How Google bribed White House to hire all of Google’s people

“If you fill the hen house up with your own weasels, then you can be certain that only your vermin get to steal all of the eggs.”
Google and it’s vast array of shell companies, trusts, family funds, associates, contracting LLC’s, PAC’s and other stealth drop-box holdings has been handed over a trillion dollars of your tax money as government gifts and hand-outs.
Probably because Google gave the largest campaign financing to the Obama administration, in history, and Google’s own staff and friends run a large part of The White House and federal agencies. From Google’s Steven Chu at DOE to Google’s Michelle Lee at USPTO to hundreds more; they all exclusively handed Google trillions of taxpayer dollars and shut out all of Google’s competitors. This is a felony set of crimes but, until we get a new administration in Washington, nobody is getting arrested….yet!

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