New Jersey journalist is shocked to see his crashed Tesla show up in UKRAINE after logging into app and discovering new owner was playing Drake on his Spotify account

CNBC executive Jay Yarow tracked the car’s location on his Tesla mobile app and discovered it was around 125 miles from the war-torn city of Kherson.

New Jersey journalist is shocked to see his crashed Tesla show up in UKRAINE after logging into navigation system and discovering new owner was playing Drake on his Spotify account

  • CNBC executive Jay Yarow tracked the car’s location on his Tesla mobile app 
  • He discovered it was around 125 miles from the war-torn city of Kherson
  • He’s one of several Tesla owners who’ve found their junked cars in Ukraine

CNBC executive Jay Yarow was able to track the car’s location on his Tesla mobile app and discovered it was around 125 miles from the war-torn city of Kherson.

‘Here’s an unusual situation. I had a Tesla, crashed it, it was totaled. And now it’s… in Ukraine? And someone there is listening to Drake on my, still logged in, Spotify account,’ Yarow tweeted on Thursday.

His Tesla is one of several which previous owners have traced to Ukraine after they were totaled in the USA. It’s thought many wrecked vehicles are auctioned off by insurance companies and snapped up by buyers in the country who repair them.

CNBC executive Jay Yarow was able to track his totaled Teslas's location on a mobile app and discovered it was around 125 miles from the war-torn city of Kherson

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CNBC executive Jay Yarow was able to track his totaled Teslas’s location on a mobile app and discovered it was around 125 miles from the war-torn city of Kherson

Yarow's Tesla is one of several which previous owners have traced to Ukraine after they were totaled in the USA

Yarow’s Tesla is one of several which previous owners have traced to Ukraine after they were totaled in the USA

Others have also turned up in Belarus, which shares a border with Ukraine.

Wrecked Teslas can fetch upwards of $10,000 on auction websites, which are used by mechanics to find vehicles they can repair for a profit or salvage for parts.

The websites are popular in some Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, where makes like Tesla are harder to buy.

Yarow, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor for CNBC Digital, didn’t say when he crashed the car.

The map showed it close to Kryvyi Rih, a city in central Ukraine around 125 miles from Kherson. Kherson was occupied by Russian forces for around nine months in 2022.

Wrecked Teslas can fetch upwards of $10,000 on auction websites, which are used by mechanics to find vehicles they can repair for a profit or salvage for parts

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Wrecked Teslas can fetch upwards of $10,000 on auction websites, which are used by mechanics to find vehicles they can repair for a profit or salvage for parts

In May, a Reddit user said their Tesla had also ended up in Ukraine after it was totaled in the US.

Another Reddit user posted in June 2022 about discovering their Tesla Model Y had ended up in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, around a year after it was totaled 4,500 miles away in Toronto, Canada.

Car auction sites like Copart list dozens of Teslas which either need extensive repairs or are totally ruined.

The cars’ wealth of technology – including their sensors and batteries – make them much harder to repair than regular gas vehicles, meaning they’re more likely to be written off by insurers if damaged in an accident.


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Facebook Is Abusing Your Sensitive Medical Information from Hospital Websites

Experts say some hospitals’ use of an ad tracking tool may violate a federal law protecting health information


A tracking tool installed on many hospitals’ websites has been collecting patients’ sensitive health information—including details about their medical conditions, prescriptions, and doctor’s appointments—and sending it to Facebook.

The Markup tested the websites of Newsweek’s top 100 hospitals in America. On 33 of them we found the tracker, called the Meta Pixel, sending Facebook a packet of data whenever a person clicked a button to schedule a doctor’s appointment. The data is connected to an IP address—an identifier that’s like a computer’s mailing address and can generally be linked to a specific individual or household—creating an intimate receipt of the appointment request for Facebook.

On the website of University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, for example, clicking the “Schedule Online” button on a doctor’s page prompted the Meta Pixel to send Facebook the text of the button, the doctor’s name, and the search term we used to find her: “pregnancy termination.”

Clicking the “Schedule Online Now” button for a doctor on the website of Froedtert Hospital, in Wisconsin, prompted the Meta Pixel to send Facebook the text of the button, the doctor’s name, and the condition we selected from a dropdown menu: “Alzheimer’s.”

The Markup also found the Meta Pixel installed inside the password-protected patient portals of seven health systems. On five of those systems’ pages, we documented the pixel sending Facebook data about real patients who volunteered to participate in the Pixel Hunt project, a collaboration between The Markup and Mozilla Rally. The project is a crowd-sourced undertaking in which anyone can install Mozilla’s Rally browser add-on in order to send The Markup data on the Meta Pixel as it appears on sites that they visit. The data sent to hospitals included the names of patients’ medications, descriptions of their allergic reactions, and details about their upcoming doctor’s appointments.

Former regulators, health data security experts, and privacy advocates who reviewed The Markup’s findings said the hospitals in question may have violated the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The law prohibits covered entities like hospitals from sharing personally identifiable health information with third parties like Facebook, except when an individual has expressly consented in advance or under certain contracts.

Neither the hospitals nor Meta said they had such contracts in place, and The Markup found no evidence that the hospitals or Meta were otherwise obtaining patients’ express consent.

“I am deeply troubled by what [the hospitals] are doing with the capture of their data and the sharing of it,” said David Holtzman, a health privacy consultant who previously served as a senior privacy adviser in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights, which enforces HIPAA. “I cannot say [sharing this data] is for certain a HIPAA violation. It is quite likely a HIPAA violation.”

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center spokesperson George Stamatis did not respond to The Markup’s questions but said in a brief statement that the hospital “comport[s] with all applicable federal and state laws and regulatory requirements.”

After reviewing The Markup’s findings, Froedtert Hospital removed the Meta Pixel from its website “out of an abundance of caution,” Steve Schooff, a spokesperson for the hospital, wrote in a statement.

This is an extreme example of exactly how far the tentacles of Big Tech reach into what we think of as protected data space.

Nicholas Price, University of Michigan

As of June 15, six other hospitals had also removed pixels from their appointment booking pages and at least five of the seven health systems that had Meta Pixels installed in their patient portals had removed those pixels.

The 33 hospitals The Markup found sending patient appointment details to Facebook collectively reported more than 26 million patient admissions and outpatient visits in 2020, according to the most recent data available from the American Hospital Association. Our investigation was limited to just over 100 hospitals; the data sharing likely affects many more patients and institutions than we identified.

Facebook itself is not subject to HIPAA, but the experts interviewed for this story expressed concerns about how the advertising giant might use the personal health data it’s collecting for its own profit.

“This is an extreme example of exactly how far the tentacles of Big Tech reach into what we think of as a protected data space,” said Nicholson Price, a University of Michigan law professor who studies big data and health care. “I think this is creepy, problematic, and potentially illegal” from the hospitals’ point of view.

The Markup was unable to determine whether Facebook used the data to target advertisements, train its recommendation algorithms, or profit in other ways.

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, did not respond to questions. Instead, spokesperson Dale Hogan sent a brief email paraphrasing the company’s sensitive health data policy.

“If Meta’s signals filtering systems detect that a business is sending potentially sensitive health data from their app or website through their use of Meta Business Tools, which in some cases can happen in error, that potentially sensitive data will be removed before it can be stored in our ads systems,” Hogan wrote.

Meta did not respond to follow-up questions, but Hogan appears to be referencing a sensitive health information filtering system that the company launched in July 2020 in response to a Wall Street Journal article and New York Department of Financial Services investigation. Meta told the investigators that the filtering system was “not yet operating with complete accuracy,” according to the department’s February 2021 final report.

The Markup was unable to confirm whether any of the data referenced in this story was in fact removed before being stored by Meta. However, a recent joint investigation with Reveal found that Meta’s sensitive health information filtering system didn’t block information about appointments a reporter requested with crisis pregnancy centers.

Internally, Facebook employees have been blunt about how well—or not so well—the company generally protects sensitive data.

“We do not have an adequate level of control and explainability over how our systems use data, and thus we can’t confidently make controlled policy changes or external commitments such as ‘we will not use X data for Y purpose.’ ” Facebook engineers on the ad and business product team wrote in a 2021 privacy overview that was leaked to Vice.

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“Almost Any Patient Would Be Shocked”

The Meta Pixel is a snippet of code that tracks users as they navigate through a website, logging which pages they visit, which buttons they click, and certain information they enter into forms. It’s one of the most prolific tracking tools on the internet—present on more than 30 percent of the most popular sites on the web, according to The Markup’s analysis.

In exchange for installing its pixel, Meta provides website owners analytics about the ads they’ve placed on Facebook and Instagram and tools to target people who’ve visited their website.

The Meta Pixel sends information to Facebook via scripts running in a person’s internet browser, so each data packet comes labeled with an IP address that can be used in combination with other data to identify an individual or household.

HIPAA lists IP addresses as one of the 18 identifiers that, when linked to information about a person’s health conditions, care, or payment, can qualify the data as protected health information. Unlike anonymized or aggregate health data, hospitals can’t share protected health information with third parties except under the strict terms of business associate agreements that restrict how the data can be used.

In addition, if a patient is logged in to Facebook when they visit a hospital’s website where a Meta Pixel is installed, some browsers will attach third-party cookies—another tracking mechanism—that allow Meta to link pixel data to specific Facebook accounts.

And in several cases we found—using both dummy accounts created by our reporters and data from Mozilla Rally volunteers—that the Meta Pixel made it even easier to identify patients.

When The Markup clicked the “Finish Booking” button on a Scripps Memorial Hospital doctor’s page, the pixel sent Facebook not just the name of the doctor and her field of medicine but also the first name, last name, email address, phone number, zip code, and city of residence we entered into the booking form.

The Meta Pixel “hashed” those personal details—obscuring them through a form of cryptography—before sending them to Facebook. But that hashing doesn’t prevent Facebook from using the data. In fact, Meta explicitly uses the hashed information to link pixel data to Facebook profiles.

Using a free online tool, The Markup was also able to reverse most of our hashed test information that the pixel on Scripps Memorial Hospital’s website sent to Facebook.

Scripps Memorial didn’t respond to The Markup’s questions but it did remove the Meta Pixel from the final webpages in the appointment booking process after we shared our findings with the hospital.

On other hospitals’ websites, we documented the Meta Pixel collecting similarly intimate information about real patients.

When one real patient who participated in the Pixel Hunt study logged in to the MyChart portal for Piedmont Healthcare, a Georgia health system, the Meta Pixel installed in the portal told Facebook the patient’s name, the name of their doctor, and the time of their upcoming appointment, according to data collected by the participant’s Mozilla Rally browser extension.

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The Meta Pixel collects sensitive health information and shares it with Facebook

The Meta Pixel installed on Piedmont Healthcare’s MyChart portal sent Facebook details about a real patient’s upcoming doctor’s appointment, including date, time, the patient’s name, and the name of their doctor

Source: mychart.piedmont.org, Mozilla Rally

When another Pixel Hunt participant used the MyChart portal for Novant Health, a North Carolina–based health system, the pixel told Facebook the type of allergic reaction the patient had to a specific medication.

The Markup created our own MyChart account through Novant Health to further investigate and found the Meta Pixel collecting a variety of other sensitive information.

Clicking on one button prompted the pixel to tell Facebook the name and dosage of a medication in our health record, as well as any notes we had entered about the prescription. The pixel also told Facebook which button we clicked in response to a question about sexual orientation.

“Our Meta pixel placement is guided by a third party vendor and it has been removed while we continue to look into this matter,” Novant spokesperson Megan Rivers wrote in an email.

Epic Systems, the software company behind MyChart, has “specifically recommended heightened caution around the use of custom analytics scripts,” Stirling Martin, a senior vice president for the company, wrote in an email.

Facebook is able to infer intimate details about people’s health conditions using other means—for example, the fact that a person “liked” a Facebook group associated with a particular disease—but the data collected by pixels on hospitals’ websites is more direct. And in sharing it with Facebook, experts said, health care providers risk damaging patients’ trust in an increasingly digitized health system.

  1. Screenshot of the Novant Health portal, showing a survey on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  2. Screenshot of code on the Novant health Portal, highlighting a line that says "Gay: men who are attracted to men"
The Markup found that filling out a survey through Novant Health shared sensitive information like sexual orientation with Facebook via the Meta Pixel. Source: www.novantmychart.org

“Almost any patient would be shocked to find out that Facebook is being provided an easy way to associate their prescriptions with their name,” said Glenn Cohen, faculty director of Harvard Law School’s Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics. “Even if perhaps there’s something in the legal architecture that permits this to be lawful, it’s totally outside the expectations of what patients think the health privacy laws are doing for them.”

↩︎ link

Facebook’s data collection on hospital websites has been the subject of class action lawsuits in several states, with mixed results.

Those cases involve types of data that health law experts said are sensitive but less regulated than the health information The Markup documented the Meta Pixel collecting.

In 2016, a group of plaintiffs sued Facebook and a handful of health systems and organizations, alleging that the organizations had breached their own privacy policies and several state and federal laws—including wiretapping and intrusion on seclusion statutes—by collecting data via tracking technology on the health care providers’ websites.

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California dismissed that case in 2017 for a variety of reasons, including that the plaintiffs failed to prove that Facebook had collected “protected health information,” as defined by HIPAA. Rather, the court found, Facebook had tracked plaintiffs on public-facing pages of the websites—such as the homepage or informational pages about diseases—where there was no evidence that the plaintiffs had established a patient relationship with the provider.

In 2019, plaintiffs brought a similar class action lawsuit in Suffolk County Superior Court against Massachusetts-based Partners Healthcare System, which has since changed its name to Mass General Brigham, alleging that the system had violated patients’ privacy and its own policies by installing the Meta Pixel and other tracking tools on its websites.

The parties settled the case in January, with Mass General Brigham denying the allegations and admitting no wrongdoing or liability but paying $18.4 million to the plaintiffs and their attorneys. After the settlement, Mass General Brigham appears to have removed Meta Pixel and other tracking tools from many of its hospitals’ websites—but not all of them.

When The Markup tested the website of Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, clicking the “Request Appointment” button on a doctor’s page caused the Meta Pixel to send Facebook the text of the button, the doctor’s name, and the doctor’s field of medicine. Mass General did not respond to The Markup’s request for comment.

As with all such data we found the Meta Pixel collecting, it was sent to Facebook along with our computer’s public IP address.

“When an individual has sought out a provider and indicated that they want to make an appointment, at that point, any individually identifiable health information that they’ve provided in this session, in the past, or certainly in the future, is protected under HIPAA and could not be shared with a third party like Facebook,” Holtzman said.

The U.S. Department of Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights “cannot comment on open or potential investigations,” spokesperson Rachel Seeger wrote in an emailed statement.

“Generally, HIPAA covered entities and business associates should not be sharing identifiable information with social media companies unless they have HIPAA authorization [from the individual] and consent under state law,” said Iliana Peters, a privacy lawyer with the firm Polsinelli who previously headed HIPAA enforcement for the Office for Civil Rights.

Patients have the right to file HIPAA complaints with their medical providers, who are required to investigate the complaints, Peters said, adding, “I would hope that institutions would respond quickly to those types of complaints so that they aren’t escalated to a state or federal regulator.”

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“Plausible Deniability

Most of the hospitals The Markup contacted for this story did not respond to our questions or explain why they chose to install Meta Pixel on their websites. But some did defend their use of the tracker.

“The use of this type of code was vetted,” wrote Chris King, a spokesperson for Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in Chicago. King did not respond to follow-up questions about the vetting process.

King said that no protected health information is hosted on or accessible through Northwestern Memorial’s website and that “Facebook automatically recognizes anything that might be close to personal information and does not store this data.”

In fact, Meta explicitly states in its business tools terms of service that the pixel and other trackers do collect personally identifiable information for a variety of purposes.

Houston Methodist Hospital, in Texas, was the only institution to provide detailed responses to The Markup’s questions. The hospital began using the pixel in 2017, spokesperson Stefanie Asin wrote, and is “confident” in Facebook’s safeguards and that the data being shared isn’t protected health information.

When The Markup tested Houston Methodist’s website, clicking the “Schedule Appointment” button on a doctor’s page prompted the Meta Pixel to send Facebook the text of the button, the name of the doctor, and the search term we used to find the doctor: “Home abortion.”

Houston Methodist doesn’t categorize that data as protected health information, Asin wrote, because a person who clicks the “Schedule Appointment” button may not follow through and confirm the appointment, or, they may be booking the appointment for a family member rather than for themself.

Since our further examination of the topic is ongoing, we elected to remove the pixel for now to be sure we are doing everything we can to protect our patients’ privacy while we are evaluating.

Stefanie Asin, Houston Methodist Hospital spokesperson

“The click doesn’t mean they scheduled,” she wrote. “It’s also worth noting that people often are exploring for a spouse, friend, elderly parent.”

Asin added that Houston Methodist believes Facebook “uses tools to detect and reject any health information, providing a barrier that prevents passage of [protected health information].”

Despite defending its use of the Meta Pixel, Houston Methodist Hospital removed the pixel from its website several days after responding to The Markup’s questions.

“Since our further examination of the topic is ongoing, we elected to remove the pixel for now to be sure we are doing everything we can to protect our patients’ privacy while we are evaluating,” Asin wrote in a follow-up email.

Facebook did not launch its sensitive health data filtering system until July 2020, three years after Houston Methodist began using the pixel, according to the New York Department of Financial Services’ investigation. And as recently as February of last year, the department reported that the system’s accuracy was poor.

That type of Band-Aid fix is a prime example, privacy advocates say, of the online advertising industry’s inability to police itself.

“The evil genius of Facebook’s system is they create this little piece of code that does the snooping for them and then they just put it out into the universe and Facebook can try to claim plausible deniability,” said Alan Butler, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. “The fact that this is out there in the wild on the websites of hospitals is evidence of how broken the rules are.”

Experts Sound Alarm On ‘Stalkerware,’ Which Can Easily Be Downloaded On Your Phone Without You Knowing
Filed Under:Apps, Cyberstalking, Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Jessica Layton, Local TV, smartphone apps, Stalker
Your Phone Is Killing You And Destroying Your Life

By Donna Lawson

Did you know that the electronics in your phone, AND, 99% of the ‘Apps’ on your phone are tracking you, spying on you, tricking you, and reporting to others when you:

– Get an abortion
– Have sex
– Get pregnant
– Don’t go to work
– Enter, or leave, any building
– Get into, or out of, your car
– Have a sex worker take Uber, Lyft or any taxi or ride service to where you are
– Receive money
– Buy anything
– Are depressed
– Breath heavy
– Are located at any location on Earth
– Move from any location on Earth to another location
– Take anything out of your wallet with a chip in it
– Vote
– Express a political opinion
– Use a dating site (Axciom and Equifax make psych profiles on you from your date data)
– Use any ‘gay’ code words
– Use any ‘political’ code words
– Speak, or listen, to anyone within 20 feet
– And thousands of other invasions of privacy…

It does these things even if you pushed the button to ‘turn it off’. Most phones don’t actually turn off when you think they are off because ‘spies-gotta-spy’.

COVID is doing a great job of killing off all of the idiot people who grab the door-knob, bare-handed, at the post office, the Starbucks and the grocery store. COVID waits on public surfaces to kill the sheep of society.

Silicon Valley is doing a great job of killing off all the lives of the rest of the sheep who are too dumb to take the battery out of their phone. The people that walk around with a phone, or tablet, always powered on are committing digital suicide. If you buy a phone that you can’t take the battery out of, you are just an idiot.

You may not want to face the truth but I can show you thousands of court records, Congressional investigations and university studies proving that every single assertion in this report is true.

Everybody in Congress knows this is all true but they do nothing because Silicon Valley is bribing almost every single one of them to do nothing. Silicon Valley’s largest source of income is your privacy!

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — As we recognize October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we want to shed light on a type of abuse that many don’t even realize is such a problem.
It’s a tool readily available to any abuser and very difficult for victims to detect.
READ MORE: Ground-Breaking Ceremony Held At Site Of New $650 Million ‘Hub’ In New BrunswickCBS2’s Jessica Layton has more on the dangers of cyberstalking and how you can protect yourself.
It’s so simple, it’s scary — software that allows a stalker to secretly spy through an unsuspecting person’s cellphone without their consent.
Experts say “Stalkerware” use is rapidly on the rise, increasing 60% from September 2020 to May 2021.
“Unfortunately, it has been on the increase from being a few hundred apps available in the marketplace,” said Tony Anscombe of ESET Internet Security.
The concept may have started with decent intentions — parents installing apps to keep tabs on their kids. But as Anscombe explained, it has turned into an industry where a stalker can track a victim’s every move, without them ever realizing it.
“These apps can key log, so they can see every key stroke on your device. They can extract all the information from your contacts, your messages, your email,” Anscombe said.
The dangerous app disguises itself as something that is an important function of the operating device on the phone, and it only takes minutes to install. So in the time it takes a person to get up and use the bathroom, take a shower or make a snack, their partner may already have them under surveillance.
Experts showed Layton how easy it is to intercept data once the app is on a phone. Groups like Coalition Against Stalkerware also share warning videos, explaining this is seen most often in cases of domestic abuse.
“When someone is controlling all these aspects of your personal information you have to worry about what they have access to. I know that was a concern for me,” domestic violence survivor Heather Glogolich said.
READ MORE: Some New Yorkers Say Hacking Of MTA Shows How Vulnerable The City And Riding Public AreGlogolich, a police lieutenant in New Jersey, understands in many ways how hijacking a personal devices is just one way an abuser exercises control over a victim.
“I couldn’t leave my phone down without my ex-husband looking through it,” Glogolich said.
“So technology plays a big role in trapping victims and keeping them in that abusive relationship,” survivor Neisha Himes added.
Himes didn’t know the dangers of digital abuse when she was trying to leave a toxic relationship, but she has since dedicated her life to helping other victims. She said she now sees it almost every day.
“If they have a phone that maybe the offender purchased for them, we have to tell them, ‘OK, let’s get you a new phone,’” Himes said.
Glogolich and Himes are supporters of a program developed by Sheri Kurdakul, the CEO of Victim’s Voice. It’s a web-based app that gives power to the victim, allowing him or her to document cases of abuse in real time on their device to present to the courts. They’re taken through a series of guided questions vetted by prosecutors and the answers are encrypted and stored in a secure server.
“It’s a progressive web app, which means there’s nothing to download. You won’t find us in any app store. That also means there’s no dangerous icons on sitting on your phone and there’s no trigger such as a receipt that you downloaded the app,” Kurdakul said. “A lot of victims’ emails and such are being tracked and monitored all the time.”
That kind of awareness and privacy is paramount. That’s why even just knowing there could be Stalkerware on your phone is the first step to protecting yourself.
Low battery life, high data usage and slow performance on your phone may also be red flags, yet sometimes intuition is the best indicator that your personal device isn’t so private.
So if you suspect you’re being stalked through technology, get expert help. Take the phone to a tech company so they can run programs to check it for you. And also, get police involved.
Experts say never try to delete the app yourself. The abuser will get notified and that could put a person in an even more dangerous situation.
CBS2’s Jessica Layton contributed to this report.

Is T-Mobile Liable For “Complicit Homicide” By Allowing Teens To Use Facebook, Google and Instagram, Who Are Facing Lawsuits for Teen Mental Health Crisis, In A MASSIVE Profits-Over-Safety Mobile Services Abuse Charge

Neumann Law Group is now investigating claims against Meta Platforms, Inc., the parent company of Facebook and Instagram for their intentional manipulation of the mental health of young and at-risk users of their products.

In October 2021, a Facebook whistleblower testified to the U.S. Senate how Facebook, Instagram, and Meta used tactics to manipulate young people into using their products for extended periods of time and intentionally created a toxic environment leading to significant psychological harm to America’s youth.

Learn More at Neumann Law Group

SEE THIS LINK, THIS HAPPENS EVERY FEW HOURS THANKS TO MARK AND SHERYL: Every few hours another teen is MURDERED by Facebook/Instagram executives. Nobody does anything about it because California politicians OWN the stock in Facebook/Instagram and also get their political campaign cash from Facebook/Instagram/Google !!! Should Mark Zuckerberg be charged with Homicide? He knew, for over a decade, that he was killing these kids, but buying a part of Hawaii is expensive, and he needed the cash!




  1. Were you a minor when you signed up for Facebook and/or Instagram;
  2. Were you using Facebook and/or Instagram for more than three (3) hours per day at that time; and
  3. Have you received documented mental health treatment (with no prior history of mental health issues)?

Facebook grilled in Senate hearing over teen mental health – Sheryl Sandberg knew…


Facebook grilled in Senate hearing over teen mental health. Last night, Facebook published two annotated slide decks in an attempt to contextualize the documents that The Wall Street Journal …

Facebook’s whistleblower report confirms what researchers …


Internal research at Facebook showing that Instagram might be harmful to the mental health of teen girls is in line with other research in the field. That complicates efforts to minimize the findings.

This is Facebook’s internal research on the mental health effects of …


The release of the research arrives the evening before a Congressional hearing on the effect of Facebook and Instagram on kids’ mental health. That hearing is scheduled for Thursday at 10:30AM ET .

Instagram Youth Adds Risk to Teen Mental Health. Facebook Must Act ..”Instragram turns young girls into hookers…”.


So perhaps it isn’t surprising that an internal research effort at the company, revealed last week, found that teens associate the service with a host of men

Facebook Very Aware That Instagram Harms Teen Mental Health But Profits On Its Crimes


For several months now, Facebook execs have been kicking around an eerie product idea few people seem to want: Instagram for Kids.

Facebook knows Instagram is bad for teenagers’ mental healthbut wants the profits anyway


Facebook’s internal research shows that teen users’ mental health is negatively impacted by using the company’s photo- and video-sharing app, Instagram.

Want to help end the tech oligarch’s rape of society? Never, EVER: use, read, quote, link to, paste from, or refer to; anything on corrupt and contrived: Twitter – Google – Alphabet – Facebook – Meta – Instagram – Netflix or YouTube! Don’t expand their reach! Don’t be their digital bitch! Stop being an addict to Silicon Valley’s social media scam! Keep the battery out of your phone so Big Tech can’t continue to spy on you. Did you know you CAN’T turn an iPhone off. Apple iPhone’s pretend to be “off” but still monitor you with reserve power. The government should shut these companies down but they don’t because these companies pay the largest bribes on Earth to politicians! Demand that Congress shut down these big tech abusers that cause child suicides, bullying, sex trafficking, money laundering, tax evasion, political bribery, election manipulation and other social crimes.

Have you, or your teen, suffered from?

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Body Dysmorphia
  • Self-harm
  • ODD
  • Selling their bodies (Instagram is now the #1 source IN THE WORLD, for teenage prostitutes. Rappers spend 1/2 the day talking young girls on Instagram into ‘free plane tickets’)
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Suicidal attempts
  • Any and all other mental health illnesses

Facebook acknowledges Instagram’s damage to teen mental health, but …


The Wall Street Journal viewed several internal Facebook documents discussing the issue of teen mental health, the company having performed various focus groups and surveys between 2019 and 2021 …

Harmed by Social Media: Facebook, Instagram Linked to Teen Mental …


Hold social media platforms accountable for their actions. Contact our law firm to explore your options. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have been linked to a recent increase in depression and other mental health issues among teenagers, according to researchers and journalists studying this issue, including an in-depth investigation conducted by The Wall Street Journal and …

Facebook Knew Instagram Was Harmful to Mental Health of Teen Girls … Profits over Child Safety


One internal Facebook presentation stated that among teens who reported suicidal thoughts, 13% of British users and 6% of American users believed Instagram was to blame.Facebook also found that 14% of boys in the U.S. said Instagram made them feel worse about themselves, reported the Journal.Researchers highlighted Instagram’s Explore page, which provides users with curated posts from a wide …

Facebook publishes slides on how Instagram affects teen mental health


Facebook has published two slide decks detailing its research into how Instagram affects teens’ mental health. The slides were heavily cited by The Wall Street Journal earlier this month in a …

Do you believe that you or a loved one may have experienced psychological harm due to the negligence of Google, Instagram, Facebook? Call Neumann Law Group today to discuss your claim and share this notice with those you care about below:

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Google whistleblower claims tech giant’s Developer Studio division has been infiltrated by ‘pedophilic religious doomsday cult’ Fellowship of Friends that was featured in a Spotify podcast series called ‘Revelations’ last year

  • Kevin Lloyd, 34, was a video producer for Google Developer Studio from 2017 until he was fired in February 2021
  • Lloyd in August 2021 filed a lawsuit at California Superior Court alleging that he lost his job because he questioned a ‘cult’ that many of his colleagues joined
  • Earlier this month Lloyd wrote a Medium post about his time at Google, and his concerns about Fellowship of Friends
  • Google insist that they are unaware of a person’s religious beliefs during hiring; Lloyd says they know about the influence of the cult, but turn a blind eye 

By Harriet Alexander 

An apocalyptic ‘cult’ led by an eccentric misogynist accused of sexual abuse of young men has taken over a division of Google, a whistleblower has claimed.

Kevin Lloyd, 34, claims that he was fired from his job as a video developer at Google last year because he began questioning the influence of the cult.

In August, Lloyd filed a discrimination case in California Superior Court, alleging he was fired for digging into Fellowship of Friends – a group based in the small Californian town of Oregon House, and whose members made up a large percentage of employees in his division.

‘Plaintiff’s preliminary research into Oregon House and the Fellowship of Friends described the Fellowship as a destructive cult, with a pedophilic leader who makes false prophecies about the end of the world,’ the lawsuit claims.

‘Plaintiff became alarmed that Google was involved with and/or financially supporting such an organization.’

Earlier this month, Lloyd wrote a lengthy description of his case on Medium, and spoke to The New York Times – who corroborated many of the lawsuit’s claims through interviews with eight current and former employees of the Google business unit.

Kevin Lloyd, 34, claims he lost his job at Google                because he raised concerns about how many people within                the Google Developer Studio were affiliated with                Fellowship of Friends

Kevin Lloyd, 34, claims he lost his job at Google because he raised concerns about how many people within the Google Developer Studio were affiliated with Fellowship of Friends

Google's campus in Mountain View is 180 miles from              the small town of Oregon House, population 1,250 - yet              half of the people Lloyd met were from Oregon House, he              said

Google’s campus in Mountain View is 180 miles from the small town of Oregon House, population 1,250 – yet half of the people Lloyd met were from Oregon House, he said

Lloyd said he began work at Google in 2017, as part of Google Developer Studio (GDS) – the tech giant’s internal production company, making adverts and video content.

He said it slowly dawned on him that many of the people he met at GDS were from the same small Californian town, 180 miles north of Google’s Silicon Valley home, in Mountain View.

The town of Oregon House is home to 1,250 people, and yet Lloyd said he realized that half of the 25 people he met at GDS were from the same town.

Lloyd said he noticed that many of the outside vendors, such as caterers and entertainers at corporate events, were also from Oregon House.

In 2018, Lloyd said, he was speaking to a freelancer who was working with them that day, and was from a town near Oregon House.

Lloyd recalls the freelancer telling him: ‘Oregon House isn’t a town. It’s a cult.’

He began investigating the freelancer’s claim, and said he was shocked by what he found.

‘There are online support groups for former Fellowship of Friends members to help them process the trauma endured during their membership, as well as problems that arise after leaving,’ Lloyd’s lawsuit states.

Fellowship of Friends, which is based in Oregon House, was founded in 1970 by Robert Earl Burton, a former school teacher in the San Francisco Bay area.

‘From its inception the vision of the Fellowship was, and remains, to establish a practical spiritual organization and to make it available to anyone interested in pursuing the spiritual work of awakening,’ they state on their website.

Robert Earl Burton, now believed to be around 83,              founded Fellowship of Friends in 1970. He has been accused              in multiple lawsuits of sexual abuse

Robert Earl Burton, now believed to be around 83, founded Fellowship of Friends in 1970. He has been accused in multiple lawsuits of sexual abuse

Burton is seen with a European artwork purchased with              the organization's cash. Members must give 10 percent of              their earnings to the group

Burton is seen with a European artwork purchased with the organization’s cash. Members must give 10 percent of their earnings to the group

Burton, believed to be now aged in his early 80s, sought to create a center celebrating the fine arts – with opera, ballet, works of art and literature the focus.

He based his organization in Oregon House, and created a winery where his devotees worked, when not studying the arts.

Google even purchased wine, the lawsuit claims, from the Grant Marie Winery, an allegedly cult-affiliated vineyard run by a Fellowship member in Oregon House.

But critics claimed that he had sexually abused new members of his group – in particular young boys.

In 1984 a former member filed a $2.75 million lawsuit claiming that young men who joined the organization ‘had been forcefully and unlawfully sexually seduced by Burton,’ according to documents obtained by The New York Times.

In 1996, another former member accused Burton in a law suit of sexual misconduct with him while he was minor. Both suits were settled out of court.

Some accusers, Lloyd alleged, had been flown to the country under false pretenses and then abused.

Members of Fellowship of Friends are seen with Burton              (left, in pale blue suit) holding a meeting

Members of Fellowship of Friends are seen with Burton (left, in pale blue suit) holding a meeting

What is Fellowship of Friends?

Founded on January 1, 1970 by San Francisco school teacher Robert Earl Burton, Fellowship of Friends is a non-profit religious organization, headquartered in Oregon House, California.

Burton based his faith system on a philosophy called the Fourth Way, founded by an Armenian philosopher and mystic, George Gurdjieff, who lived from 1866 to 1949.

Burton adopted Gurdjieff’s believe that people are in a hypnotic ‘waking sleep’, and need to work on themselves through studying art, music and literature.

He named his 1,200-acre headquarters Apollo, and his 1,800 followers gave 10 percent of their earnings to the organization – which spent the money on art, fine wine and culture.

Critics have filed lawsuits claiming sexual abuse.

Other critics said that the group was strongly anti-women, and celebrated white European men above all.

In September, investigative journalist Jennings Brown published a six-part podcast produced for Spotify, entitled Revelations.

Brown had spent three years from 2018 digging into the group, and documented allegations of sexual abuse in what he termed a ‘doomsday cult’.

Lloyd said he was aghast that GDS was so strongly linked to the Fellowship, with GDS’s director, Peter Lubbers, described as a longtime member of the group, who joined shortly after he moved to the U.S. from the Netherlands.

Lubbers introduced a video producer named Gabe Pannell to the Fellowship: Pannell was pictured with Burton in 2015, and described as a ‘new student’, The New York Times report.

Lloyd’s lawsuit states: ‘Mr Lubbers gained status and praise relative to the increase of money flowing to the Fellowship through his efforts at Google that put (and kept) other Fellowship members — directly or indirectly — on Google’s payroll.’

Lubbers insisted faith had nothing to do with his hiring.

‘My personal religious beliefs are a deeply held private matter,’ Lubbers told The New York Times.

‘In all my years in tech, they have never played a role in hiring. I have always performed my role by bringing in the right talent for the situation — bringing in the right vendors for the jobs.’

Pannell told the paper that those hired were brought in from ‘a circle of trusted friends and families with extremely qualified backgrounds’.

Lloyd, in his Medium post – which does not name Lubbers or Pannell – said that anxiety about the Fellowship, and its reputation, sparked a panic attack, for which he was admitted to ER.

He said in his court documents that he worried events he produced ‘could somehow be used to funnel money back into the Fellowship of Friends.’

Burton is seen in a 1981 photo at Oregon House. In              1984, a former member filed a $2.75 million lawsuit              claiming that young men who joined the organization 'had              been forcefully and unlawfully sexually seduced by              Burton,' according to documents obtained by The New York              Times. The suit was settled out of court

Burton is seen in a 1981 photo at Oregon House. In 1984, a former member filed a $2.75 million lawsuit claiming that young men who joined the organization ‘had been forcefully and unlawfully sexually seduced by Burton,’ according to documents obtained by The New York Times. The suit was settled out of court

Fired in February 2021, he has retained a lawyer who previously represented a woman at Lubbers’ previous company, Kelly Services, and sued in 2008 in a similar case.

Lynn Noyes claimed that Kelly Services had failed to promote her because she was not a member of the Fellowship.

A California court awarded her $6.5 million in damages.

‘Anyone outside of the Fellowship is seen as somehow inferior and at times adversarial,’ Lloyd’s lawsuit says.

‘Those that express serious concerns, criticism or question the group may be eventually perceived as enemies.’

Google told The New York Times that they were barred by law from inquiring about someone’s religious practices during the hiring process.

‘We have longstanding employee and supplier policies in place to prevent discrimination and conflicts of interest, and we take those seriously,’ a Google spokeswoman, Courtenay Mencini, said in a statement.

‘It’s against the law to ask for the religious affiliations of those who work for us or for our suppliers, but we’ll of course thoroughly look into these allegations for any irregularities or improper contracting practices.

‘If we find evidence of policy violations, we will take action.’

Fellowship of Friends was approached for comment.


The Worst Ones – Rev 2.2

You would be shocked to learn how many people are killed, every day, for less than $50.00. ISIS and the Taliban will saw your head off for just an ideology. If people would commit murder over that small an amount of money, imagine what they would do to control the trillions of dollars of money that is always moving through the stock market. These are the people that will stop at nothing for power, mansions, hookers, private jets and greed!

### THE BRIBED INSIDER TRADING POLITICIANS – Tracked via financial records and email leaks to quid pro quo:

– Aneesh Chopra – White House Tech Exec
– Arnold Schwarzenegger – Governor (Accused of political bribery and kickbacks; tax evasion, illicit deal organization with Russians and more…)
– Barack Obama – Chicago politician
-Bill Daley – White House strong-arm (Forced to resign)(he is now under investigation)
– Bill Lockyer – Calif State finance head (Under investigation and sex scandal conflicts, charged with corruption by media. Assets and ownerships under investigation)
– Daniel Cohen – DOE Legal counsel who assisted in the Steven Chu scam (Sent packing/fired/forced to resign)
– David Axelrod – White House strategist who helped stage the quid-pro-quo (Sent packing/fired/forced to resign)(he is now under investigation)(accused of political bribery and kickbacks; tax evasion, and more…)
– Hunter Biden
– David Plouffe – White House money packager. Arranged deals between VC campaign Donors (Forced to Resign. Under investigation)
– Debbie Wasserman Schultz
– Denis McDonough – White House adviser
– Dianne Feinstein – California politician
– Eric Holder – Attorney General- DOJ (Forced to resign) (Charged with staff & VC Protections and blockade of FBI and Special Prosecutor deployments in order to run the cover-up)
– Eric Strickland – Head of Auto Safety agency under DOT (Sent packing/fired/forced to resign)(he is now under investigation. Charged with cover-up of Tesla and GM auto dangers he had known about)
– Gabriel Burt
– Harry Reid – Senator- Solar factory guru, Congress lead (Accused of political bribery and kickbacks; tax evasion, and more…Forced out of Congress in shame)
– Hillary Clinton – Dynastic politician
– Jack Lew
– Jay Carney – White House press lead (Forced to resign)
– Jeff Berman – Bryan Cave. Berman, the former delegate counter for President Obama’s 2008 campaign
– Jeff Peck, Peck, Madigan, Jones & Stewart. Aide to then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) on the Senate Judiciary Committee
– Jeffrey Zients
– Jerry Brown – California politician
– Joe Rhodes – White House shill
– Joe Biden – Politican who created Solyndra funds
– John Podesta – White House adviser
– Jonathan Silver – DOE VC (Sent packing/fired/forced to resign)(he is now under investigation. Shamed in media for epic failures)
– Joshua Wright – FTC
– Kamala Harris– Stock favoritism Insider with her husband
– Katherine Feinstein
– Kathy Zoi
– Ken Alex – Scheme Adviser to Jerry Brown
– Ken Duberstein and Marti Thomas, The Duberstein Group. Duberstein was floated as a candidate for Obama’s chief of staff before the president chose Bill Daley, while Thomas is a Democratic vet who worked in the Clinton Treasury Department.
– Lachlan Seward – Energy Department insider gatekeeper
– Melanie Nutter – Pelosi Top Aide
– Matt Rogers – VC and quid pro quo pass-through conduit
– Megan Smith – U.S. CTO
– Mikey Dickerson
– Nancy Pelosi – California politician
– Robert Gibbs – White press office head
– Steven Chu – Secretary of Energy – The most corrupt in US history
– Todd Park – IT manipulator inside White House

### THE OLIGARCH FINANCIER/BENEFICIARIES OF THE CRIMES – Tracked via financial records and email leaks to quid pro quo:

– Andy Bechtolsheim – VC- Insider campaign backer (He is now under investigation)(accused of political bribery and kickbacks; tax evasion, and more…)
– Bill Gurley
– Carl Gordon
– Chad Hurley – YouTube
– Cheryl Sandberg – Facebook boss, reports to Larry Summers
– Dave McClure – VC
– David Danielson
– David Drummond – Lawyer/Lobbyist– Google, bribes expert for DC and EU regions (Under investigation. Quail Road, Woodside, CA home bugged)
– David Mott
– David Prend
– David Sacks
– Draper – Fisher – VC firm (Campaign funder who received massive windfalls from Russian mining & tech start-up rigging)
– Elon Musk – CEO – Tesla (He is now under investigation & in multiple lawsuits for fraud)(accused of political bribery and kickbacks; tax evasion, and more…) ( All of his personal assets, investments and portfolio holdings are under investigation )
– Emerson Collective -Steve Jobs wife, has one of the largest and stealthiest election data combines
– Eric Paley
– Eric Schmidt – Owner- Google (He is now under investigation)(accused of political bribery and kickbacks; tax evasion, and more…)
– Gilman Louie – VC, founder on IN-Q-Tel
– Goldman Sachs – Financial packager (Suspected of staging most of the TARP/DOE deals for personal gain & insider payouts)
– Greylock Capital – Silicon Valley Insider trading operator (Under investigation)
– Ira Ehrenpreis – VC Campaign backer (He is now under investigation)(accused of political bribery and kickbacks; tax evasion, and more…) ( All of his personal assets, investments and portfolio holdings are under investigation)
– Jacque Littlefield – VC, Dead
– James Bronkema – West Coast Money Man for David Rockefeller and Feinstein financier  (Dead)
– Jared Cohen – Google boss and international political manipulator
– Wilson Sonsini Partner Club
– Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich and Rosatti
– Jim Breyer – VC and CIA intermediary
– Joe Lonsdale – VC, famous for rape and abuse scandal and domestic spying via Palantir
– Johanna Shelton – Google Lobbyist
– John Doerr – Owner – Kleiner Perkins. “Godfather” – Silicon Valley Cartel (He is now under investigation)(accused of political bribery and kickbacks; tax evasion, and more…)( All of his personal assets, investments and portfolio holdings are under investigation )
– John Lindfors
– Josh Kopelman
– JP Gan
– Keith Rabois -VC
– Ken Howery – VC
– Kleiner Perkins – Campaign funding VC who (Received massive windfalls from Russian mining & tech start-up rigging. Sued. Under investigation. All assets being tracked )
– Larry Page – Google Boss
– Larry Summers – VC
– Lloyd Craig Blankfein – VC and Sachs boss
– Luke Nosek
– Marc Andreessen -VC
– Mario Rosatti – VC
– Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook Boss
– Martin LaGod -VC Firelake Cap
– Mary Meeker – VC
– Max Levchin -VC
– Mckinsey Consulting – The firm you hire to rig white papers and insider hires in government positions for the Palo Alto Mafia
– Michael Moritz -VC
– Neerag Agrawal – VC
– Peter Thiel – VC
– Pierre Omidyar– VC
– Raj Gupta – VC, arrested
– Rakesh Saxeena – Canadian in-house arrest, arms dealer, western political packager
– Ray Lane – VC
– Reid Hoffman – VC and sex.com partner with Gary Kremen, also match.com
– Richard Blum – VC and director/husband of Dianne Feinstein – Finally dead!
– Roelof Botha
– Sanjay Wagle – VC
– Scott Shleiffer
– Sergy Brin – Google boss
– Steve Chen
– Steve Jurvetson – VC embroiled in sex abuse charges
– Steve Rattner – White House car czar, indicted for fraud
– Steve Spinner – Energy Department manipulation expert, Wife was Solyndra’s lawyer
– Steve Westly – VC
– Ted Schlein – IN-Q-Tel
– Tim Draper – VC
– Tom Perkins – Dead KPCB Palo Alto Mafia founder
– Tom Steyer – VC
– Tomorrow Ventures – Social manipulation group
– Tony Podesta, Podesta Group. The prolific Democratic fundraiser has seen his firm rocket to the echelons of the top five lobby shops.
– Viktor Vekselberg – Russian business entity
– Vinod Khosla -VC

### THEIR OPERATIVES AND HIRED MEDIA ASSASSINS – Tracked via financial records, quid pro quo perks and email leaks to payola. The people in the two lists, above, hired these people to harm citizens:

– A.J. Delaurio– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Adam Dachis– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Adam Weinstein– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Adrian Covert– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Adrien Chen– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Al D’Amato, Park Strategies. The former GOP New York senator has been a big advocate for online gambling as a lobbyist for the Poker Players Alliance.
– Al Mottur and Manuel Ortiz, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck. Mottur heads up lobbying operations at the K Street giant. Ortiz, one of Brownstein’s newest hires, is a rising star in Democratic circles.
– Alan Henry– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Albert Burneko– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Alex Balk– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Alexander Pareene– Defamation-for-sale blogger
Alexander Sternhell, Sternhell Group. Previously a Senate Banking Committee staffer, Sternhell’s two-year-old venture is in the big leagues with clients such as Citigroup Management and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
– Alexandra Philippides– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Allison Spinner – Wife of Steve Spinner and lawyer at WSGR and Solyndra who helped Feinstein rig the Solyndra cash ((Under investigation. All assets being tracked and terminated.)
– Allison Wentz– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Andrew Collins– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Andrew Magary– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Andrew McCormack
– Andrew Orin– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Andy Barbour, Smith-Free Group. Smith lobbies for several financial and insurance companies but is best known for his work as the lead Democratic lobbyist for the Financial Services Roundtable.
– Angelica Alzona– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Anna Merlan– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Ariana Cohen– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Ashley Feinberg– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Ashley Vance – Elon Musk suck-up and Musk hype monger
– Austin Lau
– Ava Gyurina– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Barry Petchesky– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Black Cube – An attack service providing hit jobs on competitors
– Brendan I. Koerner– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Brendan O’Connor– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Brent Rose– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Brian Goncher – Deloitte VC intermediary in the stock market rigging (He is now under investigation)(accused of political bribery and kickbacks; tax evasion, and more…)
Brobeck Law Firm
– Brian Hickey– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Camila Cabrer– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Carr & Ferrell – Sony and Facebook’s law firm that helps to blockade inventors
– Choire Sicha– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Chris Jennings, Jennings Policy Strategies
– Chris Mohney– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Chuck Brain, Capitol Hill Strategies Inc. Once a Clinton White House aide and longtime House Ways and Means Committee staffer
– Civis Analytics – Social manipulation group
– Clover Hope– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Covington & Burling
– Dan Tate Jr., Capitol Solutions. Tate delivers stellar client relations while harnessing 10 years of upper-level Hill and administration experience.
– Daniel Morgan– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Covington & Burling – corrupt law firm that puts appointees in office for VC’s
– David Sandalow
– Diana Moskovitz– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Doyle Bartlett, Eris Group. Bartlett has years of Capitol Hill experience and a busy lobbying practice
– Eleanor Shechet– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Elizabeth Spiers– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Elizabeth Starkey– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Emily Gould– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Emily Herzig– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Emma Carmichael– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Erin Ryan– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Ethan Sommer– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Eyal Ebel– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Fred Graefe, Law Offices of Frederick H. Graefe
– Fusion GPS – Defamation and journalist bribery service
– Gabrielle Bluestone– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Gabrielle Darbyshire– Defamation-for-sale blogger and attack services director
– Gawker Media – DNC/Clinton/Obama character assassination media tool (In Mid-Termination)
– Georgina K. Faircloth– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Gerald Cassidy and Gregg Hartley, Cassidy & Associates
– Gizmodo – DNC/Clinton/Obama character assassination media tool ( Failing, rapidly decreasing users and increasing fake ad stats disclosures )
– Gregory Howard– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Hamilton Nolan– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Hannah Keyser– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Heather Deitrich– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Heather Podesta, Heather Podesta + Partners. The former congressional aide has built a solid lobbying practice and helps fundraise for Democrats with her husband, Tony Podesta
– Hudson Hongo– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Hugo Schwyzer– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Hunter Slaton– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Ian Fette– Defamation-for-sale blogger and Google, Gawker, Jalopnik, Gizmodo media assassin
– Irin Carmon– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Jalopnik – Online defamation facade political publication. Pretends to be about cars but is DNC hit job rag
– James Brown Jr – HHS Programming lead in California (Arrested for corruption)
– James J. Cooke– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– James King– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Jawed Karim – YouTube
– Jeff Lieberman
– Jennifer Ouellette– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Jesse Oxfeld– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Jessica Cohen– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Jesus Diaz– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Jillian Schulz– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Joanna Rothkopf– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Joel Johnson, The Glover Park Group
– John Cook– Defamation-for-sale blogger and director of media assassins group
– John Herrman– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– John Raffaelli, Capitol Counsel
– Jordan Sargent– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Joseph Keenan Trotter– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Josh Stein– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Julia Allison– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Julianne E. Shepherd– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Julie Domenick, Multiple Strategies LLC
– Justin Hyde– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Kate Dries– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Katharine Trendacosta– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Katherine Drummond– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Kelly Stout– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Kerrie Uthoff– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Kevin Draper– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Lacey Donohue– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Larry O’Brien, OB-C Group
– Lucy Haller– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Luke Malone– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Madeleine Davies– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Madeline Davis– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Mario Aguilar– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Mark Isakowitz, Fierce, Isakowitz and Blalock. Isakowitz and his GOP lobby shop scored a coup this year when Apple and Facebook both signed up as clients in a two-week span.
– Mark Kadesh, Kadesh & Associates. Kadesh, once chief of staff to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), has an A-list of California clients
– Matt Hardigree– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Matt Novak– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Michael Ballaban– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Michael Dobbs– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Michael Spinelli– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Morrison and Foerster
– Neal Ungerleider– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Nicholas Aster– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Nicholas Guido Denton– Defamation-for-sale blogger and head of the Gawker, Gizmodo, Jalopnik sleaze tabloid empire
– Omar Kardoudi– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Owen Thomas– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Patrick George– Defamation-for-sale blogger and Character Assassination expert
– Patrick Laffoon– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Patrick Redford– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Perkins Coie – Campaign conduit law firm
– Rich Juzwiak– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Richard Blakely– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Richard Rushfield– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Robert Finger– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Robert Sorokanich– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Rory Waltzer– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Rosa Golijan– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Ryan Brown– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Ryan Goldberg– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Sam Faulkner Biddle– Defamation-for-sale blogger, Runs a large part of the Anti-GOP blog programs
– Sam Woolley– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Samar Kalaf– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Sarah Ramey– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Shannon Marie Donnelly– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Shep McAllister– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Sophie Kleeman– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Stephen Totilo– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Steve Elmendorf and Jimmy Ryan, Elmendorf | Ryan. A former aide to ex-House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt (Mo.), Elmendorf brought in Ryan to help expand the Senate ties of his firm.
– Steve McBee, McBee Strategic. A former aide to Rep. Norm Dicks (D-Wash.), McBee has seen his lobby firm take off.
– Steve Perry and Andy Wright, Dutko Grayling. Perry and Wright man the roster for one of the top 20 lobby shops in Washington.
– Tamar Winberg– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Taryn Schweitzer– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Taylor McKnight– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– The Groundwork– Social manipulation group
– Thomas Jolly, Jolly/Rissler. Jolly is founding chairman of the Washington Caucus, a group that hosts dinners with lawmakers, and a mainstay among lobbyists.
– Thorin Klosowski– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Tim Marchman– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Timothy Burke– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Tobey Grumet Segal– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Tom Ley– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Tom Scocca– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Veronica de Souza– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– Wes Siler– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– William Haisley– Defamation-for-sale blogger
– William Turton– Defamation-for-sale blogger

### THEIR CORPORATE STOCK MANIPULATION FRONT FACADES- Tracked via financial records and email leaks to RICO, Anti-trust and Money Laundering violations:

– Abound Solar – Criminally corrupt crony campaign finance front operation. (Terminated)
– Alphabet – Privacy abuse, spy-on-the-public, Fake News election rigger, Clinton/DNC scheme financier (Under Federal and EU investigation)
– Facebook/Meta – Privacy abuse, spy-on-the-public, Fake News election rigger, Clinton/DNC scheme financier ( Failing, rapidly decreasing users and increasing fake ad stats disclosures )
– Fisker – Criminally corrupt crony campaign finance front operation. (Terminated)
– Google, Inc. – Data harvesting company(Ran media attacks, stock market pump and dump PR hype and character assassinations)(accused of political bribery and kickbacks; tax evasion, and more…) (charged by EU, and most nations, with multiple abuses of the public. Has totally lost the trust of the public. Revenue loss increasing geometrically.)
– In-Q-Tel, Inc. – CIA off-shoot associated with Eric Schmidt, Google, Elon Musk and the Cartel leaders. Ran “hit-jobs” on Silicon Valley VC adversaries and reporters (Sued, under investigation, exposed in multiple documentaries, under investigation for Cocaine trafficking. Removal of charity status demanded)
– Ivanpah Solar – Criminally corrupt crony Google campaign finance front operation. (In failure mode)
– Linkedin – Election manipulation networking site
– Netflix – Propaganda Site that also conduits jobs as political revolving door payola to politicians
– Solyndra Solar Company – FBI-raided corrupt Clean Tech company
– SpaceX – Elon Musk company that Obama gave part of NASA to in exchange for campaign conduits
– Tesla Motors – Car Company that conduits money to campaigns

Any issues re: culpability can be easily resolved in meetings with the FBI, FINCEN, The SEC, The IRS, The FTC, ICIJ.ORG and open Congressional hearings! Never was the term: “Follow The Money” more appropriate than for these people! Why are these people not yet arrested for election manipulation, RICO and Anti-trust violations, money laundering, bribery and other illicit deeds? Who is protecting them? Who is telling the police not to act? This list also serves as a demand for investigation and prosecution of these individuals who conspired to engage in these illicit acts. This is not the complete list.


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