‘-Hackers hacking Tesla to eavesdrop, manipulate GPS, make batteries blow up and generally screw with the car: Most easily hackable car in the world.

Hackers hacking Tesla to eavesdrop, manipulate GPS, make batteries blow up and generally screw with the car: Most easily hackable car in the world.

Elon MUsk is well known to have told a reporter, that he was battling with, that he has technology built into every Tesla so he can spy on each car at will. This revelation was part of his undoing. 4Chan, and the hacker crowd, took this as an open invitation to target the Tesla for “opportunity testing”.

Hackers have found that, like the back-doors in Cisco routers: One person’s keyhole is a hackers trap door.

Top hackers will tell you (AND SHOW YOU) that there is nothing they can’t break into if it is on a network.

Hackers have already hacked the Tesla in many ways: listening to users conversations in the vehicle, changing GPS routes and, according to the darker hackers, even changing the BMS (Battery Management System) to overload and too quickly overcharge the batteries and make them explode.. nasty!

Most hackers claim to hack in order to “demonstrate security vulnerabilities for rapid repair”. many of them do it, though, to impress their friends with how spooky at level they can attain.

As any glance at contemporary news coverage will show you, once a system is hacked, it is pretty near impossible to go back and stop it.

The software upgrade and remotely surveillance technology that Tesla built into it’s cars, according to one “expert hacker” can be “opened by any capable 14 year old.”

Tesla needs to either pull all of the remote surveillance technology out of their cars or fully inform the owners of the risks

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