Now That TPP is law, all big American Companies are moving their jobs to Mexico

U.S. To Lose tens of millions of jobs because of TPP

Watch 1,400 US workers learn their jobs are moving to Mexico

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carrier employees laid off

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A crowd of Carrier manufacturing workers erupted into anger Wednesday as they learned their plant was being relocated to Monterrey, Mexico.

Carrier, an Indianapolis-based heating, ventilation and air conditioning company owned by United Technologies, announced in a statement on Wednesday that the plant would undergo a three-year transition to Mexico starting in 2017.

A man identified as company president Chris Nelson was recorded on camera delivering the news to a large crowd of employees, who reacted with jeers and obscenities.

One person can be seen walking out of the meeting.

At one point, Nelson pleads with the crowd to quiet down so he can continue with the statement, saying “I’ve got information that’s important to share as part of the transition.”

Carrier employs roughly 1,400 people. There will be no immediate impact on jobs, according to local ABC affiliate RTV6.

“I want to be clear — this is strictly a business decision,” Nelson continued, drawing another round of boos.

“This was an extremely difficult decision. It was made most difficult because I understand that it will have an impact on all of you, your families, and the community.”



Carrier is one of two United Technologies plants to announce a move to Mexico — the corporation announced on the same day it would also be moving a plant in Huntington, Indiana. The closing will eliminate about 700 jobs from the city in northeastern Indiana, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Shortly after the news broke, Indianapolis mayor Joe Hogsett said he would issue an executive order to help the workers affected by the move.

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By on January 15, 2016


Ford will announce plans early this year to build a new plant in Mexico, Reuters reported Thursday. The $1.5 billion plant will produce 350,000 cars annually and could eventually produce the new Focus after production of that car leaves Ford’s Wayne, Michigan plant in 2018.

Ford didn’t comment on the report.

Reuters said Mexican officials with knowledge of the facility confirmed that the plant would be built in the state of San Luis Potosi.


BMW announced in 2014 that it would build a new plant in the Mexican state by 2019, and engine-maker Cummins already has a factory there.

Ford has several facilities in Mexico where it makes cars and trucks including its Fiesta and heavy-duty trucks.

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    I think NAFTA alone would be sufficient. Free trade agreements, BS H-1B work visas, etc., American workers cannot compete at a decent wage with the 2nd and 3rd world–throw automation and AI in the mix, and the long-term job outlook for all US workers looks dim.

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    Right, so you would rather the UAW not exist and have the jobs go to ‘Murricans in Alabama for the same wages? The UAW and other units exist to help the workers. Of course there are shady people associated with them, but the companies have plenty of goons in the private sector as well as in all levels of government to support their money grabs. If a person in the USA can’t afford the products for sale, even if they are made in Mexico or China, then the economy has failed. It isn’t the UAW destroying the country despite what you may believe.

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      That all came from your brain, not my comment.

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      there is one significant difference you seem to not get.
      The company is a business and owned.
      The employees are just that…hired workers.
      To not know the basic difference and to attempt to position the employee as important as the company is nonsense.
      Although companies have, can and do misuse and abuse power and employees…there is still that difference.

      And…although it sounds strange to you, unions DO misuse their own members. Unions, like government programs, gain a life and self sustaining goal of their own. The live to be. And their growth becomes the goal.
      They begin to exist for themselves. The power and the money takes control.

      To think not is again…nonsense.

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    I, for one, think this is great! NAFTA has done more good for Americans than it has done harm and building this assembly plant in Mexico effectively prevents any meddling and interference by the UAW.

    I’m surprised the NLRB hasn’t been called in to action by the UAW to obstruct Ford from doing this.

    Then again, after the last labor negotiations between the UAW and Ford, who didn’t see this coming?

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      The NLRB only intervenes to prevent jobs from being created in RTW states. They’re quite happy to see jobs leave the US.

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