Bad title, sorry. Seems like I am actually way behind, and there is alot going on here. I’ll post a summary from the thread because, this is mostly technical information on decoding the leaks.

edit: been looking over this information for awhile now. I have minimal programming knowledge. So this could be adults playing pretend for all i know. Wikileaks has been strange lately to say the least. May not know anything until Snowden or someone prolific pipes up. This is possibly bad info YOU HAVE BEEN WARNEDminimal



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if you read the threads inside that png you will able to see everything that happened that was saved before deletion. rushed summary:

oct 17: strange activity is noticed at the embassy, first responders investigate, periscope is killed, twitter goes full orwell, is changed to no longer save sites properly.something that is instantly deleted is posted several times on pleddit, halfchan, fullchan, onion links and darkweb. it is all wiped. people regroup in several places since there is no way to post without threads being deleted or sites going down. a lot end up here.

oct 21: as the director of wikileaks is dying a huge ddos takes down most sites. blockchain is attacked. lot of stuff gets deleted.

oct 24: someone finds the wikileaks backups in the blockchain and posts instructions and code to decode the data.

oct 27: the deletions get too severe. sites begin being flooded with illegal content or going down. people create their own private channel to discuss progress. the keys and all hidden data in the blockchain are found. the group pushes the information into a few cryptocurrencies. blockchain is flooded. mempool graphs now have a giant spike on oct 27. soft fork for bitcoin begins. onion threads with the info get instantly wiped. everyone involved goes silent except one of two people. this group is then referred to as ‘group 1’. first finding of the keys as ‘first impact’. few days later: one of the people following the progress of group 1 starts teaching others how to retrace the steps.

late oct: people figure out that unlocking the data gets you xkeyscored’d making you lose internet connection and makes sites get attacked if the stuff is not deleted.

early nov: focus changes to teaching others how to find the information on airgapped computers to avoid deletion and sacrificing public channels of communication. threads that have progress start being flooded with illegal content every morning.

nov 8: begins being changed. some files are deleted. checksum hashes start not matching older backups.

some point in nov: irs asks bitcoin to give them the identities of all transactions. copies of the blockchain start showing ‘undecodable’ or empty transactions not seen before.

mid nov: ‘group 2’ doxxes the people pretending to be wikileaks and tried to spread more detailed instructions for getting the files. posts did not last more than a few minutes. it seems like they tried to push to blockchain but apparently the data did not make it in. group 2 goes silent. they start calling this day the ‘second impact’. Anonymous 12/21/2016 (Wed) 01:05:45 [Preview] No. 120 [X] del >>121

119 nov 25: third impact. files are found by a new group that seems to not be american. they post instructions all the place but they don’t last more than a few hours. they tried to encode data into cryptocurrencies but it is not clear if it made it. this day is the second spike visible on the mempool graph.

at some point after this people agree to stop using the endchan thread for this because admins have to deal with too much illegal content floods and site going down. it becomes clear that any channel used to discuss this is ‘sacrificed’, in other words, it starts going down a lot, they flip the mods, deletion, illegal spams, etc. this thread is created for that reason. you can figure out what is special about this thread if you read the logs in the png. most progress after this point is exclusively on channels with no logs on darkweb. most of these eventually go down. the endchan thread is eventually locked. everyone that posted is blocked to this day. it is then deleted.

dec: planning for d-day begins. all holding groups spend all of december teaching others how to find the files.

mid dec: someone allegedly speaking on behalf of appelbaum posts links to code he wrote to find and repair keys in memory. new teams are told to use it. obama starts talking about a cyber war with russia.

dec 18: files are found in japan. a meshnet using ps3s is created to spread the files but it does not seem to last too long.

dec 19: d-day. happenings all over the world. most ISPs, torrent communities and major sites go down. wikileaks releases a new insurance file. uk, ec, and us insurance files from before no longer show on unless you have IPs from specific countries. it is one of the biggest internet outages in history and it is not reported in a single news site that i have been able to find. holding groups go silent. some members are now trying to find their old teams.

tl;dr blockchain has backups for all wikileaks files since 2013. it also has checksum hashes and upload proofs for all files. there is a lot of stuff in there that triggers xkeyscore or echelon and is virtually impossible to share or even talk about. three months have been spent trying to teach others how to recreate the steps. there is a noticeable pattern. group finds it, start teaching others how to do it, then everything is deleted and people go silent. then a new group finds the breadcrums and starts over. it’s not clear what happened yesterday or what will happen next but there are people from all the world trying to investigate. at this point and there is no part of the internet where it is allowed



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“people figure out that unlocking the data gets you xkeyscored’d making you lose internet connection and makes sites get attacked if the stuff is not deleted.”

This is why you should NOT download the torrents announced over the Twitter account until Julian is proven alive by showing himself.

All the audio interviews can be easily faked with modern software, including any unique maneurisms. There was a visual interview a while ago, but it was very odd as you could see his collar changing as the visual was tweened between frames.

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How would onion threads get instantly wiped unless they have a pull-lever solution for taking down onions? Unless all the onions were from one person and they were bad at their job.

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Holy god, I had no idea it ran that deep. The internet is truly and utterly compromised.

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Damn it op! I want to know what’s in the letter but I’m no techno Wizard and don’t know how to do half the shit thats listed in that big ass image of yours.

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There is a fuck ton going on with this, there was 3-4 or more 200+ comment threads on 4chan yesterday related to this information.



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They’ve taken the Internet from us. Our home.

What will you do? I don’t have the technical expertise to fight a battle on this front but when the shooting war happens my friends I will be ready to defend you.



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do a little research on meshnets and the deep web. You don’t need to become an expert but knowledge is power



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The internet was originally a military project. no reason to be surprised they can know everything you do on it.



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You can encrypt the data going through it though, then decrypt it when you get it on ur pc. But there are a lot of ways to be compromised :S

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This is far beyond my understanding, but I’m rooting for these investigators!



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Awesome username btw. Very clever



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I understand it but have no wish to die, so I’m not even going to attempt anything they are talking about.



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I dont get it entirely, whats so difficult in all of this if the keys to the files are released already?



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I think Julian and his team got nabbed so quickly that they were able to partially nullify his dead man’s switch. Now opposition is in full damage control mode with honey pots, shills, and censorship.



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I think you are spot fucking on.



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yeah i thought this exact shit since the fucking po went up to the embassay with no fucking natn’l markings on.



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seriously this is most important post all fucking year on voat.

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I bet the Russians and Chinese have already fully decrypted everything that JA has ever posted online. Only us amateurs are struggling with this.



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it has been my assumption that nations have the ability to decrypt most anything thus making the insurance file something that will inevitably be broken. It would just be a matter of time. Maybe I misunderstand the insurance file and associated keys?



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If that where the case they would likely have been anonymously released already. If the information didn’t have anything implicating them, or maybe China would trust the firewall and do it anyways. Or they would only release snipits to media than would help them.

I think the keys are still good, for now. Probably in 10-15 years they will discover a problem in the crypto program like usual and be able to brute force the key. Thus stuff would be high priority info so nationd have likely already tried to break it.



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If these people think something is blocking them from posting info on the net, they should go down to Office Depot and pick up a bunch of cheap USB drives and mail them out to everybody they can think of who might be interested. Old media, new media, feds, army, politicians, businessmen, teachers, preachers, whoever. That will at least get the info out.



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To Soon.

In the previous threads there are instructions on what to do. Be aware, you need to take precautions. If anyone is going to pursue this, I strongly recommend you read this article from the same thread as op has mentioned




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There is some very real, very scary state sponsored battles happening. Big shit, involving big players is in progress. Tread cautiously. Lots of people will be getting framed for heinous shit



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If i don’t post anything in a month. Tell people i didn’t commit suicide



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I’ve been looking at your post history and it appears you might have severe depression, please don’t commit Clinton.



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Of course you wouldn’t. Your heart in good health?



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We need to break the network at the infrastructure level.



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This is all LARPing. Insurance files have been held by thousands of people for a long time now. You’d just need to post the keys which you could spam all over the internet…



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Two simultaneous networks running, huh…?



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voat gonna get hit next…



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If someone had a way of getting the files out in paper form but had no way of getting them decrypted what would be the best way of getting them?



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In the US first class mail. There are laws protecting it from being opened. Of course if it was illegal sending illegal stuff over first class mail increases the penalty.

That or hand delivery courier



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I dont even know what I am looking at but I feel it is important