Google is Attempting to kill off patent protection for U.S. inventors –

Google funded a program to change U.S. patent laws to prevent inventors from collecting the money that Google owes them for stealing their products. Google put it’s lawyer in control of the U.S. Patent Office.


Former Google executive to run U.S. patent office | Reuters

Dec 11, 2013 … Former Google Inc executive Michelle Lee has been named deputy director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and will run the

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Does the Googler tapped to run the US Patent Office still believe in …

Oct 27, 2014 … Analysis The nomination of former Google lawyer Michelle Lee to run the US Patent and Trademark Office has been hailed as a victory for …

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Google just filed a patent to run elections in its search results

Feb 17, 2016 … Google just filed a patent to run elections in its search results … campaigns in search [United States Patent and Trademark Office via QZ].

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Former Google lawyer Michelle Lee will run the US patent office

Mar 10, 2015 … It’s official: after four months of waiting, former Google legal counsel Michelle Lee has been confirmed as the head of the US Patent and …

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Obama Picks Ex-Google Lawyer to Head Patent Office – Wired

Oct 17, 2014 … Obama Picks Ex-Google Lawyer to Head Patent Office … Although Lee has been running the office, the Obama administration previously …

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Innovators skeptical of Obama push for patent reform –

Mar 9, 2016 … President Barack Obama’s support for patent law changes called for by … Google wants still more complex and restrictive requirements, which …

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Google Patent Purchase Promotion terms – what are they? – The …

May 19, 2015 … The Google Patent Purchase Promotion terms are not favorable to sellers. … so that Google has the opportunity to review and buy whichever it wants. … If Google accepts, you can’t change the price, even if you’ve realized the …

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Will the New Patent Law Kill the Garage Inventor and Startup?

Nov 21, 2013 … Recent changes in U.S. patent law have led to a steady erosion in the rights of … of the America Invents Act included Apple, Microsoft and Google – all of which …. The 6 Books Shark Tank’s Daymond John Wants You to Read.

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Patent Reform and CFO Considerations: Views from Google

Nov 09, 2015 · As intellectual property (IP) strategy and corporate strategy become more closely linked in the information economy, the debate around how to reform the …

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Google collects patents while lobbying against them – IPWatchdog …

May 3, 2015 … But to be polite, the Google view of patents seems hyper-nuanced. …. during 2014 even though changes in law made by the America Invents Act …. created uncertainty in the patent acquisition/licensing market, they’re trying to

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Google wants to change patent law – News from IT

Google wants to change patent law. Multithreaded dispute between Apple and Samsung shows us how badly constructed is the American patent law. Google is …

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Microsoft and Google Want to Change Patent Law – The Cheat Sheet

Jul 15, 2013 … The battlefield on which major companies are embroiled in patent disputes may be seeing some changes soon.

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How Google Renewed Its Fight Against Patent Trolls | Motherboard

Aug 4, 2015 … Google bought 28 percent of all “relevant” patents from “thousands” of … any patent, which is pretty much pocket change in the patent litigation world” … said Jason Schultz, director of Technology & Policy Clinic at NYU Law.

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