Texas launches effort to have DHS order illegal immigrant processing center and affordable government housing be built on top of San Francisco’s Union Square

Epic illicit vote grab scheme by California runs into long term negative after-effects

‘Progressive’ San Franciscans Strongly Support Immigration Rights (Just Not In Their Neighborhood) (zerohedge.com)

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Gotta love how people in gated communities have the audacity to wag a finger at everyone else.





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Note: These comments are about the George Carlin clip not the SF situation Helping the poor sounds nice, but putting low cost housing near someone’s property will reduce the overall property value. It usually also comes with crime. He then talks about taking land used for an activity he doesn’t enjoy. He calls golf elistist, and racist, the same old diatribe of the left when they don’t like something…just call it racist. His entire premise thinks of cities, this country has a shit ton of land. Let homeless people grab a few acres in the middle of nowhere and build someting themselves.



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Ol’ George had a lot of funny ideas towards the end. I suspect he knew a LOT of what was really going on, and was thoroughly demoralized. His stand-up is full of blackpills, but has red and blue aplenty as well. And in THIS particular piece, George gets it right. Sure, your points about lowered housing value, crime, etc are fair. But that’s the point. The leftists are the FIRST ones to complain when their policies negatively affect them. Watch the clip again. People on the left will support prisons or halfway houses or what have you, just NOT IN MY BACK YARD.



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That’s progressives, The wealthy left wants to take money from those who have little to give to those who have none because they don’t want to use their own wealth. They want you to feel guilty for driving a car and burning coal to power your home yet they consider their yachts and private jets and multiple mansions as not a big deal because there aren’t very many wealthy people like them. So of course they support forcing immigrants on other people and not themselves. They care so much for immigrants that they employ them at less than minimum wage to cut their grass and clean their homes.



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Of course, the people who live in gated communities and aren’t affected at all by the influx of immigrants say “let’s accept some more.”



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From the SF Chronicle article sourced in Zerohedge

“Equity in terms of where we are creating affordable housing is a big issue for the mayor,” Jeff Buckley, senior adviser to Mayor Ed Lee on housing issues, said when the developer pitched the idea in October.

But just a month later, the project is in deep trouble — for reasons that go a long way toward explaining why most of the city’s housing for poor people is in neighborhoods where there are already plenty of poor people.

For many of those who live in the detached, single-family homes in Forest Hill, the five-story, 132,000-square-foot project proposed for Laguna Honda Boulevard is too tall and too dense. They warn that it will increase traffic, noise and crime.

San Francisco ~the virtue-signalling capital of the world…

These fuckers lock their Subarus the minute they see blacks and latinos.



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I reckon Trump should put an illegal immigrant processing center and affordable government housing in downtown SF until they start voting Republican.



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Typical socialists. Generously sacrificing your quality of life while insisting they live like kings themselves.