How the West Wing Crumbled and How to Fix it

How the West Wing Crumbled and How to Fix it

fellowshipThis is just a theory, based on evidence to date that anybody can research:

A group of Chicago businessmen (No, not Al-Capone-like mobsters! Chicago “Businessmen”)  saw a great orator, a mind that could instantly conjure a response to any question and a previously expressed predilection for utopian society concepts that the majority of the voters would think was “neat, at first blush. On top of that he had a built in unique marketing angle: He was black.

So Bill Daley (“The Boss”), Rahm Emanual (“The Godfather”), Valerie Jarret (“The Handler”), Robert Gibbs (“The Mouth”), Steve Rattner (“The Bagman”) went to (“The Backers”) who were up the road at the Detroit UAW, across the road in the Silicon Valley VC offices and over the pond in the Russian Oligarchs mansions and cooked up a campaign of epic intrigue. (the whole bunch being known, together, as (“The Bad Boys”). Warren Buffet (“The Outsider”) pokes his head in to keep Rahm on edge, now and then, just like in House of Cards.

The process of “managing” (Keeping Obama in an information bubble of carefully controlled perspectives) their guy was simple:

  • No computers or TV screens in the Oval Office.
  • No news in the Oval Office that Valarie’s people had not “organized”.
  • No meetings with any outsiders that had not been vetted by “The Backers”.
  • Support anything he personally got excited about to get him distracted but never let it move outside the West Wing.
  • Don’t let him surf the web.
  • Don’t let him interact with “uncontrolled” members of the public.
  • Don’t show him GAO, Public Citizen or similar reports that might allow him to figure out what is up.

But alas, all great schemes must come to an end. GAO heads and former staff kept pulling him aside at White House parties and, slowly, the realization that he was being manipulated, dawned on the big guy.

As things started falling apart: Epic DOE funding failures, Epic war failures, Epic Obamacare failures, Epic productivity failures, Epic Benghazi Failure, etc… Obama started to realize he was being taken for a ride. Suddenly there were thousands of news quotes of Obama saying ” he never knew anything was wrong until it was too late”. This is the backfire component of keeping your shill in the dark to prevent “independent thinking”.  All of his top people were Tier 1 political operatives but they were the kind of evil and mercenary Tier 1 political operatives with their own agenda. So he got rid of all of them and cut a deal with Valerie to keep her around if she “behaved”, after all, she had the best Rolodex.

To keep things from getting manipulated again, much lower level, lower Tier staffers were brought in but 1.) they were unable to get up to speed,2.) could not get past the secret deals “The Bad Boys” already had going and 3.) they had a hands-on experience deficit. The new crew was designed to be not-as-smart-as-O and not-as-hooked-in-to-the-Backers in order to keep a take-over from happening again.

Now Michelle and her staff surf the web incessantly and the big guy gets two briefings: An NSA briefing in the morning, in the office, and a snuggle-briefing at night about what is really going on in the rest of the news.

Can the new people disentangle the machinations of the Emanual/Daley empire? Will the Silicon Valley VC’s finally move it from a Chicago-ruled White House to a Silicon Valley- ruled White House? Let’s see.

Of course, this is just a theory. It’s even slipperier, nastier, bigger and better than The House Of Cards, which creates it’s storyline from these actual events. Let’s discuss…

T- Daily Caller


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