What Went Wrong With The Electric Car Industry?

What Went Wrong With The Electric Car Industry?

California Demands Everyone Drive Electric Vehicles, but Can’t Even Keep the Lights on

Federal Agencies say that the Earth is missing 2/3 rds of the minerals needed to make lithium batteries and that wishful thinking is NOT going to make the missing thirds magically appear. Of the 1/3rd that does exist, 90% of it is inside of nations that hate the USA and that wishful thinking is not going to make those nations become political friends with the USA. In other words, to make all cars run on lithium batteries you need to find two more whole Earth’s in space and mine them at a cost of 900 trillion dollars; an almost impossible task. By the time you do all this to get enough lithium battery minerals, the batteries will be so expensive that consumers will have to pay, at least, one million dollars per car. Each year that the tiny amount of rare earth metals gets mined, the price of that material doubles. Even a child can see that the economics of this are a fools errand. On the other hand: Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and all other non-Detroit car companies, have hydrogen fuel cell cars which get their energy from either water or any organic waste, of which the supply is endless.

Only men seem to start car companies. Most psychologists say that this is because men see cars as dick insecurity emblems.

Elon Musk is known to be a wildly insecure narcissist who feels that he must get every woman, that he can find, pregnant in order to prove his manhood to his abusive father, who got his sister pregnant.

Musk embodies the ultimate expression of ‘car-as-dick’ thinking because Musk was not only molded by his purse-swinging, kept-woman, mother, abusive father and crooked brother but also by the Silicon Valley frat boy rape-culture.

Silicon Valley is, of course, the Eden of modern misogyny and tech-bro douche-baggery.

Musk dragged all of the biggest assholes from Silicon Valley, The DNC and Goldman Sachs into his Tech Cartel. Together they created a temporary monopoly in the electric car industry by exchanging stock market payola with Senators and White House staff who, in exchange, locked off the electric car and space industries just for Musk.

But that scheme was not sustainable. It was amazingly crooked and lucrative but, it could not last. It was Big Tech’s Roman Empire and it was doomed to fail spectacularly.

Musk counted on Obama and Biden to stick with his original quid-pro-quo deal to trade government cash for election rigging via his boyfriends at Google and Facebook. Tesla was the money conduit for a bunch of political scammery.

Biden and his cheerleader actress front girl: Jennifer Granholm, bounced into office with a Wizard of Oz promise to give everybody electric cars. They were so wrong about the pitfalls of their plan and they hired so many idiot sex freaks and unicorn fart unaware fools that their scheme blew up…instantly and literally.