Google: You Are A Felony-Class Criminal Operation And You Are Going Down!

Google: You Are A Felony-Class Criminal Operation And You Are Going Down!

By Evan Cosker

Peter Holm is the corporate litigation counsel for Google. Holm spends his day at Google’s contract law firm: Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich and Rosati, known as “WSGR”. WSGR helps Tesla hide their dirty deeds. They help Juniper Networks hide the back-doors they built into their hardware (Which in fact accounted for most of the hacks in Silicon Valley). WSGR seems to like to make the dirty Unicorns  look clean.

Gun-for-hire legal corporations like WSGR are tasked by Google with helping Google hide their money from the IRS, rigging and back-dating stock warrants and, most importantly, keeping the Federal Election Committee legal eagles from spotting the fact that Google is bribing politicians and violating FEC campaign contribution limits by billions of dollars. WSGR mostly tries to file demurrers and pull every string to keep Google from having to explain their crimes in front of a jury. These days, Google is losing more and more. Victims of Google’s character assassinations are now trying to trick Google into suing them, just so they can get past the demurrer dismissal attempts by Google and get themselves a real jury trial.

So, now that Google and WSGR are on notice that the FBI, FEC, and every federal law enforcement agency have been asked to shut Google down, raid their offices and arrest their executives, you might think that old Google would be a tad bit nervous.

In fact there is much more for Google, and it’s crony henchmen, to fear.

Only an idiot, in Silicon Valley or Washington, DC, can today labor under the fantasy that their entire email and file systems have not been hacked. The Russians, or the Chinese, or Guccifer, or Kim Dotcom, or Julian Assange or whoever did it, in fact, did it! Only fools believe they were untouched.

Google, being the most politically manipulative entity on Earth was unusually well targeted by a legion of hacks from a variety of interests for over a decade. They hacked. They cultivated their hoards of data and they waited. They were waiting until just the right moment…

The hackers have everything and the right moment has arrived. As Wikileaks is demonstrating, the goods are in the hands of others and they are parsing out the comeuppance in carefully measured and strategically timed doses.

One group that is watching the leaks with great interest is an alliance of technologists, journalists and community service folks who Google’s owners and partners ass-f*cked with an extraordinary vendetta. One entrepreneur in San Francisco has shown me parts of a “dead-man’s switch” that will devastate Google. There are many others with huge evidence sets and, now, a number of ex-Google staff who have agreed to testify when the time is right. I interviewed a top level former Google executive who we shall call “Carl”. Carl’s story will be covered in my follow-up article on Google. Suffice it to say, for now, Carl showed me financial records, ad account trades, secret cost-buckets and very creative accounting that proves that Google is the biggest techno-shell game around.

Some of the victims of Google-cide have sued Google in order to probe the strategy and potential of Google’s legal, moral and political tactics for the big battle, yet to come. What came out of the first probes was that Google has nothing but old white boy frat house hubris and increasingly devastating evidence piling up against them.

The biggest battle is coming.

Google, with it’s tens of billions of dollars, White House control and thousands of underlings may think it is perched on high-ground at the moment but that perch is founded on landfill built from corruption and it is sinking beneath Google’s feet.

Glenn Greenwald’s The Intercept informs us that Google placed over 450 Google staffers inside the White House, the Patent Office, The Department of Energy and other State and Federal offices who then sent hundreds of billions of dollars of crony-cash from taxpayer payments to Google’s executive bank vaults. The scheme got going in 2007-2008 when Google’s bagmen thought that they could get exclusive control of “trillions of dollars of lithium in the ‘Saudi Arabia’ of lithium: Afghanistan”. The CIA had sent around a pitch that you could scoop up lithium like water in the Afghan deserts. That turned to be wrong but Silicon Valley bit anyway.  Silicon Valley was promised the Afghanistan mining fields, from the Afghan War, by Obama’s campaign staff. The Silicon Valley Cartel was going to use the lithium and indium from those mines to make Tesla’s, Fiskers and Solyndra tubes. Google told Rahm Emanual, David Axelrod, Bill Daly and Steven Rattner that they would make Obama President if they got a record-breaking slush-fund in crony payola. It all worked out. Each got their grift and the world got screwed.

Kleiner Perkins, Draper Fisher, Greylock, and other Silicon Valley VC firms, along with Elon Musk, John Doerr, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Steve Westly and other corrupt VC’s traded “cleantech” market exclusives for economic rigging. Google’s Eric Schmidt sat in the basement of Obama’s campaign office rigging the internet perceptions, search engine results and trend numbers in order to put Obama in office. Google used CIA-like psychological warfare subliminal messaging tricks to rig an election.

The bubble of sycophants that Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, John Doerr and Elon Musk have surrounded themselves with always reassure each of the Bromancers that they are god-like beings who are deserving of political dictatorship. This Silicon Valley Mafia of billionaire fools love a good Coup D’Etat or two. Here is how their scheme breaks out:

What the Obama Campaign got out of the scam:
– Over $16B of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. social media and search engine manipulation
to rig voter perception in violation of FEC disclosure laws
– Revolving door jobs
– Super PAC cash financed by The Cartel
– Cash from family trusts, employees and contractors
– Insider trading tips from the Cartel worth tens of millions of dollars
– Actual stock warrants in Google and other Cartel companies
– Huge donations from Cartel financier Goldman Sachs
– The White House itself
– And more…

What the Google Cartel got out of the scam:
– Hundreds of jobs in and around the White House in positions where they could control patents,
government contracts and federal budgets to their advantage
– Revolving door jobs
– Stand-down orders, by the White House, on FTC monopoly investigations
– Federal Reserve decisions which almost exclusively benefited Elon Musk and the Cartel
– Stand-down orders, by the White House, on IRS off-shore tax evasion investigations
– Falsified valuations of their companies for stock market pump-and-dumps
– Stand-down orders, by the White House, on SEC investigations of stock market pump-and-dumps
– Layoffs at NASA which were replaced by hard-wired contracts to The Cartel
– Free federal jet fuel for The Cartel’s private jets
– More White House visits and private meetings than anybody in the U.S.A., including members of
– Stand-down orders, by the White House, on FBI investigations of stock market pump-and-dumps
– Cover-ups and stand-down of a much needed Special Prosecutor, by Eric Holder
– Reduced banking regulation of The Cartel’s accounts
– Stand-down of investigations into Cartel partner Goldman Sachs
– White House supported sabotage, character assassination, stone-walling and targeting of The Cartel’s
– White House sponsored attacks from Gawker Media, Think Progress, Media Matters and In-Q-Tel
against the enemies of the Cartel
– And more…

The Afghanistan War will forever be known as “Obama’s War”. It has never ended and it has cost the U.S. taxpayer over seven trillion dollars in primary and ancillary expenses. There is not much to show for it except a lot of bodies, corruption and not much else.

A company based on crime, driven by crime and existing by corruption does not a bright future make.
Google must be erased from the Earth. Google is digital slavery. We erased that from America. Google is the Polio of society. We erased that from America.

Every American that wants to live free in America must dedicate themselves to shutting Google down.

My editors and I have sent this article to the FBI, FTC, SEC, CFTC, GAO, Congressional leaders and ask their representatives for a comment on both the article and the demands for the prosecution of Google executives. More on that, and Carl, in the next part of this article series.