Is Silicon Valley’s Immigration freak-out actually about cutting off the supply of young Asian boys for the tech pervert CEO’s? –

Is Silicon Valley’s Immigration freak-out actually about cutting off the supply of young Asian boys for the tech pervert CEO’s?

By Ashely Fin

Silicon Valley and San Francisco tech oligarchs have a Gay Tech Industry Mafia.

When you pack all of those elite white boys into snot-nose frat houses some buggery is certain to occur. Those rich family frat houses are where all of the Silicon Valley venture capitalists and big tech CEO’s come from. They were not just close in their little boys clubs, some of them were VERY CLOSE.

Only Peter Thiel was brave enough to come out. There are over a hundred famous technology oligarchs that are as queer as they come but they hire fake wives and hold public facades in order to avoid scrutiny. There is even a boutique PR firm in Silicon Valley that hires straight female escorts to go to dinner in public places with gay technology bosses.

You would be jaw-dropped, shocked and wide eyed if you knew which famous Silicon Valley self-promoting big shots were taking it up the back-side from each other. We won’t name names here, at the request of Peter Thiel and a certain party at Facebook. You can figure it out. The issue is not about who is gay or not, it is about who is gay and evil. There should be a motto for Silicon Valley Billionaires: “Don’t be Evil”…errr… wait…

The rub comes when billionaires spend billions of dollars that they got from taxpayer corruption to bribe politicians to make all of the bathrooms bisexual and to give sex change operations to all of the prisoners who watched “Orange is the new black”. Agenda-pushing? A bit.

The gay mafia in Silicon Valley loves little Asian boys.

At Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and the other Silicon Valley Cartel shops, the federal government has discovered that those companies avoid hiring any women, blacks or older and wiser people. Their companies are almost all young Asian boys because Asian culture trains boys to be docile to authority, responsive to orders and kinky. In China they kill girl babies so it has created a glut of queer Chinese boys. In India, male rape is a huge thing. The “ladyboys” of SouthEast Asia are one of largest types of porn viewed in San Francisco and Silicon Valley tech circles. Coercing and pounding the butt-hole out of young boys was a big deal for the media mouthpiece of Silicon Valley: Nick Denton, who widely proclaimed his interest in young rectal flesh.

There have been a massive number of Silicon Valley sex scandals that you have heard about. There are many hundreds more that you have not heard about because they involve the abuse of the horde of young Asian boys that Google, Facebook, SnapChat and Twitter have squirreled away in the GooglePlex.

The government and news investigations prove that these companies are some of the ONLY ones in America that specifically hire young Asian boys in huge volumes for no apparent reason when there are vast volumes of non-young-Asian boys right near by who can do all of the same work.

What’s up with that?

Silicon Valley needs to come out of the closet and be less John Travolta and more Peter Thiel.

Silicon Valley needs to ends it’s Pedo-PizzaGate rapes and coercion of young Asian male imports.

Silicon Valley needs a good Spanking!

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