If certain news stories, or exposes’, hit the digital news stands, the publishers of those online newspapers are often suddenly taken off-line by hundreds of thousands of electronic signal attacks on their web servers, by someone who doesn’t like those news stories.
These signals are called “Denial of Service” attacks. The hackers call them “Low Earth Orbit Ion Cannon” attacks. They block anybody from getting to the publishers content.
While China’s “Great Wall” electronic attack flood-gate is well known, the attacks are not coming from China. They are coming from Virginia, Texas, Kansas and locations within the U.S.
They are coordinated. They are sophisticated and they are a 100% violation of the First Amendment warrant of free speech.
The stories are generally nothing an outside government would be particularly unhappy about.
IT experts have now analyzed the source locations of these attacks and their targets and they appear to be almost exclusively directed at things the DNC wouldn’t like made public.
So, who exactly could be doing this? Who are the suspects:
1. Sid Blumenthal, or his alter-ego Berman, who do contracted “hit jobs” of journalists they are paid to shut-down.
2. The White House Press office.
3. The DNC Press office
4. Silicon Valley billionaires who are the main source of DNC funds
5. The GOP to make it look like the DNC is violating free speech
6. Putin, just because: Putin
7. Some mysterious group