to sit down with Hogan, Denton says he’d tell his nemesis, “I take no pleasure in your embarrassment, but this was a story we had to write: It was true and it was interesting. You let the genie out of the bottle; you boasted about your sexual conquests endlessly. And you took up a celebrity perk — an invitation to have sex with a fan’s wife — without thinking through the consequences. We take responsibility for our journalists’ words and actions; take responsibility for yours.”

Shots In The Dark: Why Gawker Sucks

I was just googling “Gawker sucks” and this came up making a very clear point of why I was googling this phrase in the first place. They’re not even funny.

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About | Gawker Sucks Is Gawker Media just one huge offshore tax evasion scheme?

I should have been banned months ago. I am conservative. Gawker and its children are all libbies. Stinking unwashed illogical libbies. And I have often called them on …

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VICE Learns What GamerGate Always Knew: Gawker Sucks

Long story short, Gawker is still peddling shit reporting, and VICE is fed up with it. Although, let’s face it, VICE is also shit. These are the same people who ……

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Gawker bans ‘Internet slang’ | Poynter.

Gawker bans ‘Internet slang … • Internet slang. We used to make an effort to avoid this, … Gawkersucks. nwmhqqty. Suck-o-rama.…

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Gawker Sucks | The Hyperlogos

Issue. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. To post pieces of code, surround them with <code> … </code>tags. For PHP code, you can use <?php … ?>, which will …

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Gawker sucks | Tom 

A while ago I was banned from commenting forever on all Gawker blogs because I complained about the seemingly large percentage of gay male oriented posts …

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Why the Gawker Sucks –

I’ve never liked the Gawker. Not to fine a point on it, but its a trash journalist outlet that can kiss my ass. Here’s an article trying to draw sympathy for the …

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Gawker – reddit

Gawker is one of the most anti-reddit sites known. This sub is dedicated to showing how wrong they are. Similar Sub: /r/bangawker

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Gawker Hack Proves Password Security Sucks – News.

Gawker isn’t a tiny fly-by-night website. That means that changing my password after the Gawker hack (Lifehacker is one of Gawker’s websites) isn’t enough.…

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Gawker Media – The Full Wiki

Vanessa Grigoriadis, “Everybody SucksGawker and the rage of the creative underclass, New York magazine, October 22, 2007. Gawker Media Traffic.

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VICE Learns What GamerGate Always Knew: Gawker Sucks

Gawker Sucks. Be the first to see it… Follow @Gamergatolizer.…

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gawker_can_suck_it’s posts.

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Gawking Ourselves to Death | Steve Almond

I am not suggesting that Gawker has any political agenda. On the contrary, it’s an entirely amoral zone. The only law that guides Gawker is the Law of Stimulation.…

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Gawker fucking sucks and you should stop reading it | Forum

Gawker aka Kotaku aka Gizmodo aka Jezebel are all cancerous helms of clickbait articles and leftist lynch mob collective that have taken the internet by storm.

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Gawker Media – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gawker Media is an online media company and blog network, founded and owned by Nick Denton and based in New York City. It is considered to be one of the most visible and successful blog-oriented media companies.

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Business Information Service – |


Gawker Media

Vanessa Grigoriadis, “Everybody SucksGawker and the rage of the creative underclass, New York magazine, October 22, 2007.…

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Gawker Media Explained

Vanessa Grigoriadis, “Everybody SucksGawker and the rage of the creative underclass, New York magazine, October 22, 2007.

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Gawker Mediaとは goo Wikipedia (ウィキペディア)

Vanessa Grigoriadis, “Everybody SucksGawker and the rage of the creative underclass, New York magazine, October 22, 2007.

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Gawker Source Code and Databases Compromised – Slashdot

Parse that last sentence again. Gawker had at least one vulnerability that they did not know about. Re:Children suck (Score:5, Insightful). by causality (777677) writes: on Sunday December 12, 2010 @07……

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Gawker 2011 – Vintage Gawker (Removed Sidebar) – 

Update 4/1/11 – I got extremely annoyed with the fact that all Gawker sites would bring my internet to a crawl and it turns out it was because Gawker sucks at site coding.…

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Gawker_Media : definition of Gawker_Media and synonyms.

Vanessa Grigoriadis, “Everybody SucksGawker and the rage of the creative underclass, New York magazine, October 22, 2007.

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Court docs show Gawker REALLY doesn’t want former interns to hear…

Consider that Gawker has built its entire fortune on showing the ugly guts of media companies to the world. Consider also that Gawker is trumpeting its Kinja commenting system……

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Gawker Media – The Free Online Dictionary and Encyclopedia (TFODE)

Vanessa Grigoriadis, “Everybody SucksGawker and the rage of the creative underclass, New York magazine, October 22, 2007.

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Gawker hackers release file with FTP, author & reader…

Gawker Media uses Campfire as their backchannel to discuss site operations and potential stories. The headeline of your post should be “Suck on This, 4Chan”.…

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Hulk Hogan sex tape trial could finally destroy Gawker

By Tom Kludt @tomkludt

A lurid sex tape. A bombastic cultural icon. An upcoming court battle that could reveal even more salacious details.It sounds like the type of story that Gawker might cover with gusto. This time, however, the gossip site finds itself a central player in the tawdry tale.For more than a decade, has proudly courted controversy with unmerciful coverage of Hollywood celebrities and New York media elites.But a $100 million lawsuit, set for trial next month in Florida, is enough to make anyone a bit nervous, even Nick Denton, the swashbuckling Gawker Media founder.Three years ago, a former Gawker editor-in-chief published a post headlined, “Even for a Minute, Watching Hulk Hogan Have Sex in a Canopy Bed is Not Safe For Work but Watch it Anyway.” A 30-minute DVD had come from an anonymous source and what appeared online was edited down by Gawker to about a minute-and-a-half.The tape, which was recorded in 2006, showed Hulk Hogan (real name: Terry Bollea) having sex with Heather Clem, who was married at that time to radio host “Bubba the Love Sponge Clem.” Another man’s voice, which many people believe is Bubba, can be heard in the recording. Hogan and Bubba were close friends before the sex tape leaked and the two men had a falling out.After legal wrangling, Gawker was forced to remove the video. But Gawker refused to delete an article accompanying the footage and the story still exists on the site today (it has racked up more than 5 million clicks). Gawker’s bid to get the case tossed failed and a jury trial is now set to begin July 6 in St. Petersburg.Charles Harder, who is Hogan’s lead trial counsel, said that Denton had received two cease and desist demands the day after the video was published. “Denton ignored those demands, and allowed the video to continue playing,” Harder told CNNMoney. “Denton has only himself to blame.”Terry Bollea, aka Hulk Hogan, stands beside his attorneys during a 2012 press conference to discuss legal action brought against Gawker Media.What each side is saying: There is one central question that the jury will have to answer: Was the sex tape newsworthy? Florida law permits the publication of private material if it pertains to a matter of “legitimate public concern.””Despite all attempts by the Gawker Defendants to obscure it, the law is clear that pornographic footage taken from sex tapes is the quintessential example of speech that is not a matter of legitimate public concern,” Harder wrote in a recently filed brief.

Gawker counters that Hogan made his sexual exploits a public matter, noting his appearances on Howard Stern’s radio program and elsewhere during which he delved into lurid details from his personal life.

During a 2011 interview with Stern, Hogan said flatly that he would never have sex with Heather Clem. “Man law, brother,” Hogan told Stern. “Even if they were divorced for 10 years.” In the same interview, Hogan opened up about the sexual chemistry with his wife.

Gawker is also highlighting the fact that the existence of the sex tape had been the subject of several news reports before it was posted on the site in 2012.

It’s difficult to think of a huge news story about a celebrity or a politician or someone people care about that didn’t involve some information that that person did not want disclosed,” Gawker president and general counsel Heather Dietrick told CNNMoney. “That’s the job of a journalist.”

The stakes: Hogan is seeking $100 million in damages, a penalty that could bring Gawker to its knees. Denton has been characteristically candid about the threat against the company, telling The New York Times, “We don’t keep $100 million in the bank, no.”

If it were to lose in court and have to pay in full, Gawker might be forced to do something it has managed to avoid throughout its existence: rely on outside investors to keep the company humming.

The case could also hold implications for the First Amendment, with some in the legal community leery over the idea of a story’s news value being determined by jurors, not editors.

But Harder, Hogan’s attorney, asserts that the case poses “no potential danger whatsoever to the First Amendment.”

The First Amendment has limitations,” Harder said. “In Florida, it is a crime of video voyeurism to film someone naked without their permission, or to publish that footage. Doing so is against the law and not protected by the First Amendment.”

Outlook: Denton isn’t ruling out a “disaster” scenario for the site. He has acknowledged that the jury, plucked from the Florida community that Hogan calls home, might well be unsympathetic to a sensationalist digital tabloid based in Manhattan and built on snark.

Oscar Nominee’s Girlfriend, Readers Say ‘Suck A D*ck, Gawker’

Director Wes Anderson brought his girlfriend along to the Oscars. His movies were nominated for multiple awards, including Best Picture, but Gawker’s Defamer nominated his guest for a hateful and rather ridiculous serving of shame as dished out by Leah Finnegan.…


Is blogger John Herrmann a hired character assassin hit-man for Nick Denton?

Is blogger John Herrmann a hired character assassin hit-man for Nick Denton?

By Powers Destin
First printed in The LA Rebuke

If you look up John Herrmann in Wikipedia you find that, according to Wkipedia:

“…Herrmann soon was a part of the Ware group, a secret apparatus of the CPUSA and Comintern in Washington, D.C., which supplied classified information to Soviet intelligence. …Herrmann was a paid courier for the CPUSA, delivering material emanating from the secret cells of sympathetic government employees being cultivated by Hal Ware to New York. Herrmann also was the person who introduced … Alger Hiss.

The Ware group’s activities were investigated …and Herrmann was placed under surveillance and questioned many times in Mexico by the FBI. He died …. from chronic alcoholism.”

That isn’t the exact same John Herrmann we know and love from Gawker Media and the Awl, but there may be eerie similarities to the Nick Denton hit-man.

This New Yorker is said to be a shill for Gawker Media, where he writes attack articles at the request of White House press corps, in order to stealth up the true instigators of the attacks. It is also claimed, that he goes online, under a massive number of pseudonyms, and writes all of the attack comments in the commenting section of the blog under each attack article. IS this true? To confirm this, one would need to subpeona FBI and NSA phone tracking and email archiving of Herrmann’s email and cell phone activities from past years.

Many targets have stated that Herrmann organizes other writers when given a “kill order” by his political handlers. They infest a blog, together, with vitriol and hate, cobbled together from non-verified facts and manipulated heresay, it is said by those he has sought to bring down.

One encounters Herrmann as a pasty, pudgy little man with the hipster affectations of dark mood swings and impertinent denial. We met him, covertly, at a coffee shop nestled among the metropolitan masses.

Does he report directly to Robert Gibbs and Jay Carney at the White House or are his orders intermediated only through Nick Denton? Only a Senate investigation has the power to uncover the tentacular connections of the attack bloggers of the web.

In this writers opinion,and mind you, these are all opinions and not facts, so do your own research, I think that Mr, Herrmann is complex and deserves more study. It is easy for one to dismiss him as a sad internet hack, one step removed from a common troll, but that would be unfair, I think. He is, most likely, much more interesting.