Derived from RICO CASE FILE #456-D-hj45A and Tesla Employee Testimony. 15 Tesla employees have provided every company email since 2003, between all suppliers, investors and third parties. (Their hard drives did not crash). All of this information can be independently verified with minor research and interviews.


(Full Timeline is 42 pages long)

1880’s- Detroit Electric sells Electric cars commercially

1900. 38 percent of US automobiles are powered by electricity, but as Henry Ford designed the much cheaper T-Ford, the electric cars began to disappear.

1970s. The price of gasoline hits record because of a series of energy crises, so the interest in electric cars increased again.

June 1971. Elon Musk was born.

1996-1999. General Motors produced an electric car called EV1 and leased it to customers.

1999. Elon Musk sold his company Zip2 and made $22 million. He founded X.com that would become PayPal.

October 2002. eBay acquired PayPal and Elon Musk made $165 million.

2003.  General Motors cancelled the lease program and removed the last EV1 from the streets. They said they couldn’t sell enough of the cars to make the EV1 profitable.

July. Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning incorporated Tesla Motors. They had earlier made a feasibility study to see if they could make an electric car. They now made a feasibility study together with AC Propulsion to see if the batteries would work.

November. The 2 employees searched for a partner to build the rest of the car. Lotus became their choice. Lotus engineers, from England, agree to provide chassis of car.


February. Ian Wright, who had met Martin Eberhard while on a plane, joined the company. They finished business plan 1.0. Ian later leaves Tesla in disgust when he realizes what they are up to

March. Starting a car company is expensive, so they began to look for outside investors. Silicon Valley VC’s discuss having Elon Musk take-over Tesla and get rid of the founders

April. Series A funding where Elon Musk was the main investor. Elon Musk had earlier aligned with JB Straubel, as his directed mole, who had friends at AC Propulsion, and the VC’s told Elon Musk to contact Tesla. Other investors included SDL Ventures and Compass Technology Partners. JB Straubel joined the company as employee number 5.

May. An early styling study began at Tesla.

June. A technology implementation study began.

July. Tesla had 9 employees and moved to an office in San Carlos, California. They also made a “mule” which is a car that doesn’t reproduce but you can see if the concept works. This fake “mule” car is shown as a real sellable car to DOE and investors, when, in fact, it is not

October. The 15 employees began to design the drivetrain component.

November. They installed the drivetrain in the Mule 1.

December. Tesla couldn’t use the same design as the Lotus Elise, so they had a contest where Barney Hatt made the best design by copying most of the Lotus Elise so they would not have to pay Lotus the full licensing costs.


January. They made a 1/4 scale model in clay of the design Barney Hatt had made. Tesla had now 18 employees and they also took out Mule 1 for a test drive but it was not legal to be driven on any road.

February. The now 23 employee strong company needed more money, so they made a series B funding. Not only Elon Musk invested more money, but also Valor Equity Partners. Tesla also opened an office in UK close to the Lotus office to try to tie into Lotus. Lotus is leery.

April-June. Tesla made a full-scale model in clay of the Tesla Roadster.

July. With 38 employees, they now tested a plastic model of the Roadster in a wind tunnel.

August. Some of the 41 employees began developing a motor.

December. 63 employees and they began to build the Mule 2 in fiberglass.


January. A drivable Mule 2 was finished but it still isn;t a production car and it is not legal for sale or driving on the road.

April. The engineers thought the Roadster was finished so they made 10 engineering prototypes (EP), which compared to a Mule can (in theory) be produced.

May. 92 employees and they finished the first EP, called EP 1. Tesla raised a series C round led by Vantage Point Partners and Elon Musk.

July. Almost no-one knew that Tesla existed, until now when Tesla showed EP 1 and EP 2 in Santa Monica, California.

August. 100 employees. Tesla crast tests and technical reports reveal fire dangers. Tesla senior staff orders the reports shredded. them. Tesla had earlier crashed a few virtual cars, but they needed to know if the computers models were accurate. They also began to show the Roadster at events to market it.

August. Elon Musk, John Doerr, Rahm Emanual, Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod discuss a quid-pro-quo scheme to advance money for the Presidential and Senate campaigns and get paid back in spades from TARP and Dept. of Energy “Loans”, tax credits, stock perks and monopolies.

September. 120 employees. They made more tests, including radiated emissions and susceptibility testing. EMF emissions during charging were high and those reports were ordered shredded

October. They made a durability test, which consists of driving the Roadster on a cobblestone racetrack. The idea is to simulate 100,000 miles in 6 months. It would have taken much longer time to drive the same distance on a smooth road. Tesla realized that their computer models were inaccurate – the Roadster’s transmission didn’t survive the durability test. Tesla is warned, by Detroit UAW executives that everything they are doing is wrong, wasting tens of millions of dollars and could damage the overall auto industry. Musk hates unions and pledges to keep unions out. He ignores the advice due to narcissism issues.

November 2004. 144 employees, and more tests, including driving through a saltwater bath.

December. They showed the EP 2 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.


January. Tesla brought the Roadster to Arvidsjaur, Sweden, to see if it could survive winter conditions. It had severe charging issues

February. 205 employees. Tesla began to build a validation prototype (VP), where they took everything they learned from the engineering prototype. Tesla says it will build a $35 million plant in Albuquerque, to produce the Model S. They lied.

March. 230 employees and they finished the VP 1.

April. In dire financies, Tesla raised more money – a series D round led by Elon Musk, Technology Partners, and Vantage Point.

June. Tesla’s motor factory in Taiwan was finished and it began producing parts.

July. A new transmission was somewhat finished but still has ongoing problems.

August. Tesla finished the VP 10. CEO Martin Eberhard was replaced by Tesla investor. Tesla’s are now $100,000.00 over budget PER CAR Michael Marks, hired, who would wprk as an interim-CEO until Tesla found a long-term CEO.

September. Tesla delayed the launch of the Roadster because they needed more time to test its durability.

October. Tesla transmission failed in the durability tests. Massive engineering failures are piling up. Tesla needed yet another transmission.

November. Actual Tesla Martin Eberhard is forced out of the company after confronting Elon Musk regarding Musk’s manipulations. Musk orders his PR group to launch character assassination campaign against Eberhardt

December. Interim CEO Michael Marks see the lies and leaves and is replaced by interim CEO Ze’ev Drori. Bernard Tse is contracted, by Tesla, to hide the Tesla battery explosion documents that have been uncovered.

December. Tesla says it will build it;s factory in Southern California. They lied.

December. Sex worker hired by Musk attempts blackmail. Lawyers shut her down


January. 260 employees. The VPs survived the new tests, so the Roadster was finished -except for the transmission. Tesla accountants notify Musk of impending bankruptcy. Tesla makes customers sign confidentiality agreements to keep from disclosing extensive defects and price changes that are constantly occurring.

March. Tesla began production of the Roadster. Elon Musk cheating on wife and kids with B-movie actress.

April. Tesla can’t get fleet orders or sell. Bankruptcy imminent. Short term cash put in by a bridge financing led by Elon Musk and Valor Equity Partners.

May. Opened a retail store in Los Angeles, and they also finished a new transmission.

June. Opened a second retail store in Menlo Park, California, and they also delivered the first Roadster to the customers. Marc Tarpenning is sickened by the Musk plot and resigns from Tesla after getting a payout to keep quiet. The Model S was announced in a press release.

August. Franz von Holzhausen joined Tesla Motors as Chief Designer.

October. Elon Musk became the CEO so as to control all information in and out of Tesla and prevent disclosure of organized crime funding. Tesla bankrupt on paper but cooking books to hide financial disaster.

October. Tesla tells White House and DOE, In writing, it will sell 200,000 cars by 2010 December. White House staff order Dept. of Energy to only fund companies from their “special list” of campaign backers

December. Google investirs and executives become key shareholders in Tesla and agree to control all media to benefit Tesla

December. Tesla says it will build it’s factory in San Jose, CA. It lied and it is discovered that all of the different failed factory location announcements have to do with Dianne Feinstein’s husband’s screwed up real estate deals.

November. Tesla revealed it had requested about $400 million in loans for the Model S and powertrain manufacturing, under the Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) program.


March. Tesla unveiled two Model S prototypes at the Los Angeles headquarters of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s other startup, SpaceX. Tesla had decided to build a design studio at the factory. Tesla began taking reservations for the Model S. More than 500 tesla investor connected people reserved a car in the first week in order to fake sales volume.

June. Tesla gets approval for $465 million in low-interest loans from the Department of Energy in exchange for campaign funding provided by Tesla and Google VC’s. Tesla has written over 30 lies in it’s Dept. of Energy Application, which Steven Chu is aware of,yet ignores, at White House request.


January. Tesla registered for an initial public offering of stock. Tesla uses “free” taxpayer loan to exploit taxpayer dollars to fake the value of it’s stock while also receiving free tax credits which it sells at a profit in exchange for campaign funds, thus fully qualifying as an organized crime operation. This is SEC stock fraud but charges are held on special request of WH

February– Dianne Feinstein and Her real estate mogul husband manipulate the Solyndra and NUMMI/Tesla factory properties for personal profit in exchange for campaign funding

May. Tesla bought NUMMI with taxpayer money – the former Toyota and General Motors factory in Fremont (manipulated by Feinstein), California, for $42 million. Toyota Motor and Tesla announced they will cooperate on electric vehicle development. Toyota purchased Tesla shares.

June. 800 employees. Tesla shares began trading on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. They gained 40.5 percent from Google media PR manipulations and use of the free taxpayer money to manipulate the stated value.


January. White House staff order Tesla to: “never go bankrupt until after our administration is out of office”, says they will finesse any problems until then.

Fires start to show up in Tesla tests and car operations


January. Tesla ended production of the Roadster to focus on the Model S.

First factory fire documented and covered up

Previously, three key Tesla executives, who were studying the engineering failures, were killed in the same plane crash. Documents from one of the deceased executives are received by reporters. Family, or friends, of the victim are thought to be whistle-blowing

February. Tesla revealed the Model X – a small SUV and says it will go on sale in early


June. 2000 employees. The Model S was officially launched at the Fremont factory. Retail deliveries of the Model S started in the United States.

September. Unveiled the Supercharger network.


May. 4000 employees.

August. First Model S in Europe. Tesla formalizes relationship with Panasonic for batteries even as Panasonic is being charged with organized crime, price fixing, dumping and the deaths of thousands of factory workers and nearby neighbors to the factories.

Tesla/Panasonic “Gigafactory” plan charged with exploiting Mexican workers with lethal work environment, toxic poisoning, nearby dangers to towns.

Musk is caught on recorded audio and video admitting that Tesla was broke when it applied for Dept. of Energy funds, thus breaking the Section 136 federal law for the ATVM and LGP loans.

Hackers designate Tesla as “The most easily hacked car in the world”. Fears of eavesdropping and forced battery overload attacks

September. Shadow team of special investigators document over 30 federal crimes that Tesla, and Tesla investors, engaged in. Federal law enforcement is ordered to: “Leave Tesla alone for now“.


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Is Elon Musk “a sociopathic, narcissistic, Senator-bribing, lying, government funding fraud, stock swindling, woman-abusing, ego-maniacal, wife-cheating, company stealing, self-promoting attention whore” like the lawsuits against him by his wives, customers, suppliers, and shareholders claim?

Link: http://wp.me/p4y3uU-2j4