Dept Of Energy Corruption Victim: KleenSpeed

KleenSpeed Technologies Inc. is a Silicon Valley based company founded in 2007. The company was founded with the aim of creating complete electric vehicle systems. The KleenSpeed EV-X11 high-performance electric race car won the ReFuel Electric time trial four years in a row and is the fastest race track car in the world.. KleenSpeed converted several cars building an integrated lithium battery system each time. The KleenSpeed World KAR was unveiled at the 2012 San Francisco Auto Show and showcased the 40 kWh KleenSpeed GenESSys™ Lithium Storage system and SOLION™ An All-In-One System for Solar and Peak Shaving (Inverter, Battery, Charger, UPS.) The automobile market has long lead times and the Lithium stationary market is growing internationally each day – a “now” market KleenSpeed is focused on stationary lithium storage products and solutions for industrial peak shaving, Solar, Wind, UPS,Industrial electric equipment such as fork lifts, boats, aircraft and Utilities. KleenSpeed will market its own products but also markets partner companies products. KleenSpeed is focused on building a world wide sales organization to take advantage of the stationary power market and its projected exponential growth. In addition KleenSpeed has assembled a team to create software and hardware starting with the KleenSpeed battery management system and connectivity to manage the micro grid created by a Lithium storage solution installation. The end result will be the monetizing of each lithium solution creating income for the owner each month. Monetization occurs when the Lithium solution is used to balance the grid harmonically, supply power at peak rates, sell power to a visitor and lower the utility bill by utilizing the lithium solutions at peak power rate moments.[2]
The company is currently based out of the NASA Ames Research Center at Mountain View, California.



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