(WORLD NEWS) The Shill Bloggers Who Write rigged stories on Corrupt Tesla Motors

We have received a number of emails from readers who are disclosing reporters who are “shills”.

A “shill” is a reporter who writes a story that is unusually favorable to another party when all of the current forensic, law enforcement, majority media, public disclosure and evidence says the opposite.

These reporters are compensated by the car company’s IR Department, PR contractors, founders, VC and banking groups with either cash, discounts, tickets, jobs, advertising contracts, sex workers, meals, travel and/or political access.

Please send us your disclosures of which reporters are trying to spin the story to help cover up the truth:

Andrea K. says- “Max Greenberg at Media Matters is a Tesla Punch Drinker”

Paul T. Says- “John Volker at Green Car Reports is a 100% cheerleader and never covers negatives”.

Angie H says- “Tamara Rutter on Motley Fool seems to be obviously in bed with these guys”.

Pam K writes- “Most everybody at the San Jose Mercury News writing about Tesla specifically avoids discussing or investigating any of the issues that have come to light. The owners must be friends with Musk.”

Rogers L.- “On CNN Paul Lamonica is very biased on Tesla and never discusses the sour news facts on them.”

Barnie writes- “John Rosevear at the Fool shows that he is a fool for shilling for Tesla”

Embry writes- “Think Progress pretty much works for Tesla”

Carl says- “Leilani Munter AKA Carbon Free Girl posts as a blogger but is a shill for Tesla”

Sam J. provides- “Kevin Bullis at MIT Technology Review is so obviously working for Tesla in his shill reporting of them!”