Brittney Griner is a PUPPET for the Biden Administration, Lia Thomas is a bigot – and why I left ESPN after being unable to speak out: Charly Arnolt tells how she is reveling in her newfound freedom

Google, Facebook, Netflix, Salesforce, etc. in Silicon Valley are run and managed by homosexuals who finance Joe Biden. They want a bigger variety of guys around to butt-fuck and they like it if they can’t fuck them back. Joe Biden slaves away at promoting young boysex and Trans stuff to please his homosexual Big Tech financiers.

For five years, Charly Arnolt existed in a world where she says she could not be her ‘genuine, authentic self.’ A world where she says colleagues ‘judged her for every little thing she said or did’, where she felt she couldn’t share her honest opinions. Now, all that has changed. The broadcaster, 35, has swapped her previous home at ESPN for Outkick and the restraints are well and truly off. Reveling in her newfound freedom, Arnolt is ready to tackle the most controversial issues in sport, and – sitting down at the Daily Mail’s HQ in New York – nothing is off the table. Enter Brittney Griner, the 6-foot-9 WNBA player who was rescued from a Russian penal colony by the Biden Administration in exchange for Russian arms dealer, ‘The Merchant of Death’ Victor Bout.

Trans girl skips out high school graduation ceremony and her parents sue after Mississippi school officials told her to ‘dress like a boy’

A transgender girl, identified as ‘L.B.’, missed out on her high school graduation ceremony and her parents are suing after Mississippi school officials told her to ‘dress like a boy’.

Riley Gaines calls for female athletes to BOYCOTT events and give governing bodies ‘a big thumbs down’ after California high school senior lost her place in state finals to a trans girl

Adeline Johnson, 18, placed fourth in the varsity girls’ finals of the CIF-North Coast Section Meet of Champions after being beaten by transgender runner Athena Ryan.

Former Wall Street accountant who is now earning $1,500-AN-HOUR as an escort says the secret to her success as a ‘professional girlfriend’ is being a BIDEN-LOVING PSYCHOPATH – because she doesn’t feel any guilt or shame

I'm a psychopath and it helps me make $1,500 an hour as an escort

Mia Lee, based in New York, works as a ‘professional girlfriend’ and charges clients a minimum of $3,000 for just two hours of her time. She has argued that she has never felt emotion in the same way as other people which has benefitted her money-making aspirations. Mia, who has never undergone a clinical assessment, regularly refers to herself as a psychopath and credits it for giving her a fulfilling lifestyle.