The Raw Criminality of The Silicon Valley Kleiner Perkins Venture Capital Cartel



If the Mafia had an outpost in Silicon Valley it would be at an office building full of pencil-pushing misogynistic men called Kleiner Perkins on Sandhill Road in Palo Alto.



These are the guys that trade presidential and senate campaign finances for government kickbacks in the technology industry.



These are the guys that have been notoriously dubbed “the assholes” in the HBO Mike Judge TV series: “Silicon Valley”1. Indeed, they go to epic lengths to live up to their nickname.



While no other entity in Silicon Valley deserves a combined FBI – FTC – SEC raid more than Kleiner Perkins, and their enabling law firms of Wilson Sonsini and Morrison Forrester, those raids are not going to happen until a new Administration takes the reigns in Washington, DC. In the meantime, let us document the many ills of “KP”, as they are known.



Some state sponsored entities have raided KP but those incursions were covert. At least one midnight break-in and multiple electronic hack attacks have sought to source up the dark secrets of the deviant frat-boy club that holds much of the technology world hostage in the Bay Area. Rumors have it that the break-ins were sponsored by the Russians, or the Chinese or the FBI or the GOP.



You may have heard of Kleiner Perkins in the lurid sex abuse law suit involving Kleiner executive Ellen Pao. You may have heard of them when their founder: Tom Perkins, famously ranted about poor people being “NAZI’S” for not respecting the rich. You may have heard about them when partner Ray Lane was indicted for epic tax evasion. You may have heard of them when partner Vinod Khosla shut down one of California’s most beautiful public beaches because he only wanted it to be used for friends of billionaires. There are thousands of reasons you may have heard of Kleiner Perkins, none of them good and almost all of these reasons tied to news stories about corruption, crony politics, sexual depravities, spying and the most amazing dirty deeds and self-aggrandizing hubris you ever heard of.



Kleiner Perkins, most notoriously via their leader John Doerr sourced up the NSA and CIA spy-on-every-American contracts for Google.



Kleiner Perkins created the CLEANTECH CRASH 2 which has, to date, lost American taxpayers over a trillion dollars of their hard earned money. The Solyndra FBI raid was just the beginning of the revelations as the Federal Bureau of Investigation suddenly found itself surprised to find that crony political cash conduits had a hard-wired bee-line from Sandhill Road in Silicon Valley to Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.



Kleiner Perkins is the mafia-like organizer of the Silicon Valley Cartel of elite white men who attended the same college, went to the same fraternity houses, were directed by the same group of wealthy families and only deal with each other in setting up financing for entrepreneurs in America. The “Angelgate” Scandal3 exposed how they do their dirty collusion.



Where the big shady deals of Kleiner Perkins may be shady but may also seem to be non-impact events to the average citizen, these Angelgate collusion events strike personally at specific people in the community. They strike at the small entrepreneurs and creators who Kleiner Perkin’s decides may compete with them. They order those creators to be “killed off”.



It gets worse.



Kleiner Perkins helped coordinate something called “the secret Silicon Valley No Poaching collusion!”4



In this even grander plot, the VC’s got together and made a secret database to lock over 10,000 engineers and job-seekers out of getting jobs. You heard that right: Kleiner Perkins and it’s insiders black-listed thousands of people, in a bad economy, inside America, in order to operate their illicit Cartel.



Kleiner Perkins got the cash for Eric Schmidt to take over Google and turn Google into the largest spy operation in the world as well as the largest supplier of Staff to the Obama Administration. Eric Schmidt had his emails revealed, in court, in which Schmidt was personally directing part of the Cartel black-listing.



It gets worse than that.



Kleiner Perkins used media fronts that they controlled, such as Gawker Media, Think Progress, New America Foundation, Google and Motley Fool to destroy the lives of hundreds of people by running coordinated character assassinations on them across the entire internet. The attacks, known as “The Full Monty”, publish made-up defamation data, permanently, in front of five billion people around the world. The defamation attacks are never removed, constantly expanded and, through Kleiner’s massive control of global search engines, forever replicated.



Kleiner uses its connections with Palantir, Oracle, and other databases to impregnate every HR, job hunting and recruiter database with red flag negative data on their targets. This ensures that those who offend Kleiner Perkins will never be able to get a job and can never work again.



Let’s take a look at this program of harassment developed and optimized by Kleiner Perkins:




1. The Kleiner Cartel blacklists you so you can never get investors again.


2. The Kleiner Cartel runs media character assassinations on you so you will never get a job again.


3. The Kleiner Cartel embeds negative results on you, in every hiring database, so you will certainly never get a job.


4. The Kleiner Cartel uses the fact that it has paid nearly a billion corrupt dollars to State and Federal officials to have your disability, benefits and insurance applications stone-walled or rejected.


5. The Kleiner Cartel uses the fact that it has paid nearly a billion corrupt dollars to State and Federal officials to have al of your government services, grants, loan and funding resources stone-walled or rejected.




With this simple five step attack program, The Cartel can kill you dead without ever needing to fill a grave.



Federal and state officials have been actively caught engaged in, and supporting these attacks. In Washington DC federal attack implementors included Steven Chu, Lachlan Seward, Robert Gibbs, David Axelrod, Bill Daly, David Plouffe, Eric Schmidt, Richard Blum, and over 45 other known and under-investigation names now terminated from their positions.



In California, Jerry Brown’s Ken Alex, The State Controller and over 30 others are known, by name to have been running cover games for the Kleiner Cartel. The FBI, now under pressure to indict bigger names is in the awkward position of having vast and over-whelming evidence on-hand but a larger than normal pack of criminal suspects to perp walk. The public is demanding justice and the 2016 election year is proving to be the ultimate line in the sand against corruption. State and Federal officials can no longer scurry away from consequences. Their implementation of these kinds of attacks on members of the public, at the behest of corporate campaign villains has reached the high-water mark.



The voters are now fully aware of such schemes, their machinations and the damages to society that organizations like the Kleiner Cartel cause.



The voters will not take it anymore.






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