‘-Mommy Shaming: The New Political Incorrectness

Mommy Shaming: The New Political Incorrectness

Modern science has disclosed that oxytocin, brain chemistry and neuro-biological stimulants drive us to want to have babies as much as anything else. Science seems to be saying: “we have babies because we can’t control ourselves rather than because they are cute”.

The Millenials have less babies, because they have become aware of this more recently disclosed science research. Many feel used and abused by a 10 million year old biology trick to perpetuate a species. Self describing themselves as “more savvy” they feel their awareness is helping them avoid “the baby trap.”

The always-ready-to-mock, snarky, Millenials, though, do not cut mom’s, from past generation’s, any slack.

They are often complaining that those who did have babies are “suckers”. They use the “mommy” term in a derogatory manner, ie: “Mommy-Porn” to describe Mothers desires for “Shades of Grey”. This alludes to Mom’s as being insipid, superficial and too dumb to have avoided the hell of “ruining 18 years of your life for baby-rearing”.

Is this payback for the lack of respect the Millenials feel? Do they have a point?

Let’s Discuss. Send in Your Links.

Betty H, Boston. Mom.

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