How big a failure was Steven Chu’s DOE car Program?

How big a failure was Steven Chu’s DOE car Program?

Actually they produced the worst, most failed, domestic jobs and technology program in history.

Chu has his people give out the party line: “It wasn’t that much of a failure” That is total BS!

Here are the facts:

There were no car companies planning to make new cars.

Then the feds said:
“Please make new cars and jobs and new American companies, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil, here is the first outside-the-system money in history to do it”

Then HUNDREDS of new car companies were started, or expanded, because Steven Chu pitched them to apply.
Then Detroit and pre-wired “winners’ John Doeer/Fisker and Eric Schmidt/Tesla said: “Make our guys the only winners and turn down all of our competitors because we pay your campaign bills”.

Then all of the other applicants were put on permanent no-response basis until they went out of business, or had their applications fudged with, and other, now-proven, blockade techniques that Chu’s people engaged in.

The arbitrary cut-off of every other applicant has been shown to be sweeping, secretive, arbitrary, contrived by Chu’s inside team, and so abusively and harassingly overbroad as to imply the breaking of constitutional law.

Tesla’s Marketing lead, Siry, wrote about part of it in his Wired article: “How DOE stifles innovation”. The investor and VC market has never funded car companies and never will. They have said so. Chu had the chance to move the market forward and he dangled his carrot, got a sideways offer and jerked his carrot back under the rock.

Targeting of IRS or DOE applicants; special selection of IRS or DOE applicants; manipulating IRS, embassy, or AP documents; and all of the process issues in the current Washington scandals are proving the process is tried and true. The AP Scandal, The IRS Scandal, The Benghazi Scandal and the Military sex Scandal are all about things a certain bunch of people knew about, hid, rigged the system to not get caught and then got caught. In the internet world, nobody can hide again. Chu and his crew are now getting caught and his handler is now, clearly, a senior person on the Hill.

In destroying every competitor to Detroit and Tesla/Fisker, the program was a big success. In helping America, the program was one of the biggest failures in history.

If you are a Republican: Chu cost America jobs and it’s national security position. If you are a Democrat: Chu cost America clean energy and the electric car industry. Either way, Chu screwed you!

Danny Coi
Washington Research Group
Washington- DC

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