Google Sued For Rigging The Internet and Running Dirty Tricks Campaign

Google Sued For Rigging The Internet and Running Dirty Tricks Campaigns

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San Francisco – CA. Google has been sued in San Francisco Superior Court on a variety of charges. The brunt of these charges can best be summarized as: “being dirty rats”.

This case is about contrasts.

Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Google Investor John Doerr (The Defendants) are the founders of Google. In contrast; the Plaintiffs are the founders of some of the companies that Google seems to have copied, including, possibly the business model of Google itself.

The Defendants were also the biggest “campaign financiers” of the Obama campaign, having spent billions of dollars on 5 different political campaigns, much of that money “unreported”. In contrast; the Plaintiffs did not pay any bribes to any public officials.

The Defendants were also the biggest exclusive recipients of cash and contracts from the Obama White House. The Plaintiffs were the people that had the most money taken away from them, and given to the Defendants, by the Google-run agencies in Washington DC. (Google has placed over 400 of it’s staff in top positions in Washington, DC and California’s Government.)

The Defendants were also the biggest providers of revolving door staffing at the White House, FCC, Patent Office, Department of Energy and other state and federal offices from which Defendants derived massive cash, contract, stock market, tax evasion and hiring benefits. The Plaintiffs didn’t have any of their staff running any state or federal agencies, unlike the Defendants.

The Defendants wanted to keep the Plaintiffs from even having the chance to compete with them. The Plaintiffs just wanted to build some great American products.

The Defendants funded one of the largest attempts, ever staged, to shut down the U.S. Patent Office’s support of independent inventors. The Defendants senior lawyer runs the U.S. Patent Office. The Plaintiffs are independent inventors who Google had it’s VC’s harvest technology from.

‘Anti-trust, monopoly, hit-jobs, character assassination, fraud, spying, intellectual property theft’ and other dark deeds that Google may have engaged in, are detailed in a lengthy filing.

All-in-all, it is a bit spicier than your typical business dispute. Every person who reads the news will recognize all of the charges against Google from numerous previous lawsuits, by a multitude of parties. Many others have charged Google/Alphabet with the same dirty deeds and, in an increasing number of cases, have won against Google.

The Plaintiffs have very deep inside knowledge of Google’s shenanigans. They are White House and Congressionally commended, Mayoral proclamation-winning, federal award-winning insiders who have witnessed Google’s operations from every angle. They have also been privy to federal investigations, leaked documents and ex-Google employee tips.

Google’s bosses seem to have gotten a bug up their back-sides about not being able to invent their own next-generation technology faster than the Plaintiffs. Google also seems to have been butt-hurt about being stood up to when Google’s corporate bullying crossed the line.

It is the fraternity house boys of Google against the nerds of the science lab. In this lawsuit, Google’s billionaire executive hubris vs. small town inventor-ship and the American Dream.

After (as charged) “stealing things”, Google found that the Plaintiffs had cooperated with federal investigators in a criminal investigation of Google and it’s investors. Google’s hubris-factor then kicked into high gear. Google launched an extreme vendetta and retribution campaign against the Plaintiffs.

Google sent in moles and honey-traps, ran a billion dollar character assassination program, operated a Silicon Valley industry black-list, influenced elected officials to circumvent and take things from the Plaintiffs and give them to Google and attacked the Plaintiffs in every way that Google could.

Google has been in the news, in almost every nation, for it’s international manipulations of information, privacy, public opinion and tax evasion. In the U.S.A., it is an election year and Google is getting extra attention for it’s supposed “election rigging” thanks to the Season Six TV show: House of Cards, references to Google’s political tricks.

Google is not well liked in the world today. The facts presented in this case serve to underscore the reasons for that.

Google’s senior counsel, Kent Walker, refused to comment.

The Plaintiffs say that this is about justice and moral issues. A jury trial has been demanded. The Plaintiffs have asked Google to come to a mediation but they have received no word back on that offer.

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