Is there really such a thing as an erroneous corporate Twitter slam?

Is there really such a thing as an erroneous corporate Twitter slam?

In an age where every corporate communication event has 14 to 30 different staff double-checking every communication item, a number of different media monitoring services, and where all corporate email is read, recorded and data harvested for
“employee dissatisfaction trends”; is it really possible that corporate staff and PR accounts are actually sending out “horrible twitter slams” “by accident”?

The reality is, if your corporate brand, media personality or Corporate PR account has over 300,000 actual followers, your big corporation will order a media hit without a second thought.

The MSNBC, and other Twitter incidents actually may have worked like this:

1. “Hey Martha, we see that Twitter account #4 has 650,000 actual (not meat puppet) followers.”

2. “So we are mad at so-and-so and we want you to tweet that he sleeps with goats”

3. “We will then send out the classic “we do not condone such thoughts.. blah, blah, blah disclaimer” and “fire you” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

4. ” Of course your severance package will be 6 times what you would make in 5 years working for us and this immediate golden-parachute is a sure thing.”

5. “So whaddya say?”

6. “The cost of your “severance package” is worth ten times the value of sticking it to so-and so and in two years everybody will have forgetten you did it.”

7. “On top of that, the false controversy it will create, will get our brand name mentioned millions of times. After awhile nobody remembers if you were mentioned for something good or bad, they just remember that you are famous for something”

8. “Mainstream America is so clinically stupid, they fall for it everytime.”

MSNBC, and the rest of the “Accidental Tweet Disaster Follies” learned from the best: Lindsey Lohan and Kim Kardasian: It doesn’t matter how disgusting, low-class, idiotic or lame the thing is you Tweet, as long as it gets “traction”.

If someone famous is about to retire from a company, the PR director will sometimes ask them to leave with an Exit Tweet Slam. Since they are leaving the company anyway, why not?

Lately, the companies do not even name the person that got fired. They can just make up that there was some bad intern or “entry level staffer” who does not exist. Thus saving the cost of the severance package.

Brought to you by the same Hollywood PR spin people who gave you “Rehab”: You can cheat on your wife all you want and take as many drugs as you want as long as, the minute you get caught, you say you are “acknowledging your problem and will enter rehab” where you will hang out in Malibu for two weeks and catch up on your reading while rehab room-service brings you food at the beach. Then, when you “return from Rehab” everybody will say: “oh, that was an unfortunate thing but
look, he went to “Rehab” so he is all fixed now, hooray”.

So feel free to Tweet that this culture, or that political party, eats baby brains. The more horrific; the more free PR.

Twitter doesn’t care. They only follow their own policies selectivly, as proven by the many thousands of prostitutes and escorts openly advertising on Twitter in clear violation of their Terms of Service.

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J-  Daily Caller

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