White House staff order protection of Tesla “at all costs” to protect DOE image

White House staff order protection of Tesla “at all costs” to protect DOE’s image
and the image of those associated in Washington.

Analysts that are in the pockets of Tesla investors market stock values that have no basis in reality. Using manipulated Google stories that are rigged into search engine output to make them look like they are the main opinion rather than the exception that they are. The persons backing this effort are the exact same people who were campaign bundlers and contributors.

Fake Tesla financial reports use Federal and State tax credits to magically show as revenue upside when, in fact, the company is bleeding money and desperately trying to reconfigure its NUMMI building contract. Tesla is still getting taxpayer money to keep it operating by getting kickbacks from State and Federal agencies on orders from those agency bosses. State kickbacks and DC kickbacks got Tesla where it is and nothing more.

Tesla cars turn out to be NOT “the best built car ever built” as stated in paid-for “consumer reports” but, rather full of electronic problems, door handle lock-ins, overheating, range issues, shock absorber failures, mounting bolt failures, and DEADLY FIRES THAT WATER MAKES EVEN WORSE AND TOXIC GASES FROM BATTERY FIRES COMBINED WITH BURNING PLASTIC.

When Fisker died, the orders went out from on high: “Never Let Mitt Romney’s call  that Tesla AND Fisker were losers” become verifiable”. Cover up anything that makes Tesla look bad.

The order from The Hill was given to protect Tesla as a DOE “success Story” “no matter what”.  See “THROW THEM ALL OUT- PART 2: The Fix is In.”

Asta Lee- Denver CL


Tesla-specific “analysts” and “financial bloggers” pushing Tesla stock online all have paid relationships, positions and Tesla investor connections per MarketWatch tracking and Disclosure filings. Using fake “trade publications” like EV WORLD and others, the “amazing perfection of Tesla” is always trumpeted by them like fanboys talking about MAC’s or Wolverine comics. It helps that Googles executives are secret backers of Tesla and make all of the Google products push Tesla (kind of against the law, per SEC, but nobody seems to care about that anymore)

TL- LA Times Stringer


Steven Chu was practically married to each and every silicon valley investor DNC bundler/contributor recipient of DOE manipulated funding before he was suggested as Secretary of Energy. Once he got thrown out of DOE for being such an obvious shill, he couldn’t even get a job except at the VC’s own college campus: Stanford, where the VC’s can keep an eye on him. Alas, so can the authors and researchers of: THROW THEM ALL OUT, too. Now they are trying to train Moniz to be their bitch but it isn’t going as fast as they like and actual facts are starting to slip out as the few honest DOE staff have had enough and are now whistleblowing. We got Chu and a bunch of his corrupt staff terminated..THROW THEM ALL OUT actually DOES work, Let’s roll…



Tesla could sell cars with dead bodies in the back seat painted in pink paint and the shills would still write that they were the greatest thing since god and that no other car on Earth is as wonderful, perfect, excellent, pristine, angelic and otherwise a total work of bullshit spin.

Tesla is the Miley Cyrus Twerk of the Hill!

Tesla exists entirely out of hundreds of paid bloggers and paid reviewers; paid search engine hype; paid off analysts; exclusive one-of-a-kind just-for-tesla tax dodges and free taxpayer loans. Elon Musk is the P.T. Barnum-Madoff of the investment world. Musks insane plan to built a Libertarian Cult on Mars, with him as the head priest, shows what kind of a whack he is. They have their dealers park their cars in rich neighborhoods during commute hours so people think there are more of them around than have actually been purchased. They made all of their investors buy them and buy them and put them in their friends and families names to trump up volume appearances.



“One of our neighbors showed up with a Tesla the other week. We knew, as a retail salesperson, he could never afford it. We all started asking him about it and found out that one of the Tesla reps loans it to him as long as he drives it back and forth over the Golden Gate Bridge during commute hours so it looks like rich people with nice jobs are driving Tesla’s. I bet a bunch of Tesla’s you see are in certain situations just for show…..”

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