The 20 questions every man should ask on his first date: After one woman laid out her checklist for the ideal man, this 58-year-old bites back with his own debut hook-up audit

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After eight years of single life, I’m looking for someone to spend time with and do nice things together. It’s not too much to ask — is it?

But as I read Julie Silver’s 20 questions for a potential partner last week, I was reminded how much of a minefield dating can be.

In Julie’s case, her Mr Right would prefer quinoa to chips, would be in her specially adapted inclined bed by 9.30pm each night, speak kindly of his mother, be a fan of natural cosmetics and wouldn’t have a dog.

You may think she is being too ‘picky’. Yet I can tell you, it’s not just women who have a list of specific questions in mind before a first date. Single chaps like me do, too.

In my case, they include establishing whether my potential Ms Right is a fan of hiking (yes please), reads in bed (ideally not) or posts pictures of her breakfast on Instagram (a definite turn-off).