Soros LinkedIn And Censors Presidential Candidate Who Says Fossil Fuels ‘Required For Prosperity’

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LinkedIn, whose founder Reid Hoffman funded a ‘Russian bot’ hoax against GOP candidate Roy Moore & underwrote Trump accuser E. Jean Carrol’s lawsuit, has locked the account of GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy for expressing “fact-based views as a presidential candidate about climate policy and Biden’s relationships with China.”

Big Tech election interference has begun,” tweeted Ramaswamy, who included correspondence from LinkedIn regarding the decision.

Note that the third strike is for claiming that the “climate agenda is a lie” and that “fossil fuels are a requirement for human prosperity.”

“Two years ago, Big Tech censored people who argued that we shouldn’t close schools for Covid,” he said in a separate tweet. “Now they’re censoring presidential candidates for arguing that fossil fuels are required for prosperity. They didn’t censor me because it’s false. They censored me because it’s true…”

When it comes to the left, as usual, speech for me, but not for thee…

Class Action Legal Firms Urged To Sue WordPress for

Censorship and Fraud For Political Blog Deletions

By Andrew Oscar, Special to Law 360

Class action litigation firms have found that they have a ready class of tens of thousands of disgruntled WordPress users who had their life’s work maliciously destroyed by WordPress, without warning, because WordPress found Conservative or Anti-Hillary material on their blogs.

WordPress is a global publishing software tool used by millions. WordPress and their boss, Matt, are naive, millennial left-wing media fascists. They have been indoctrinated, by Silicon Valley social media, to believe that anything that does not support the ideologies that bring crony political profits to the leftist venture capitalists of Silicon Valley must be destroyed.

The biggest problem is that WordPress exploited and advertised it’s offerings as a “free and open publishing platform” and defrauded millions of users into thinking that WordPress was telling the truth about that. These defrauded users invested years of their time and money into building their WordPress blogs, marketing them, building impressions and viewers and uploading their carefully created content, images, videos and other materials to their sites.

In reality, WordPress bosses actually saw their platform as a source of free labor to create a wall of hype for the Obama and Clinton Presidential campaigns. Any blog that did not target that goal was deleted under the most mercurial and “faked-up” arbitrary terms of service interpretations and false rationalizations in history. Vast numbers of users woke to find all of their sites deleted and the “red banner of death” pasted across their dashboards by WordPress.

An alliance of WordPress users has been sending a joint response letter to WordPress and received no reply from WordPress:

"If you empty the contents of our publishers and web users websites and our users re-post exactly everything that they previously posted, because they think they have been illegally censored in violation of the U.S. and California State Constitutions, will you attack and kill those websites again because some posters used the same words?"

"If we re-post the United States Constitution on every one of the WordPress sites using SCRIBEFIRE or WP Manage or Other Multi-Site posting efficiency software will you attack and kill the sites again because "Duplicate content" can be found on each site?"

"Do you consider duplicate postings of the United States Constitution to be "Spam"?"

"Do you consider duplicate news stories that cover felony crimes by financiers of WordPress to be "Spam"?" “Are you helping to cover up a crime?”

"Do you consider duplicate news stories that you do not agree with to be "Spam"?"

Please identify any links or data that you state are “spam”. Please state how you intend to compensate our publishers and their readers for the millions of dollars in damages your coordinated attack on us is costing us?

We have told the DOJ that you are doing this to us because, according to your insiders, at least two of your investors, who have broken the law, ordered a hit-job on us. As a public utility now regulated by the Federal Government, WORDPRESS is breaking the law and violating our rights and breaching our contract. How will you address those issues and damages? As you can see from the attached news stories, in the attached document, you are doing attacks, on orders from VC’s who have been involved in very serious crimes. Are those felons the ones you really want to take the side of?

We have intelligence-level and the most senior-level law enforcement resources and we will find every tax evasion, hooker, illegal corporate expense, campaign financing fraud and other illegal activity that anybody who attacks us has has ever engaged in and report them with ready-to-go case files. We NEVER break the law and we ALWAYS help enforce the law and we ALWAYS get our man. Don’t be a corrupt enemy of ours. Be the good guys. 

Please don’t buy into some orders from a nutball billionaire that is telling you what to do. Do the right thing. Don’t let this escalate into a war that takes out WordPress with epic ( entirely legal ) transparency. You better get an executive decision from Matt so that we all know which way the hammer is going to fall. We report to the FBI and they love it when we help them get a little closer to a new “perp-walk..”

The U.S. Government says that WordPress has achieved monopoly status and must be regulated like a utility that provides equal access to all. WordPress disagrees and says that WordPress can be as anti-Trump as they want because “they are a California company”. Matt Mullenweg, the boss of WordPress, feels that the Freedom of Speech parts of the U.S. Constitution do not apply to him and his raggedy crew of tattooed social justice warrior millennials. 

Matt was told: “…Wordpress gets tax benefits, public access perks, tax shelters, and other financial benefits because it holds itself out as a public interest community service. When the “public interest service” suddenly turns into a mercenary censor of the news on behalf of crooked covert financial backers, it loses all of it’s rights and credibility. We are all volunteers, you have deep pocket tech billionaires pulling the strings in this incident. Who wins on the karma points there? WordPress can suffer the same disclosures that Gawker Media and Enron did, and also disappear, or it can take responsibility for its actions and correct this today before the books, investigative reports, videos, subpeonas, leak docs and other fun items get torrent-ed across the planet. A lawsuit will be the least of your problems…” Matt chose to take the smug approach.

As another blog publisher told us, “all of the WordPress blogs, wiki’s and news sites in question arecompliant with, and protected by,: EU Privacy Rules, SLAPP/ANTI-SLAPP, Creative Commons, Fair Use Doctrine, U.N. Press Freedom Statutes, U.S. First Amendment, Freedom-of-the-Press, International Free Speech Standards, ACLU precedents, EFF precedents, Privacy Rights Rules of Spain, National Journalism Standards and related standards. Freedom of speech and human rights abuses by ISP’s like WordPress should be litigated to the furthest extent of the law by consumer rights groups”

The FCC and Constitutional law experts say that ISP WordPress is violating the law by breaching consumers First Amendment rights and censoring their content, deleting their sites, locking off their importing capability, blocking their search engine visibility and seeking to control publishers exposure to the reading public. Formal complaints against WordPress have now been filed with the U.S. Congress, The Department of Justice and the FCC.

This is a crime against which all should stand. Free speech is the basis of democracy and the hippies and media fascists in the WordPress corporate offices do not get to both run a monopoly and control social thought.

All class action law-firms should feel very comfortable about launching lawsuits against WordPress. The class of users who will join and support those law-suits is growing by the minute.

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TECH CENSORSHIP: WordPress Bans all Conservatives

Geophysicist Who Accurately Predicts Massive Seismic Events


The website of a scientist has been removed from the internet after pushback against him from the leftist academics that dominate the scientific community.

Dutchsinse, a geophysicist who does meteorology reporting, had some choice words for those who shut him down.

“Liberals (democrats in the USA) are book burning freaks. Just sayin’. And while you’re at it, STHU with your bullshit responses about Trump too.. I’m not a republican you effing morons. You really overstepped your censorship boundaries today assholes,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Oddly enough, Dutchsinse was de-platformed just before a major earthquake rocked the Pacific near Indonesia and Fiji. In June, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos’ leftist blog, The Washington Post, called the scientist’s reports of an active volcano eruption in Guatemala “fake news,” just before the volcano erupted, killing 62.

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Big League Politics reported:

A weatherman who predicted the volcanic eruption in Guatemala that has killed 25 and injured hundreds was maligned as “fake news” by Jeff Bezos’ blog, The Washington Post, just before the tragedy.

“We issued a direct warning for Guatemala and Fuego for the past 2 days…. when the M4.0 struck along the flanks of Fuego after weeks of silence,” said a scientist who goes by Dutchsinse. “Here is the warning we issued yesterday, (the day before the blast).”

But Jeff Bezos’ blog discredited the Dutchsinse just last week:

“Some of you may know I was added to the “fake news” list released by the Washington Post newspaper, and which was promoted around the world as fact,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

The only reasonable explanation for Dutchsinse’s eradication from the scientific community is that he does not fall in line and subscribe to leftist ideology. It does not matter to the political left that Dutchsinse only reports on the weather. What matters to them is that his politics do not align with theirs.

Thus, he must be shut down.