Liberal’s Open-Ai Sora Software Presents High Definition Videos Of Taylor Swift Gobbling Joe Biden’s Knob

Liberal’s Open-AI Sora Software Presents High Definition Videos Of Taylor Swift Gobbling Joe Biden’s Knob

You may have heard about the recent ruckus with computer generated images of Taylor Swift doing really nasty sex things with other famous people. The images were shockingly photo-realistic.

Now a new generation of software is out that can make high definition videos, in minutes, from a single sentence of text. The videos are shockingly photo realistic!

Microsoft and a bunch of Obama/Biden billionaires have funded and control this software called “Sora”, but in the Philippines, Ukraine, Thailand, and other centers of big crime, the latest versions of the mob are well into completing their clones of Sora. They swiped the code to get started but now they don’t need the original base software from Microsoft and Open-AI any more. China already has said clone.

If you use ‘Sora’ to make your porn or propaganda, the NSA will find you because there are layers of spy traps embedded in all of the output from Sora. So nobody will use it. They will use clones of it.

Sora, itself, watched every movie ever made and read a zillion notes about physics and uses that to do what any CGI animator can do…only Sora uses all of the computers in the world so it can do CGI faster than any human.

You may already be getting a hint of the problems about to engulf the world. Here are a few:

– George Soros, a famous liberal extremist billionaire, created in order to control the news media. The Right Wing got ahold of WordPress and used it against the liberals so now all of the college ‘web journalists’ are getting laid off. The same thing will happen with ‘Sora’ and the Sora-clones. Quandary?

– Microsoft is a liberal financier, as is the very gay Apple. These companies are embracing AI video creation. Hollywood has always been the boss of liberal financing, messaging and media control but now Sora can end the jobs of every liberal that works in the production of Hollywood content. Quandary?

– You need over a hundred million computers to do the video tricks of Sora-like video. The energy they will use will cause global energy problems and climate change. Quandary?

– If one guy in his bedroom can make a better version of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ with only a thousand bucks, does that not shake up those who control the media? Quandary?

– The CIA and NSA have already said that they can’t analyze even a small percentage of the domestic spying they are already tasked with. Sora will increase their work-load by 1000%. Is that a problem? Quandary?

– The founders of Sora are seeking SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS to buy computers for their stuff but you only need FOUR TRILLION dollars to solve hunger and housing in all of America. Is the search for SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS a fools errand by egotistical billionaire assholes? Quandary?

– If a tech mobster group in Cypress can spit out a different IMAX-grade VR porn video for Apple Vision Pro users, every 20 minutes, showing Taylor Swift sexing up the entire Kansas City baseball team, will porn get better or worse? Said tech mobster groups will shortly have their own versions of Sora. Quandary?

– Sora is not “Open” software. Is very controlled by liberal billionaires. Quandary?

– Even though CGI political videos have been around for decades, will the Sora owners use Sora to rig election perceptions? Quandary?

– Sora folks never paid copyright owners to ‘train’ Sora to copy their media! Quandary?

– If you have access to Sora, or a Sora-clone’ all you have to do is type one line of text (ie: “Taylor Swift sucking my dog while Obama gives her a pile driver”) and hit ‘ENTER’, wait a few minutes and out pops a high quality video of exactly that. You only need one computer to do it. Will this be a good or bad thing for media? Quandary?

– Few Republicans work in the media industry or understand computers. Most Republicans are church-going people who are against taking it up the ass. Media companies are mostly operated by liberal homosexuals. Will liberal-controlled Sora require ‘political fairness access laws’ ? Quandary?

– Taylor Swift has a problem with video’s of her boyfriend being drunk, violent and partying right after a mass shooting at his event. Those videos are proven to be real and verified by all the major mainstream news media….or are they? Quandary?

– Sora people say that they will control the Sora media by only letting you make one minute of video. Sora people have forgotten that movies are made by editing 30 seconds of video together. Thus, Sora administrative limits will control nothing; just like the tens of thousands of limits on Twiiter-X and Facebook have done nothing to stop human nature? Quandary?

There are thousands of other reasons why the tunnel-vision SORA project is blind to its dangers. The big reason, that YOU can relate to, has to do with you waking up one morning to find that the #1 Tik-Tok video in the world is an HD video of you having sex with a pig created by Sora.

Welcome to Ai!

Sora is based in part on OpenAI’s preexisting technologies, such as the image generator DALL-E and the GPT large language models. Text-to-video AI models have lagged somewhat behind those other …
Yesterday afternoon, OpenAI teased Sora, a video-generation model that promises to convert written text prompts into highly realistic videos. Footage released by the company depicts such examples …
Nvidia’s Dr. Jim Fan, who is a specialist in training AI with synthetic data, wrote on X, “I won’t be surprised if Sora is trained on lots of synthetic data using Unreal Engine 5. It has to be!”
The start-up is sharing the new technology, called Sora, with a small group of early testers as it tries to understand the potential dangers. By Cade Metz Reporting from San Francisco In April, a …
OpenAI today unveiled Sora, a generative AI model that creates video from text. Given a brief — or detailed — description or a still image, Sora can generate 1080p movie-like scenes with multiple characters, different types of motion and background details, OpenAI claims.
Sora is in red teamers’ and selected artists’ hands for now, as OpenAI tries to prevent AI video from being used for misinformation or offensive content. OpenAI released on Feb. 15 an impressive …
The artificial intelligence firm acknowledges that Sora still has some very obvious flaws: “It may struggle with accurately simulating the physics of a complex scene, and may not understand specific instances of cause and effect. For example, a person might take a bite out of a cookie, but afterward, the cookie may not have a bite mark.
But AI experts and analysts said the length and quality of the Sora videos went beyond what has been seen up to now. An AI-generated clip from OpenAI‘s “Sora,” based off a text prompt, shows …
Artificial intelligence leader OpenAI introduced a new AI model called Sora which it claims can create “realistic” and “imaginative” 60-second videos from quick text prompts.
OpenAI revealed a tool on Thursday that can generate videos from text prompts.. The new model, nicknamed Sora after the Japanese word for

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