Tesla Vapors Kill You Slowly, Why Didn’t DOE know?

When Tesla batteries go off under your families seat, they give off poison fumes. Let’s take a look at those vapors. DOE engineers wrote hundreds of reports proving that these batteries were deadly. Why did DOE executives ignore those reports? Could it have anything to do with the fact that the makers of the batteries had put the DOE executives in office and they all owned stock market holdings in the batteries?:

The day the battery died!

Fuel Cell technologists saw the future many decades ago and now everything they predicted has come to pass:

  • Foreign oil sources are in escalating crisis-level geopolitical disruption with no sign of resolution in our lifetimes

  • All other alternative energy storage solutions have either failed on a technical, safety, toxicity, domestic security, or all-of-the-above, basis

  • The only energy solution that is permanently available from inside domestic, and even state, borders, is fuel cell electric power

  • Lithium ion batteries come from severely corrupt regions and require the initiation of wars to acquire their raw materials

  • The thermal venting of lithium ion batteries causes over 40 kinds of toxic poisoning including: brain damage, liver damage, mutated babies, blood poisoning and lung damage

  • Fuel cell electric power is powered by simple, natural water, and produces only water as a waste material

  • Lithium ion batteries blow up when they get wet, bumped or age over time. These lithium ion fires have burned up homes, cars, offices, airplanes and people who have them on their bodies

  • The majority of lithium ion investments by a common business group are held by United States senators. This makes those senators inclined to cover-up the problems with lithium ion

  • Almost every non U.S. car company including Honda, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, etc. have begun moving full-speed-ahead to deliver fuel cell electric cars

  • Governments, universities, companies and start-ups have spent over a trillion dollars trying to find another solution that has all of the advantages of fuel cell electric energy. They have been unable to find a single one

  • Lithium ion investors spend billions of dollars trying to delay the arrival of, and misinform the public about fuel cell electric energy

  • The fuel for fuel cell electric energy comes from plain old water, a fact that the oil companies spend vast amounts of resources to have you not think about

  • Silicon Valley billionaires pushed the U.S. into an invasion of Afghanistan because they own the lithium ion battery market and the lithium comes from Afghanistan war profiteering. This helped create the rise of ISIS

  • Amory Lovins, America’s top expert on fuel cell electric energy, has challenged any lithium ion battery investor to debate him on live TV. So far, no battery investor will accept the challenge because they fear being exposed

  • All of the infrastructure and fuel sources for fuel cell electric energy is already in place