Silicon Valley ‘Big Tech’ , mostly gay, oligarchs buy most of the K Street election manipulation services in Washington, DC and rig every election they can get their grimey hands on.


Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings donates $1.1 BILLION – 40% of his ownership stake – to Silicon Valley charity popular with tech billionaires because it gives them tax breaks and shields them with privacy

Hastings made the donation to Silicon Valley Community Foundation after his Netflix stock surged following a strong earnings report.


Paul Pelosi Jr. manages to dodge federal charges for the SEVENTH time after two fraudsters are set to be sentenced in money laundering and fraud scheme involving ‘flop house’ linked to former House Speaker’s son

Nancy Pelosi's son Paul Pelosi Jr. dodges federal charges for the SEVENTH time after being

Two fraudsters linked to Nancy Pelosi’s son are set to be sentenced over a money laundering and mail fraud scheme, can reveal. It is the seventh federal case that Paul Pelosi Jr., the 55-year-old son of the former House Speaker, has been embroiled in, documented in an extensive investigation by The charges leveled by federal prosecutors against fraudsters Bill Garlock and Gina Rodriguez, include shady dealings over a San Francisco flop house that Pelosi Jr. claimed to own. The latest law enforcement bust on the real estate dealers linked to Pelosi Jr. has led financial crime experts to question why Nancy’s son avoided indictment himself – even after he was identified by documents reviewed by as paying bribes to get building permits on his Mission District flop house.


Protection racket! Squad member Cori Bush is under criminal investigation by the DOJ for ‘misusing funds meant for private security’ – after she married one of her bodyguards

Squad's Cori Bush says she's endured 'relentless threats' to her safety but DENIES

Squad progressive Rep. Cori Bush is under investigation by the Justice Department for allegedly misusing government funds meant for private security. Punchbowl News first reported that DOJ is conducting the criminal probe into Bush.  On Monday, the Justice Department subpoenaed the House Sergeant at Arms for records related to the misuse of federal security montey.

Rage against the machine: Americans warn Elon Musk to ‘stop creating cyborgs’ after Tesla billionaire revealed his first Neuralink chip has been implanted in a HUMAN brain

Many of the billionaire’s 170 million followers on X, formerly Twitter, accused him of ‘mind control’, creating ‘cyborgs’, and even ‘playing God’.