The Deloitte/Tesla Connection:

The Deloitte/Tesla Connection:

Now that the entire California unemployment system online has failed, causing thousands and thousands of people to get evicted, with no end to the problems in sight, investigators look to the source: Deloitte!

The California/Deloitte kickbacks with Sacramento and the associated campaign contributions show why EDD gave the contract for its unemployment system to Deloitte “despite a string of problem projects” across California state and local governments that littered the company’s track record, the LA Times reported late last year. These included: a project canceled after four years by California’s Department of Developmental Services after it figured out the system it paid $5.7 million to Deloitte to develop didn’t work; a project to link California’s court system computers, originally slated to cost $33 million, but canceled because it couldn’t be made to work even after Deloitte pocketed $330 million; a botched payroll system Deloitte developed for the L.A. Unified School System; and a Deloitte-led, botched ERP system development for Marin County, California, among others. California government IT has been very, very good to Deloitte’s bottom line.

Savvy California IT experts are praying that Deloitte’s hand in the California healthcare online system will not pretty much gaurantee failure according to a well-placed Sacramento server consultant. But alas, proving that California’s kickback system is just as corrupt as Washington DC’s. The guy WHO BUILT the COVERED CALIFORNIA Obamacare network, THE IT Director, The H.I.X. TOP GUY, The MAIN GUY: James Joseph Brown Jr.; was just ARRESTED FOR FELONY ORGANIZED CRIME CONFLICT-OF-INTEREST!!!! Just like everything in the Tesla/Fisker/Solyndra scam… everything with these people is about kickbacks, conflicts-of-interest and re-routing of public funds into their own pockets. When James Joseph Brown worked in his previous state position he helped get Tesla and Solyndra tax waivers.

Massachusetts admitted a few weeks ago that its original contract with Deloitte to modernize the state’s unemployment system was “flawed” and allowed Deloitte “to miss deadlines and still charge the state some $6 million more than originally planned,” the Boston Globe reported earlier in the month. Suzanne Bump, the Labor Department Secretary in charge of the contract at the time—who is currently State Auditor—told the Globe she has “no recollection of what was in that contract language.”

It is always amazing how selective amnesia seems to strike government officials whenever they are asked to explain their unexplainable decisions.

Deloitte ran the money for Tesla and “cooked the books” for Tesla, while double-dipping with the DOE to review Tesla’s rigged loan applications, ON BEHALF of THE TAXPAYERS “SUPPOSEDLY” while working with California officials to get Tesla a tax waiver for it’s factory; all the while providing shoddy services while rigging kickbacks… nice work if you can get it. Now let’s see: Which Silicon Valley VC’s have an exclusive relationship with Deloitte and Tesla?????

Andrew D.- LA Times


Deloitte under investigation for rigging ANOTHER car company:

Deloitte under investigation over Rover Nearly seven years after the collapse of car manufacturer MG Rover, its adviser Deloitte has been placed under investigation by industry regulators.

Deloitte under investigation over Rover Since the car company collapsed in 2005 taking with it 6,500 UK jobs, the AADB has been scrutinising Deloitte’s role as auditor and adviser to Rover.
By Anna White

A complaint was logged yesterday by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) over the conduct of the second largest accountancy firm in the UK and its former mergers and acquisitions partner Maghsoud Einollahi.

Tom Martin, FRC executive counsel referred the case to the Accountancy and Actuarial Discipline Board (AADB) to review Deloitte’s conduct as auditors and advisers to various companies in the MG Rover Group sale.

The complaint alleges that in connection with certain transactions, Deloitte and Mr Einollahi “failed adequately to consider the public interest; the potential for there to be different commercial interests between the Phoenix Four, MG Rover Group and associated companies and shareholders; and the conflicts of interest and self-interest threat in relation to advising the Phoenix Four whilst maintaining client relationships with the MG Rover Group.”

The accountancy arbitrators said the investigation is extremely serious, as demonstrated by the amount of time it took to file the complaint against Deloitte (formerly Deloitte & Touche.)

Both the AADB and Deloitte confirmed the inquiry is into the “transactions” overseen by Deloitte not the audit work.

It turns out Deloitte is in criminal investigations, many, many criminal investigations, worldwide, here is another:

“The aero group of companies called in joint administrators from KPMG on November 2009 after incurring losses that amounted to $11 billion according to KPMG partner Jim Tucker. Prior to the administration, Aero Inventory has appointed auditors from Deloitte to account for the financials of the group.
The AADB’s investigation will cover the processes of ICAEW and Deloitte in preparing, approving and auditing the financial statements of Aero Inventory PLC and its subsidiary Aero Inventory Ltd. In UK for the financial years ended June 30, 2007 and June 30, 2008, respectively.”

Susan l- NYC


There are hundreds of criminal charges against Deloitte, here is more:

The accounting firm Deloitte audited Bankia before it went public, and now Deloitte is under investigation after a report from the Institute of Accounting and Auditing (the Spanish abbreviation is ICAC) accused the firm of not acting independently and exposed a conflict of interest that could lose Deloitte its business license.

Deloitte audited the accounts of all the savings banks that were nationalized to make Bankia, and during the 2008-2012 period it billed them 67.22 million euros. It is notable that after the crisis that many of them endured, only Bankia has severed its relationship with Deloitte.

It is a good thing that the ICAC is demanding excellence from accounting firms, because increased regulation and oversight in the financial sector doesn’t mean much if we don’t make the banks do their jobs well.

One has to wonder who allows these people to even exist after all this has emerged?

Deloitte just makes nice powerpoints for big fancy pitches, takes the money, gives out bonuses and then the “partners” “retire” before everybody sees that the emperor has no clothes and everything comes crashing down!



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