San Francisco Residents Seem To Hate Google


Recently the San Francisco Board of Supervisors revisited San Francisco’s new “Commuter Shuttle Program”, which regulates Google’s shuttle buses, commonly known as “Google buses.” The new legislation faced a massive out-cry, from the public opponents of the elitist shuttles which allow Google to import foreign workers, and naive college students, to house them in San Francisco while making them work in far away Silicon Valley.

The rich Google bosses do want their foreign workers in their “high-end” white towns of Palo Alto, Woodside and Atherton, near where they live, and where Google is located. Google bosses make so much money that they are ashamed to even state their salaries out-loud, as shown in the famous recent televised investigation in Britain’s government investigations of Google. ( )Their H1-B workers make far less and they have brown skin, both of which are frowned upon in the fraternity-based class system of Woodside, where most Google bosses live.

In an amazing irony, even though Google was the primary campaign financier of a black President of the USA, they allow almost no blacks to live in their hometowns or work at Google.

Quite a large number of voters oppose Google’s “privacy rape” of the public, and their misogynist anti-women, ageist and anti-black hiring practices. The public continues to voice it’s disdain for these white, yuppie, self-centered buses that are too ashamed of who they work for to put their logos on their vehicles. San Franciscan’s state that these shuttles are bad for commuters, bad for pedestrians, damage the economy, expand political corruption, harm our environment, not to mention they increase traffic congestion.

San Franciscan’s do not want Google buses operating in the Bay Area until Google has proven, beyond argument, that it has hired the same number of black, female and over 30 workers as are present in the San Francisco Bay Area. They also want Google to sign a sworn guarantee that it will not operate in violation of anti-trust laws or of ACLU privacy rights standards. Most San Francisco residents say that Google is welcome to bring their buses in if they can prove that they have met these standards.

In public flyer’s, San Franciscans Complain That Google Buses Hurt Their Community In The Following Ways:

*** Per government investigations and public surveillance at bus stops, almost no women are hired by these companies
*** Per government investigations and public surveillance at bus stops, almost almost no blacks are hired by these companies
*** Per government investigations and public surveillance at bus stops, almost nobody over 30 and certainly nobody over 40 is hired by these companies in order to keep their “Frat House” culture “pure”.
*** Per filed lawsuits, these companies abuse workers, psychologically manipulate young naive people with Google “mindfulness classes” and “group alignment thinking training” not unlike Scientology, fire workers who question the party line, sexually abuse and pressure interns and young workers for sexual services, have been murdered by prostitutes, promise workers upside that they know does not exist and spy on their own workers.
*** These buses support massive public privacy and data harvesting for nefarious purposes.
*** These buses represent and encourage corruption and organized crime by bribing Mayoral, Supervisor and Department bosses with cash, expense payments, revolving door job promises, stock warrants, sexual services providers, Super Bowl tickets, Super Bowl party invitations, Box seats at sporting events, free Internet search engine up-ranking and hundreds of other “unjust gain” payola bribes which only benefit the elected officials of San Francisco and hurt the public by expanded corruption. The owners of these companies are under international anti-trust, corruption, monopoly and bribery investigations and have been publicly charged, by the heads of multiple nations as: “Digital Mobsters!”
*** The plain white buses are offensive to many people from the Jewish Culture because they are reminiscent of the mass transportation of Jews, via generic buses with no logos, to death camps. In light of the covert intent of these buses and the mass harvesting of bay area youth via HR programming, members of the community demand that the buses carry their corporate logos in large graphics, visible from over a block away, as every other bus does.
*** Commuters are forced to funnel around the buses and, in a dense-pack city, this causes horrific traffic jams. For example, the Google buses, DAILY, create havoc by funneling, already congested Divisadaro Street Traffic near Fulton and “Gas Station Valley” into a complete shut-down of the flow of traffic when the Google bus cuts off the entire right hand lane. These buses are a menace.
*** The driver turn-over is high and pedestrians are often not seen in time, by the novice bus drivers who do not know every intersection and pedestrian walkway. This creates a life-threatening danger for the many pedestrians in the City and simply adds more potential vehicles to hit pedestrians.
*** A waiting bus uses a tremendous amount of energy, space and emits a variety of toxins.
*** The Buses have encouraged City of San Francisco employees and contractors to lie to the public in order to get their bribes. By lying to the public and manipulating data in order to please their handlers, they are doing the same thing that Google does when it lies to the public to sucker them in with “free stuff” then data harvests them, and lies about how they use the data to please their handlers. Two wrongs do not make a right!
*** Google and Facebook try to get the cheapest labor they can get and import foreigners into the area to displace residents jobs. These companies have spent more money lobbying to get cheap foreign labor into the area, than most other domestic companies combined. It is inconceivable that Commuter Shuttle Program administrators would find this to be a positive feature for the economy of San Francisco residents unless those Commuter Shuttle Program administrators were being bribed to say that.

The citizens group known as CALIFORNIA IS NOT FOR SALE, located at , says that the Bay Area must not longer be harvested by covert corporate interests who only wish to exploit crony kickbacks from voter tax dollars.

They say that companies, that these generic painted buses deliver the drone-like workers to, have the (federally documented) lowest hiring numbers of American, female, experienced over-30 and black workers in the Nation, yet they get the largest free taxpayer hand-outs in America.

Many believe that San Francisco politicians are paid bribes by Google and Facebook to run these buses. The only people that seem to benefit, in San Francisco, are The Mayor and San Francisco’s new Commuter Shuttle Program executives when they get their campaign funding, golf memberships and free dinners at The Westin. Many, after they get out of City Hall, have been promised payola kick-back “revolving door” jobs in Silicon Valley with the very companies running these buses. Some see these promised payola jobs as “BRIBES!” which are felonies!