From Russia with Poison
Russian Special Services now have hundreds of ways to kill you and make it look like a heart attack
Bottom line: Don’t piss off Putin.
From the time U.S. Senator Frank church showed Congress an electric pistol that fired ice bullets that melted into invisibility and carried aquatic fish toxins to give a sudden heart attack that could never be detected as murder, the spy business has gotten bizarre.
The Russians are experts at undetectable murder.
They can shoot you with quick-melt ice bullets, or high speed air jets, that carry poison. They can get ahold of your pharmacy perscription and coat your Claritan allergy pills with slow acting poison so that YOU end up killing yourself for them. They can also coat those same bills with Dopamine or SSR modifiers that make you decide to commit suicide.
They can find out when you are going to take your shower and inject toxins in the cold water line at just the right moment. Your skin is the largest digestive organ in your body. Shower heart attacks are now, highly, suspect. Conspiracy theorists often rant that Andrew Brietbart, the notorious blogger, was “murdered” this way.
They have CO2 jets hidden in rolled up newspapers, carried by agents  on commuter trains, that spray a puff of air in your face that carries a gas that makes your heart stop.
Your yoghurt can be spiked to give you kidney failure. A microscopic bit of plutonium can be put in your tea. Once discovered, these poisonings are almost impossible to counter-measure. Death is slow and painful. These tactics are reserved for those that are really disliked.
The latest technology uses targeted microwaves and electromagnetic bursts to, literally, short circuit the pumping system of your heart. The devices that can do this are no larger than a cigarette pack.
An agent can also just be moving down the middle of a crowded subway train and say “excuse me” as he touches your shoulder and waist for half a second. In that half a second he fired 10,000 volts through you, from a capacitor belt he was wearing, and you fell over, silently dead.
The Russians are constantly trying to use radios, cell phones and IPODs to pump a high frequency audio signal, to you, to make your autonomic nervous system implode by using your own electronics against you. The U.S. FDA and British retail associations just approved electronic brain zapping devices to cure headaches, make you happy, stop migraines and reduce schizophrenia. Since this proves that electricity can cause radical brain modifications, the Russians went on to take it up a notch by creating systems to hack your computer, smart TV or anything in your bedroom to make it overload frequencies to your brain while you are sleeping.
The U.S. has the MEDINT group, revealed by THE INTERCEPT, which does the same thing to bad guys and British GCHQ can wipe out a Syrian bad guy immigrant with the same technology from two buildings away. Everybody is doing it.
The great concern, these days, is that some groups are mounting these systems on disposable drones. Besides the notorious YouTube videos, by the teenage Russian gun collector, showing hobbyist drones with working machine guns on them, the heart attack drones are the most troubling because they are just launched and left to go find their way based on GPS and cell tower triangulation. They are autobot remote killing machines and very nasty. They need no remote operator standing there wiggling his little joystick around.
When someone important suddenly has a “heart attack”, forensic medical experts, now, do deeper blood and tissue sampling to look for the almost impossible-to- detect signatures of the Soviet kill-tech.
For these reasons, Snowden can be expected to be on his best behavior while in Russia. It is just never a good idea to get the Putin steamed. The U.S. has Silicon Valley. The Russians have Silicon Death Alley.