How soaring crime has means nearly 20% of San Francisco homes are now selling at a loss – with the average seller getting $155,500 less than they paid

Nearly one in five homes sold in San Francisco have sold at a loss in recent months – way above the rate nationally. Murders, robberies, burglaries and public drug use are forcing residents to flee the city.

Watch the moment California Gov. Gavin Newsom is humiliated at his own press conference after blowing $24 BILLION on homelessness without any results

California Governor Gavin Newsom was called out by a reporter after he continued to dodge questions about blowing the state’s $24 billion spending on the homeless.

San Francisco Spends $5M Of Taxpayer Money To Give Free Beer And Vodka Shots To Homeless

Drug Dealers Now Operating Outside San Francisco Public Library

San Francisco is poised for MAJOR earthquake this year – says worrying new study tracking San Andreas Fault activity – City By The Bay could be reduced to pile of RUBBLE

The Parkfield section of the San Andreas Fault, located in central California, gave off distinct sounds in the six weeks leading up to an earthquake in 2004. It’s not doing them now, though.

Give me a brake! San Francisco tow truck tries to drag away car with driver still inside

A tow truck driver was seen trying to snatch a car with the driver still inside on a San Francisco street. The company, Specialty Towing, was suspended by the city in February.

How Dem-led California – whose population fled en masse during COVID – is STILL failing to bounce back… and here’s why

How this Dem-led state whose population fled en masse during aggressive Covid years is

Californians are leaving the Golden State in droves, citing the high cost of living and poor quality of life as driving factors. The reasons behind California ‘s population decline is largely due to the decrease in migration related as a result of international travel restrictions and a large amount of people taking advantage of the pandemic to move to a state with more affordable housing. But others have cited more personal reasons for leaving, such as their politics, safety concerns, and what California is notoriously known for – traffic.


Inside the ‘housing cartel’ accused of pushing up the cost of YOUR rent: Legal battle breaks out over niche tech firm that helps landlords fix prices

A Texan software company is alleged to have been at the center of a ‘rental cartel’ that enabled landlords across the US to artificially drive up prices.

Dirty dollars! San Francisco finally opens its long-mocked $1.7 million public restroom

San Francisco finally opens its long-mocked $1.7 million public restroom in 'Toilet Bowl'

The city of San Francisco has finally unveiled its much-anticipated public toilet with much fanfare and celebration. Estimated to cost $1.7 million but eventually built for much less, the metal toilet was installed in the Noe Valley neighborhood on April 20. About 100 people came together in the Noe Valley Town Square to celebrate the unveiling by dressing up as the Mario Brothers (who are plumbers by profession) and had a live jazz band that renamed itself ‘American Standard’ for the day. Apart form the toilet, the public restroom also comes with a baby changing station