Many have suspected that Obama was placed in power by Chicago crony’s who wanted to control government policy to their own ends.

Indeed, Obama’s own handwritten letter to his brother-in-law seems to confirm this. It was always thought that Chicago crony’s: Blogoyavitch, Emanual, Axelrod, Daly and Gibbs came to Obama, for his public speaking skills and talked him into a plan to, first, get trained in Chicago and then go for the “Big House”. Obama’s handwritten letter seems to lend extreme credence to this theory. His letter says he was talked into his role, in his own hand-wring.

Blogoyavitch, Emanual, Axelrod, Daly and Gibbs did turn out to be the architects if the “CleanTech Scam”, TARP, The “Detroit Bail Out” and other schemes which all went sideways.

The highly entrepreneurial Blogoyavitch went to prison for Obama position-related corruption. Their intermediary: White House Car Czar Steven Rattner was indicted for securities fraud. All the rest got jobs in the White House and then suddenly quit, for no apparent reason. Some saw they had to bail out when confronted by investigators.

With all of the current leaks, opening the darkest doors of power and exposing the roots of corruption, it is amazingly ironic that one of the most interesting leaks comes from Obama’s own family.