Everything Bezos touches turns to shit.

AMAZON has proven one thing: It makes money off of selling goods and spying on citizens. It can’t make media that is any good. When it tries to make media it turns it into a culture-war based mess designed by accountants!

PETER JACKSON must be called in to save RINGS OF POWER or Amazon should just cancel this turd.

Once he started dating Ms. Sanchez her mouth turned into a horribly disfigured cross between the Joker’s mouth and a horse vagina.

Once he had control of part of the internet he turned it into a horribly disfigured spy operation to watch every human being from his Mount Doom perch in Seattle.

Once he got control of Lord of The Rings he turned it into a horribly disfigured woke, slow paced, sham of a lecture on politics.


reddit.comrRings_Of_Powercommentsxbmvr8matt_walsh_talks_about_the…Matt Walsh talks about the real reason why Rings of Power sucks

And yes, The Rings of Power sucks. Matt and ROP both must be banished into the depths of an orcs gaping asshole. HeatSuccessful2529 • 11 days ago Excellent assessment! HeatSuccessful2529 • 11 days ago It is possible to acknowledge that Matt Walsh is human garbage AND that Rings of Power sucks great big donkey balls.

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Even more than The Wheel of Time, The Rings of Power is a transparent attempt by the streamer to produce “ the next Game of Thrones .” Initial estimates suggested a $1 billion budget for six…

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Skeptical Lord of the Rings fans have viewed the new Rings of Power trailer released this past week 6 million times, but the like/dislike ratio (YouTube hides dislikes now, but an extension reveals…

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With each new episode, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has put more and more emphasis on the morally ambiguous choices our heroes are forced to make. Episode 6, “Udûn,” presented the…