The IRS Hard Drive Escapade: Washington DC Shocker Coming…

So, they think that the head of the IRS contracted “hits” on members of the public and organizations.

So, of the 80,000 people that work for the government, the only ones whose incriminating emails suddenly became”lost” are the ones under investigation for using federal property for business assassinations.

The odds of that happening, in just this conicidence, are beyond astronomical.

So the one side says: “oh well” they were all erased in an email failure.

They did not realize that you can never erase a hard drive. The data is ghosted into place.

So one side has filed subpeona’s to look at the very hard drives that “got erased”.

As if it wasn’t already interesting enough, here is where it gets OFF THE CHARTS wild:

– If the IRS people jumbled  the data on the hard drive with a Pentagon-class wipe-file program, even that wipe-file program leaves a signature.

– If the IRS people jumbled the data the hard drive with a Pentagon-class wipe-file program, then they would have had to have data-jumbled EVERY OTHER IRS EMAIL HARD-DRIVE SINCE 2004 *AND* JUMBLED ALL OF THEM WITH THE SAME WIPE-FILE program with the same latent signature clues. There is no sane reason to do that unless you are covering up a crime and federal IT staff have already publicly stated that IRS drives “are rarely, if ever, “wiped”.

– At the highest levels of spy-agency IT, there are even super-computers that can unjumble defense-grade “wipe-file” overwritten data. You can bet that investigators are calling in those IT Super-stars even now.

– So if the hard drive is both erased and wipe-file jumbled then it is a certain admission of guilt.

– If it is erased and not wipe-jumbled, all the data can be recovered.

– If it was a hard drive on the U.S. Federal Data system, there are always 3-6 groups, outside the IRS, who provide contracted data protection services so back-ups do exist. Thus, the emails are all still around, in other locations.

– If any of the emails passed through a Google, Yahoo or Microsoft email server. There are copies of those emails there. Hackers may have already gotten the emails with the $40.00 hacker software that kids get off the internet. Investigators may have already seen all of the emails but need an “official recovery” method so they can discuss them publicly.

– An army of IT forensic investigators are already lined up and fully researched because they just finished investigating the HHS IT failure issues. They are on-line, and dug in, so there will be little delay in getting results.

In any case; somebody is about to be screwed in front of some hearing in a mind boggling manner. It might make history.

The NSA has now been put in the interesting position of being the gaurdian of evidence against corrupt politicians. They have every communication between lobbyists, campaign backers and insiders. Now Congress has ACTUALLY demanded, IN WRITING, that the NSA “cough it up”. If the NSA refuses, then Congress might say: Well, then what good are you?” and shut down the whole agency. This whole incident makes for a conundrum of epic historical significance.

If, FOR EXAMPLE, the email recovery finds an email from Lous Lerner to Jay Carney saying something like: “I’m going to wipe these guys out” and a response from Carney saying: “Ok, go get ’em”. That would be something interesting. If that did happen, and Jay Carney showed it to The President, the President would be forced to resign. The little hard drive, suddenly, could become the big hard rock of a massive scandal…. keep an eye on this…

Watch the news …the onion is still unpeeling…

TD- WAPO, S- LA times, FG, T- Denv

IRS EMAIL HEARINGS: All of the Democratic committee members are constantly repeating the mantra: “We should move all of the federal records to the cloud” but they neglect to state that “The Cloud” is owned and controlled by their Silicon Valley VC campaign backers, who will make billions in kickbacks by “moving to the cloud”. EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: Kids can break into the cloud, and have, every day, with free software they download off the internet. Every major server system has been broken into: HHS, CIA, NASA, etc…

ALSO: Democratic committee members keep saying that: “The Bush administration also destroyed emails to run a cover-up” but they leave out the fact that people were caught and indicted in that case. People are being prevented from being caught and indicted in this case, which indicates that a cover-up is still going on re: the IRS case.


The facts show that a technical failure is no longer a realistic concern. The IRS refusal to call in the FBI is quite telling.

The astronomical odds of all of these people having all of these crashes in a case that affects the Presidency in the highest level center of documentation on Earth in this one certain time-frame is so impossible, if it wasn’t intentional deletion, it defies all odds for being just a technical coincidence.

Amy T- SF CH


They ALREADY HAVE all of Lois Lerner’s emails, from other sources, (NOTHING DIGITAL EVER ACTUALLY IS GONE) and they are just letting these people tie their own knots and hang themselves from their own trees. ADDITIONALLY, THE REST OF THE EMAILS WILL BE FOUND TO BE DEVASTATING)

Deputy Assistant -T

During the course of each committee hearing, when “persons of interest” are being interrogated, each of them rattles off a mind numbing set of facts and figures to try to make the point that “this is no big deal, just look at how often we screw up”… but, if they can recall and recite wrote details in a vast and complex manner like this, why can’t a single one of them recall who, from only a handful of people, they discussed this historically notorious incident with only a few months ago. We are watching the most overt, and obvious, selective memory excuses ever recorded in a broadcast venue. Wait until the investigators compare the email histories and IP Address server touch-points of all 2000 other people who had drive crashes, in the same time-frame, and find that ONLY the “suspects” had total system voids. Very, Very suspicious. Also, who is taking bets that no other person that Lois Lerner has EVER emailed never had a back-up system in their network?

Just goes to show, you can’t do organized criminal activities in the digital age and not get caught. The CSI TV show has taught us that the most microscopic DNA evidence can send someone to the electric chair. DIGITAL DNA evidence is 100,000 times smaller and a million times harder to totally wipe off the crime scene (IE: The Internet). Go look at what Akamai does and then tell me you can’t find this stuff.

A. Garcia- TTL


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