(WORLD NEWS) Why Do My Senators Get To Own My Competitors And Use Government Money To Attack Me In Order To Protect Those Competitors?

Why Do My Senators Get To Own My Competitors And Use Government Money To Attack Me In Order To Protect Those Competitors?

That’s the big question!

Why do my elected officials get to CHEAT RATHER THAN COMPETE? Why do they get to help my competitors, own my competitors companies and stall federal investigations of those competitors corrupt business activities?

Aren’t these politicians doing things that anybody else would be arrested and charged with felony crime for doing? Yes!

My public officials own Tesla, Google, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube and some other companies that stole my technology, ran hit-jobs and paid those public officials to give them exclusive government cash, contracts, tax waivers, buildings, free fuel and other goodies!!

The aforementioned competitors are all under federal investigation and have FBI, DOJ, SEC and FTC lawsuits ongoing against them.

It all seems very, very corrupt!

By comparing records and files from FINCEN, FBI, FTC, SEC, Congressional Investigators, ICIJ, FEC, DOJ, ProPublica, and other sources, one can easily see that political officials own Google, Tesla, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, et al, (AKA “The Tech Cartel” or, in legal terms: “The Enterprise“). This explains why those companies have been exempt from regulation and prosecution. Those public officials and tech company oligarchs have exchanged millions, and millions, of dollars between themselves and their families for profiteering.

They were all either financed by, friends, with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or government service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, exchanging emails with, business associates of or directed by; our business adversaries, or the Senators and politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political digital search manipulation services to. Criminal U.S. Senators coordinated and profited in these schemes. Their own family members have now supplied evidence against them. You don’t hear about this, much, in the “main-stream news” because nearly half of Congress, White House staff and government agency bosses own the stock in the news broadcasters and receive billions of dollars of financing from them.

Many witnesses, including us, have now sworn, warranted and certified to federal law enforcement about the details of these crimes. Many of those whistle-blowers were former executives in “The Tech Cartel’.

This is not about politics. It is about felony crimes! Our government representatives are business partners with our biggest enemies and make decisions based on greed, not duty!

It is not a ‘big secret’ any more. Google, Tesla, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, etc. are paying the single largest volume of BRIBES, to politicians, in history. The FBI, SEC, FINCen and Congress are fully aware of this.

Many of our peers have gone in to ‘swear, warrant and certify’ to that fact at the FBI offices. The financial records, investment bank records, family trust account records and ICIJ leaks prove it in an inarguable manner.

Our Senators and top agency officials took bribes in order to protect Google, Tesla, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, etc from getting regulated!!! The crooked politicians are paid via stock market transactions. Those crooked politicians should be arrested ASAP!

I know the family members of some of these officials. Those family insiders bragged to me about how those politicians do crimes and get away with it. They were quite proud of themselves.

December’s calls — which are set to expire in late 2022 and early 2023 — show that the Pelosis believe tech stocks are going to continue their current bull run in the new year, according to Thomas Hayes of Great Hill Capital.

“They’re trying to ride the momentum,” Hayes told The Post. “The Pelosis live in San Francisco — they’re around a lot of hype so I’d see how they’re caught up in the euphoria.”

Nancy Pelosi defends lawmakers owning individual stocks but gets reamed for protecting her special interests

Some DC insiders have speculated that Pelosi is slow-walking bipartisan legislation that would hurt big tech firms.

Critics on both the left and right have argued that members of Congress should be banned from trading individual stocks and instead only be allowed to invest in broader funds.

Progressives including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts have slammed members of Congress trading stocks as “brazen” and “ludicrous,” while Republican Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters recently nicknamed Pelosi “Naughty Nancy” and called for a ban on all stock trading by members of Congress.

Under a law called the STOCK Act passed in 2012, members of Congress are required to disclose trades. But 52 members of Congress including Democratic Senators Diane Feinstein of California and Mark Kelly of Arizona, as well as Republican Senators Rand Paul of Kentucky and Roger Marshall of Kansas have all violated the law in recent years, Insider reported.

Revealed: how US senators invest in firms they are supposed to regulate

Senators Mike Rounds, Shelley Moore Capito, Roy Blunt, John Hoeven, Jim Inhofe, Joe Manchin and Steve Daines in 2015. Senators are far wealthier than most constituents, and in a prime position to increase wealth via policymaking.
Senators Mike Rounds, Shelley Moore Capito, Roy Blunt, John Hoeven, Jim Inhofe, Joe Manchin and Steve Daines in 2015. Senators are far wealthier than most constituents, and in a prime position to increase wealth via policymaking. Photograph: Tom Williams/Getty Images

If you found out that Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Elon Musk had paid TENS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in STOCK MARKET TRICKERY, revolving door jobs, sex workers, search engine rigging, and other things, to almost all of California’s major politicians AS BRIBES, wouldn’t you want the FBI to arrest those oligarchs and Senators?


Analysis of financial disclosure data shows 51 senators and their spouses have as much as $96m invested in corporate stocks

An analysis of personal financial disclosure data as of 16 August has found that 51 senators and their spouses have as much as $96m personally invested in corporate stocks in five key sectors: communications/electronics; defense; energy and natural resources; finance, insurance and real estate; and health.

The majority of these stocks come from public companies, and some are private.

Overall, the senators are invested in 338 companies – including tech firms such as Apple and Microsoft, oil and gas giants including ExxonMobil and Antero Midstream, telecom companies including Verizon, and major defense contractors such as Boeing – in the five sectors as categorized by Sludge.

Congressional financial disclosures present investments in dollar ranges, not exact amounts, so all data in this report comes in ranges, some very wide. The median stock investment range in the five sectors for the 51 senators is between $100,000 and $365,000, while the average range of the investments is between $551,000 and nearly $1,874,000.

Not only are the senators far wealthier than most of their constituents, but they’re in a prime position to increase their wealth via policymaking.

It’s not illegal for members of Congress to have personal financial stakes in the industries on which they legislate. But such investments raise questions about lawmakers’ motivations. If a representative on the House financial services committee owns hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stock in Bank of America, how might this investment affect their questioning of Bank of America’s CEO in a hearing? Could it influence how they legislate and vote on banking issues?

While some members of Congress do try to limit possible conflicts of interest others claim their personal finances could never influence their conduct as elected representatives of the people, or fail to acknowledge concerns about their finances.

Senator Joe Manchin, the ranking member on the Senate energy and natural resources committee, owns between $1m and $5m worth of non-public stock in his family coal business, Enersystems, making him the only Democratic senator who is directly profiting from the environmentally devastating coal business.

Despite pressure from the left, the Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, made Manchin the ranking member of the committee, and Manchin did not divest his coal holdings.

Some senators want to do away with these perceived conflicts of interest. Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced anti-corruption legislation in August 2018 that included a ban on members of Congress, senior congressional staff, cabinet secretaries, White House staff, federal judges and other officials from owning individual stocks, bonds, commodities, futures and other types of securities while in office.

The senators Sherrod Brown and Jeff Merkley introduced the Ban Conflicted Trading Act in December to prevent members of Congress and senior staff from trading individual corporate stocks.

Financial firms lead the way

Senators own between $28.1m and $95.6m worth of stock in the five sectors examined by Sludge and the Guardian. They have the most money invested in the finance, insurance and real estate sector due in part to the Republican senator John Hoeven’s investment in Westbrand, Inc, a private holding company that owns multiple banks, worth between roughly $5m and $25m.

Altogether, 37 senators and their spouses own between $12.8m and $48.2m worth of stock in the finance, insurance and real estate sector. They have the most money invested in the commercial banking industry, between $8.3m and $32.9m.

Senator Richard Shelby, a Republican member of the Senate banking, housing and urban affairs committee, owns between $1m and $5m worth of stock in private real estate insurance firm Tuscaloosa Title Company. Shelby sits on the housing, transportation and community development subcommittee, which has jurisdiction over the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, affordable housing, foreclosure mitigation and other housing matters, and the securities, insurance and investment subcommittee, which oversees the insurance industry.

Nine other banking committee members are personally invested in the financial companies they oversee including the Republican John Kennedy and the Democrats Doug Jones, Robert Menendez and Tina Smith.

Mining, communications and healthcare

The same phenomenon of senators owning stock in industries they oversee exists in many other Senate committees.

Senators have between $8.3m and $22m invested in the communications and electronics sector, including up to $4.2m in internet companies and as much as $4.1m in computer software businesses. Senator Shelley Moore Capito, a member of the commerce, science, and transportation committee’s subcommittee on communications, technology, innovation and the internet and the subcommittee on manufacturing, trade and consumer protection, owns between $53,000 and $194,000 worth of Microsoft stock, as much as $99,000 of Intel stock and up to $30,000 each in AT&T and Verizon stock.

Senator Jacky Rosen, who is also on both subcommittees, owns between $310,000 and $1m worth of communications and electronics stock. Her largest potential investments are as much as $265,000 in Amazon, up to $115,000 in AT&T and $100,000 in software company Adobe.

Energy and natural resources companies come up frequently in the senators’ investments; members own between $3.5m and $13.9m in stocks in this sector. As the world hurtles towards a potential climate catastrophe by 2030, senators own as much as $6.1m worth of stock in oil and gas companies. In addition, members have between $1.1m and $2.8m invested in electric and natural gas utilities stocks.

While medical debt piles up and tens of millions of Americans are still uninsured, senators own as much as $9.5m in health sector companies including insurers UnitedHealth Group and Anthem, pharmaceutical companies Abbott Labs, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, and pharmacy benefit manager CVS Health.

Tech stocks are most popular for political stock market bribes

While the financial sector has drawn the most investment dollars from senators, stocks in the internet and computer software and hardware industries are the most popular.

Fifteen senators own stock in Apple and in Microsoft; eleven are invested in Amazon and in Intel, and 10 own stock in Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

Republicans tend to be more eager to invest in corporate stocks; of the 25 most popular public stocks, Democrats invested outnumber Republicans in only three companies: General Electric, MetLife, and Pfizer. (General Electric is classified in the energy and natural resources sector for this report, due to its energy subsidiary, GE Power, which operates an oilfield services division.)

Overall, Republican senators own more in stock investments – between $18.8m and $63.7m – than Democrats, whose stock ownership is worth roughly half of that range, between $9.3m and $31.6m.

Aside from the Wireless Telecom Group, in which Senator Rick Scott of Florida has as much as $3m invested, the top public stocks by investment amount are Apple (between $798,000 and $2.2m), Microsoft ($588,000 to $2.2m), and Alphabet ($577,000 to $1.8m). Ownership in Amazon, which is vying for a $10bn defense contract, is not far behind at between $423,000 and $1.3m.

Wells Fargo, the financial giant that has paid numerous fines for its frequently fraudulent practices, is the bank that has attracted the most investment dollars from senators: as much as $1.5m. Also among the top stocks are telecom companies Crown Castle International ($385,000 to $1.2m), Verizon ($407,000 to $1m), and AT&T ($250,000 to $925,000).

Breaking down the Senators’ wealth

Because of Hoeven’s big investment in Westbrand Bank Holding Company, he has by far the most money in corporate stocks from the five sectors analyzed by Sludge and the Guardian.

In terms of total stock ownership in the five sectors, Senator Dianne Feinstein, who along with husband Richard Blum, an investment banker, is second, with up to $7m invested in the five sectors. Blum’s purchase of as much as $250,000 worth of Facebook stock three months before his wife questioned the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, came under scrutiny after Sludge reported the trade. He has since sold off the stock, but the couple still owns up to $3.3m worth of communications and electronics sector stock, which is heavily represented their state of California, including between $150,001 and $650,000 invested in Alphabet.

Feinstein is followed by Senator David Perdue, who owns as much as $6.4m invested. In addition to his considerable financial sector stock, the former Dollar General CEO has stock holdings worth as much as $2.8m in the energy and natural resources sector and up to $2m in the communications and electronics sector.

I spend a lot of time talking about these concerns with every federal and European law enforcement agency… you should too…


Sen. Elizabeth Warren blasts ‘brazenness’ of California lawmakers who flouted a federal law meant to stop congressional insider trading and the utter lack of federal enforcement

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren called out the “brazenness” of California lawmakers who flouted a federal disclosure law in order to hide the bribes they took from insider trading.
  • An Insider investigation found that dozens of members of Congress violated the STOCK Act.
  • The “Conflicted Congress” project found members of Congress trading stocks in industries they’ve criticized.

Said one of the witnesses: “…I was a White House And Congressional Advisor. I was asked to participate in a criminal stock market manipulation, involving stimulus funds, that public figures had put together. I reported the crime. Federal officials then ran reprisal attacks on me using taxpayer-paid resources. According to the FBI and Congressional investigators, they spent over $30M buying media attacks. Now I want my damages, losses and monies-owed paid and I want the FBI to reveal what they found out from interviewing the attackers (ie: their 302 forms) because that reveals who paid the attackers. The feds defrauded me out of my life savings and got me to invest in their project that they had already covertly hard-wired to some Senator’s Big Tech financiers. Now the Feds have blockaded my rights to a lawyer, a jury trial and coverage of my damages, as political reprisal for speaking out…”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren denounced the “brazenness” of members of Congress who have flouted a federal law meant to stem insider trading in Congress and called for stronger enforcement in response to a new Insider investigation.

It has been demanded that the FBI interview and ascertain the attack contract compensationsources along with the command and control managers for attacker/Defendants: Gabrielle Darbyshire, A.J. Delaurio, David Plouffe, Patrick George,Adrian Covert, John Herrman, Nicholas Guido Denton, John Cook, Cardinal & Pine; Pacronym, Acronym;  The Americano; Investing in US; Shadow Inc; Courier Newsroom; IN-Q-Tel; Gawker Media; Jalopnik; Gizmodo Media; K2 Intelligence; WikiStrat; Podesta Group; Fusion GPS; Google; YouTube; Alphabet; Facebook; Twitter; Think Progress; Media Matters); Black Cube; Correct The Record; Orbis Business Intelligence, Undercover Global Ltd; Stratfor; Jigsaw; ShareBlue/Acronym; Versa LLC; American Ledger; Supermajority News; New Venture Fund; Sixteen Thirty Fund; Cambridge Analytica; Sid Blumenthal; States Newsroom; Hopewell Fund;  Open Society.; David Brock; AmpliFire News; American Bridge; Plouffe Consulting; Pantsuit Nation; MotiveAI; American Bridge 21st Century Foundation; Priorities USA; PR Firm Sunshine Sachs; The American Independent Foundation; Covington and Burling; Buzzfeed; The American Independent; Perkins Coie; Secondary Infektion; Wilson Sonsini and the other hired character assassins hired by Senators and the White House.

‘Hit-Men’ like Daniel Jones, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney, Micheal Sussman, Steve Jurvetson, Sid Blumenthal, Glenn Simpson, David Brock, Ian Fette, and their kind, sell media murder in exchange for stocks, cash and covert compensation. They should be arrested for their organized attacks on whistle-blowers. The FBI evidence from those interviews and investigations will confirm the assertions herein.

Senators stock market payola deals are launched daily through a secretive “Trigger Flag” system arranged via special “political intelligence” operatives who act as stock market bribery middlemen. Federal law enforcement has been ordered, By The White House, to NOT arrest Senators, particularly those from California, for doing this kind of crime.

“Conflicted Congress,” a five-month Insider investigation, found 48 members of Congress and 182 senior-level congressional staffers have violated the “STOCK” Act. The 2012 federal conflict-of-interest law requires members and staff to disclose their stock trades and seeks to prevent those in the halls of power from personally cashing in on the information they learn behind closed doors.

The investigation found dozens of cases of lawmakers trading stocks in industries and companies, like big tech firms, pharmaceutical companies, and fossil fuel producers, that they directly oversee or have publicly criticized.

“We need both tougher laws and enforcement of those laws,” the Massachusetts Democrat told Insider in an interview at the Capitol. “The American people should never have to guess whether or not an elected official is advancing an issue or voting on a bill based on what’s good for the country or what’s good for their own personal financial interests.”

Warren called out the “brazenness of people who think it’s okay to be in a position of trust to represent the people of this country, and at the same time to be working to advance your own financial interests,” adding, “it’s just wrong.”

When it comes to financial wrongdoing, Congress acts as its own policeman, resulting in little accountability and massive cover-ups in many cases.

Warren, a consumer protection lawyer who taught at Harvard Law School, has consistently advocated for stronger financial transparency requirements for members of Congress and government officials. In 2020, she re-introduced a bill to ban members of Congress from trading individual stocks.

Warren told Insider that for now, the solution “starts with just enforcement.”

Musk was named Time’s 2021 “Person of the Year” after Musk’s PR people paid off Time editors. At the time, Warren tweeted: “Let’s change the rigged tax code so The Person of the Year will actually pay taxes and stop freeloading off everyone else.”. Democrats including Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) decried the choice of Musk for the Time honor. Both accused the billionaire of not paying his fair share in taxes.  “We can’t believe Time Magazine just named Elon Musk its ‘Person of the Year,’” Jayapal said in a statement.  “The richest person in the world and yet he avoids paying his taxes while working families struggle to put food on the table and pay rent.”

Musk surpassed Amazon founder Jeff Bezos as the richest man in the world this year. His net worth is over $290 billion.

According to a report released by ProPublica in June, the billionaire paid $68,000 in federal income taxes in 2015, $65,000 in 2017 and no federal income taxes in 2018.

Brown accused Musk of “union-busting” following a 2019 National Labor Relations Board ruling that Tesla acted illegally for firing an employee pushing to unionize.

“A billionaire who has been found guilty of illegal union-busting [National Labor Relations Board] should probably not be @TIME’s Person of the Year,” Brown tweeted.

The back and forth between the businessman and the senator comes the same day that six current and former Tesla employees filed a lawsuit in Alameda County, Calif., alleging sexual harassment in the workplace and after another murder victim was found in Tesla’s factory.

“Bring the charges, pull them out. Make it clear publicly,” she said. “The strongest enforcement is to make known what they are doing and for the voters to retire them forcibly.”

One of the most powerful lawmakers in the U.S. defended the right of congresspeople to trade stocks. She, Feinstein, Reid, Harris and other California politicians own Silicon Valley companies Google, Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Facebook, Tesla, SpaceX and YouTube and get them federal cash. They defund their competitors and put hit-jobs on those competitors, who are their own constituents. These politicians block government actions that would regulate these companies and laws designed to control the corruption and public safety hazards of these companies.

When asked about the issue during a press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that “We’re a free market economy” and lawmakers “should be able to participate in that.” That reply was an insincere, pandering, smoke-screen of a lie!, as the evidence shows.

Pelosi’s own stock portfolio, which gained over $65 million in value between 2019 and 2021, has often been the subject of scrutiny. The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act, which was passed in 2012, is designed to combat insider trading by lawmakers, who many across the spectrum argue have too much access to inside information to be able to trade stocks ethically. In October, the Federal Reserve banned its officials from owning individual stocks. In March 2020, four senators were accused of insider trading and investigated by the Justice Department when they sold off stocks ahead of the COVID-19-induced economic downturn.

Voices across the spectrum, especially on the right but also on the left, criticized Pelosi’s comments and questioned her position. Many argue that lawmakers since have access to information that the public does not, and because they also have the ability to write and pass policy, they shouldn’t be allowed to buy and sell individual stocks and other assets. Some on the right highlighted silence from other progressives in response to Pelosi’s statement despite their previous opposition to the practice.

Nancy Pelosi owns more than $500,000 in Apple stock, according to her financial disclosure reports. Pelosi is also the speaker of the House. Congressional Democrats and Republicans alike have introduced multiple antitrust bills that would affect Big Tech companies.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, called Pelosi personally in June and told her not to move ahead on these bills. The House Judiciary Committee passed six of these bills in June. Not one of them has seen movement on the House floor in six months, with some reports pinning the inaction on the speaker.

Back in January, Pelosi’s husband, Paul, bought at least a quarter million in “call” options for Apple, which is a more sophisticated way of betting on a stock going up in value.

Paul Pelosi also bought at least half a million in call options for Tesla, which stood to get subsidized by the Build Back Better bill his wife shepherded through the House.

The Pelosis are already very rich, and nobody but the Pelosis themselves knows the motivations of Nancy Pelosi or the calculations of Paul Pelosi. But still, it ought to raise eyebrows that the speaker of the House keeps taking actions that benefit her stock portfolio.

Yet Pelosi said on Wednesday that there should be no restrictions on her ability to buy and sell stocks in the companies she’s regulating, subsidizing, protecting, and taxing.

This is especially rich because Pelosi has a long history of entangling her policymaking with her family’s profit-making.

Peter Schweizer, in his book Throw Them All Out, documented how Pelosi and her husband have gained insider status and made millions betting on companies that were directly involved in pending legislation.

Back in 2009, I wrote about businessman William Hambrecht, who went into business with Paul Pelosi, hired Paul Jr., and finagled a Financial Services Committee hearing on legislation that would increase business for Hambrecht’s company.

Congressmen and senators and their husbands and wives should be barred from buying and selling stocks, if not owning stocks. At the least, the stocks should be held in a blind trust. Better they should have to divest all their stocks and roll the money into a few select mutual funds.

Maybe we should compensate them for this sacrifice by paying them more, but the people subsidizing, regulating, taxing, exempting, and protecting corporations shouldn’t at the same time be investing in them.

The truth is that no one should trade individual stocks, unless you want to lose your money. Just put what you can in an index fund, and you’ll be fine.

But unlike you, members of Congress are often privy to information the general public doesn’t have, and when they trade on that information, it creates serious conflicts of interest.

Only occasionally is a member of Congress found guilty of that kind of securities fraud; former representative Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) was in 2019. The California Senators sabotaged Zap, Fisker, XP, Apterra and a host of competitors to Tesla because those Senators own Tesla and are financed by Elon Musk. These Senators sabotaged their own constituents in order to profiteer on those Senator’s covert insider trading stock.

When a U.S. senator frantically dumps $1.6 million in stocks just before the market tanks because of the pandemic (and calls his brother-in-law, who immediately dumps his own stocks), people might conclude that their elected representatives must be corrupt.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this problem: Ban members of Congress and staffers from trading individual stocks. For the time they serve in Congress, they can put their holdings into mutual funds.

It isn’t like that’s some kind of hardship unless they are crooks. Over time, the stock market tends to rise! They’ll make money.

A better way to look at this issue might be to ask why it’s important for members of Congress to be allowed to trade individual stocks. Is this some kind of foundational freedom that no American should be denied even for a temporary period? Did generations of brave American service members lay down their lives so your congressman could take a chance on Tesla shares going up next year?

Being a lawmaker is a privilege and a public trust. And it comes with some sacrifices. This doesn’t seem like a particularly onerous one, and it would be easier to enforce than the Stock Act — which doesn’t seem to get much enforcement at all. No complex reporting requirements, no deadlines, and no questions about whether a trade really was based on nonpublic information. Just a simple rule that says that as long as you’re in Congress you can’t buy or sell individual stocks.

The corruption in politics involving stock market payola is MAFIA level crime that the politicians make special laws to exclude themselves from arrest over.

The United States Department of Energy is comprised of two groups of people: One group are the fresh-faced naive college kids, hired on the cheap, often relatives of insiders, who were just plucked out of some Ivy League frat house. They sincerely believe they are working on social justice things and woke energy-for-all schemes. The other group are the old bosses and insiders who own the stock market stocks of each and every company they regulate and fund. The old bosses have all been promised revolving door payola bribe jobs in each and every company they regulate and fund. Old bosses with sign-off authority are friends with the current seated President in the White House, who covertly approves all of the old boss decisions via a web of relay aides. The college kids do vast amounts of work, calculations, studies and reports but everything they do is shoved into a box in storage and ignored if it competes with or reduces the valuation of the venture capital companies that funded the President’s political campaign. So these nerd kids do all this work, that is never actually considered, because the old bosses will never allow anything to get funded or supported that competes with the President’s campaign financiers. The nerd kids are fired, or transferred to the mail room, as soon as they look like they are starting to figure out how the scam works.

For example, Obama and Biden’s political financiers own all of the lithium mines in the world. Toyota and Honda fuel cell cars make those lithium mines obsolete. The kids at DOE found that there is not enough lithium in the world to cover more than a small percentage of the electric cars in the Obama/Biden plan and that almost all the lithium is in countries that will do anything to screw over the U.S. To get that lithium, child slave labor is used and the lithium batteries blow up as they age and the smoke from their fires causes cancer. The U.S. lithium supply inside the U.S. is so minimal that it barely counts. By the time the lithium gets into all the cars, the cars will cost so much, nobody will buy them. Toyota, KIA and Honda fuel cell cars get their hydrogen from water and organic waste, which is endless. World lithium is already running out, but the DOE old bosses are pushing it to make the White House financiers happy. The United States Department of Energy is not a “Department”, it is a political slush-fund!


Want more pictures of the THOUSANDS of other Tesla fires and safety defects that are being covered up? Let’s have a live, televised Senate Hearing…
We asked the FBI, FINCEN, DOJ, FTC, SEC, FEC, OSC, The IG, The AG, and Congress how this could happen and are awaiting the answer.
This guy’s report shows you what the politicians that own Tesla never want you to see: 
“Elon Musk’s Pathetic Tesla Battery Lies”
By C. Brooks – Stanford University
The Tesla Model S Plaid is a typical electric car.While the electric vehicle is pricey, it is much less expensive than other Tesla models. Because only douche-bag tech millionaires were buying Tesla’s, Musk had to scramble to try to make his over-priced jalopies cheaper. Musk decided to try to scam more of his deadly, aging, 18650 batteries into the Plaid in order to dump the toxic cells (which were never meant to be used in cars) on hapless consumers.In Tesla’s own USPTO Patent filings, Tesla says that Tesla batteries are very likely to blow up and burn your home or office down. Read the Tesla patents…it says that his batteries are deadly disasters waiting to happen.
The new Model S uses the toxic old, and deadly, 18650 battery, a lithium-ion rechargeable battery which is used in previous Model S and Model X generations, instead of the company’s recent 2170 batteries, which are used in Model 3 and Model Y, because Tesla can’t get their shit together.Tesla is desperate to use up the massive stockpile of crap 18650 battery technologies Tesla helped Panasonic, market-dump.Tesla has failed to master the mass production of its previously announced and highly-anticipated 4680 battery cells which are supposed to be ‘more powerful and cheaper’ to produce but impossible for the unskilled, non-union workers at Tesla to deliver to market, it seems.
Lithium, Cobalt and rare earth mines are owned by Kleiner Perkins, Goldman Sachs and Department of Energy/White House insiders. That is what power’s Elon Musk’Plaid’s battery packing increased energy into a smaller battery and raised even more horrific safety concerns, Tesla had to reduce the number of modules in the updated battery pack from 16 to just five for safety assurance.Tesla’s move stresses that improving the already-existing technologies is just as crucial as coming up with new ideas and inventions because Tesla is ‘Shit Outa Luck’ with it’s massive number of battery failures.Secretary Of Energy Jennifer Granholm began touting the “amazing electric car funding” from the Department of Energy and “inviting electric car makers to apply” for fabulous amounts of funding from DOE. Upon becoming the new Secretary of Energy, her staff had to report to her that the Department of Energy has screwed over every single car manufacturer in America and that there are no electric car makers that trust DOE except the handful of Obama buddies who already got cash from DOE. She quickly tried to pivot to “funding batteries for all kinds of stuff”, only to find that you can’t make batteries unless China allows you to. These two dumb, naive, moves clearly demonstrate the unprofessional and crony idiocy that DOE has become widely known for. Fuel cell cars, (like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, etc. sell), work perfectly, use domestic materials, don’t blow-up like lithium-ion batteries always do and solve all of America’s energy problems. Fuel Cell’s obsolete the batteries that Jennifer Granholm and her buddies own the stock in! In fact, Jennifer Granholm’s Proterra lithium ion buses have been exploding into fireballs lately. Jennifer hates fuel cell cars because her stock market investments are in lithium. “So right now, we kind of have the Baskin Robbins of batteries situation, where there are so many formats and so many chemistries, that it’s like we’ve got like 36 flavors of battery at this point,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during Tesla’s Q2 earnings conference call in July. Musk seems to forget that making ice cream and making exploding lithium ion batteries are two different things.Plaid’s battery packing increased energy into a smaller battery and raised even more horrific safety concerns, Tesla had to reduce the number of modules in the updated battery pack from 16 to just five for safety assurance.

Tesla’s move stresses that improving the already-existing technologies is just as crucial as coming up with new ideas and inventions because Tesla is ‘Shit Outa Luck’ with it’s massive number of battery failures.

The dark secret of the Musk batteries include:

Lithium ion batteries: Cause wars, rape and genocide in the Congo, Afghanistan and Bolivia from the corrupt mining deals involved with mining lithium and cobalt; are insider trading-owned by ex-CIA boss Woolsey and DOE Boss Chu; excrete chemicals that mutate fetuses when they burn; destroy your brain, lungs and nervous system when they burn; kill the factory workers who make them; cause Panasonic to be one of the most corrupt companies in the world; poison the Earth when disposed of; can’t be extinguished by firemen; poison firemen when they burn; are based on criminally corrupt mining schemes like URANIUM ONE; Have over 61 toxic chemicals in them; come from an industry that spends billions on internet shills and trolls used to nay say all other forms of energy; are insider-trading owned by corrupt U.S. Senators who are running a SAFETY COVER-UP about their dangers. Apple products with lithium ion batteries have been exploding and setting people on fire; over time the chemical dendrites inside each battery grow worse and increase the chances of explosion as they age –

LITHIUM ION BATTERIES BECOME MORE AND MORE LIKELY TO EXPLODE AS TIME GOES ON AND AS THEY AGE; “Bad Guys” have figured out how to make them explode remotely; have their dangers hidden by CNN and MSM because pretty much only the DNC people profit from them; are the heart of Elon Musk’s stock market scam. The Obama Administration promised Silicon Valley oligarchs the market monopoly on lithium ion batteries and the sabotage of fuel cells in exchange for campaign financing and search engine rigging; United States Senators that are supposed to protect us from these deadly products own the stock market assets of them so they protect them and stop the FDA, OSHA, DOT & NHTSA from outlawing them. Lithium-ion batteries, which also require mining rare earth metals, are difficult and dangerous to recycle, difficult to dispose of without polluting the environment and it takes about 67,000 cubic feet of water to mine a tonne of lithium salt. The carbon costs of producing lithium-ion batteries from mining to shipping to manufacturing the final product compared to that of fuel cells is awful. The lifetime costs of replacing and recycling Li-ion Batteries periodically versus maintaining Fuel cell systems is also awful..

NiCAD and Hundreds of other battery chemistries DO NOT have all of these problems but Lithium Ion batteries get a monopoly because of politician insider trading ownerships. A recent fire on U.S. Highway 101 near Mountain View, CA, burned the driver alive and killed him. In Florida two kids died in a Tesla, burned alive, screaming in agony. A man died in agony in a Tesla crash in Malibu that set Malibu Canyon on fire. A young woman, at the start of life, and her boyfriend were burned alive in their crashed Tesla. There are many more deaths and crashes than you have heard about. The deaths and the cover-ups are endless. Senators Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and their associates own the stock in Tesla Motors and/or it’s suppliers and mining companies and they cover-up and halt investigations and laws designed to save the public. Evan Halper, Elon Musk and their crony’s, spend over $1B a year to shill and troll hype about lithium ion batteries and cover-up the dangers. Lithium ion EVs are more prone to battery fires. Experts say that their lithium-ion batteries can fuel hotter fires that release toxic fumes and are more difficult to put out. Lithium ion fires keep reigniting which explains why it takes so long and requires copious amounts of water or foam (it is an electric fire, after all) to smother the flames. Tesla employee Bernard Tse and his team warned Elon Musk about these dangers in 2008 and they got fired and/or warned to “say nothing” by Musk.

Three top Tesla engineers died in a plane crash next to Tesla offices in San Carlos after two of them agreed to become whistle-blowers, another Tesla employee whistle-blower was just killed in Tesla’s Fremont factory. Elon Musk exists because he bribed DNC politicians and Senators Feinstein, Reid, Boxer, Harris, Clinton and Pelosi to give him free taxpayer cash and government resources from the Dept. of Energy and the Calif treasury. DOE has been covering-up organized crime activities at DOE in which DOE funds are being used as a slush-fund to pay off DNC campaign financiers and to pay for CIA/GPS Fusion-Class attacks on Silicon Valley business competitors of those DNC campaign financiers who DOE staff share stock market holdings with. Elon Musk is a criminal, a mobster, an asshole, a bald fake-hair wearing, plastic surgery-addicted, douchebag, woman-abusing, sex addicted, tax evader. Musk exploits poor people and child slaves in the Congo and Afghanistan to mine his lithium and Cobalt.

Musk spends billions per year to hire Russian trolls, fake blogger fan-boys and buy fake news self-aggrandizement articles about himself. Musk thinks he is the ‘Jesus’ of Silicon Valley. Fake News manipulator Google is run by Larry Page and Larry is Musk’s investor and bromance butt buddy. Musk uses massive numbers of shell companies and trust funds to self-deal, evade the law and hide his bribes and stock market insider trading. A huge number of Tesla drivers have been killed; pedestrians and oncoming drivers have also been killed, and Musk covers it up. The DNC and the MSM refuse to allow any articles about Musk’s crimes to be printed because they benefit from Musk’s crimes. Musk has been professionally diagnosed as a ‘psychotic narcissist.’A ‘Silicon Valley Mafia; cartel of frat boy sociopath venture capitalists like Steve Jurvetson, Tim Draper, Eric Schmidt, et al; threaten those who do not support the cult of Tesla or their political candidates. In EVERY blog that you read that mentions ‘Musk’, at least 1/3 of the comments have been placed their by Musk’s paid shills. Musk holds the record for getting sued for fraud by his investors, wives, former partners, employees, suppliers and co-founders. Elon Musk has gone out of his way to hire hundreds of ex-CIA staff and assign them to “dirty tricks teams” to attack his competitors and elected officials who Musk hates. Musk never founded his companies. Musk’s “Starlink” satellites are domestic spy and political manipulation tools – never get your internet from one.

Musk stole Tesla in a hostile ownership take-over from Marty the true inventor of the Tesla. The same kind of EMF radiation proven to cause cancer from cell phones exists in massive amounts in a Tesla. Musk can’t fix a car or build a rocket and has almost no mechanical skills. If you pull a report of every VIN# of every Tesla ever built and cross reference that with insurance, repair and lawsuit records you will find that the “per volume” fire, crash, death and defect rate is THE WORST of any car maker in history! Musk is a lying con artist and partners with Goldman Sachs to rig the stock market. Sachs has a dedicated team of 18 men who rig stocks and valuation bumps for Musk. Over 1000 witnesses can prove every one of those claims in any live televised Congressional hearing! Senators Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and their associates own the stock in Tesla Motors and/or it’s suppliers and mining companies. That is why they criminally help cover-up investigations of Tesla! All of this was reported, in writing, to James Comey, Patricia Rich and David Johnson at the FBI. The DNC bosses own the stock in lithium, Solar and EV markets and use kickbacks from those markets (Especially via convoluted campaign finance laundering via Elon Musk) to finance the DNC. The DNC bosses use character assassination as their main political tool against any member of the public who speaks out against their felony stock market scams and PizzaGate-like scandals. The Harvey Weinstein reports by Ronan Farrow show that they have teams of hired goons that they pay to destroy people’s lives.

They use Black Cube, Mossad, In-Q-Tel, Stratfor, Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media, Media Matters, David Brock, Sid Blumenthal, NY Times, Google servers, Facebook servers, Podesta Group, Perkins Coie, Covington & Burling and a host of “assassins”. It should be a felony to hire character assassins in the USA. DEMAND A LAW and DEMAND the termination of these attack services. IE: Gawker and Gizmodo Media sets-up the attack stories and, in paid partnership with Google, Google kicks their attack links around the globe, in front of 8 Billion people, forever. Google locks the attack articles of its enemies on the front top search results of Google search results forever, on purpose! That is why Google is being terminated in the largest, most well resourced anti-corruption public service take-down in history! Tesla and Musk are protected by shareholders Harris, Pelosi, Feinstein, Brown and Newsom. Panasonic (indicted for bribery and Musk’s partner) spends billions of dollars annually cover-up lithium battery fires and battery defects.

The Musk empire has paid more bribes to politicians than almost any other modern entity. That is why no full investigation of the Musk scams has ever been completed. Google’s Eric Schmidt and Larry Page have a bromance relationship with Musk and use the global resources of Alphabet to hide any negative news about Musk assets.The 2008 Department of Energy Cleantech Crash proves that a federal agency was used as just one big slush-fund to pay-off political campaign financiers, operate insider-trading stocks and sabotage those financiers competitors using taxpayer-financed resources! We have used private investigator, FBI resources and deep AI research to reveal that all government staff working on our application were getting quid-pro-quo…they were on the take. (Can anyone point out to us EVEN ONE person who was in the DOE/White House loop who was not working for, invested in, getting a future job from or other wise conflicted?) What do you do when The U.S. Government convinces you to invest millions of dollars, and your life, into one of their projects. Then their project turns out to be a scam where they had covertly hard-wired the upside to a couple of Senator’s and their campaign financier friends. The fix was in and the game was rigged to use a government program as a slush-fund for friends-with-benefits. We, and the public, got defrauded.

Now the damages must be paid for, one way, or another. Every one of the insiders who did get government funding got it in the exact same size and order as their covert political campaign funding and stock market bribes to the deciders. Chamath Palihapitiya and other Silicon Valley insiders have now exposed the fact that Greylock, Kleiner, etc. are just a VC Ponzi Scheme! in this whole mess. Musk used crooked Senators to get his funds. Those Senators and government agency bosses were financed by, friends with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or government service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, making profits by consulting for, exchanging emails with, business associates of or directed by; one of those business adversaries, or the Senators and politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political search engine manipulation services to. Elon Musk is notorious for getting Department of Energy money by bribing public officials and placing his friends: Steven Chu, Matt Rogers, Steve Westly, Steve Spinner’s ‘special friend’, etc. on the staff of the Department of Energy and in the White House. We have FBI-class records, financial tracking, emails, stock market relay records and other forensic data that proves it. We can swear, warrant, certify and prove these assertions in front of Congress in a live Congressional hearing or Civil Jury trial, given non-compromised legal backing.

In this day and age, with every citizen able to track every public figure, with FBI-quality databases, on their home computers, it might be a crash-and-burn but you are welcome to try. Lithium metals, and other rare earth mining materials, are monopolized by Elon Musk and his Silicon Valley Cartel, in rare-earth corrupt mining scams. Lithium’s widespread use in cars is hindered by a challenging obstacle: upon multiple charge-discharge cycles, fractal filaments called dendrites always grow through the electrolyte from the negative to the positive electrode and short-circuit the battery from the inside, thus guaranteeing that Tesla Cars will eventually all explode. Musk and Panasonic have known this since 2007 (They are “dumping” the batteries via Tesla) and have paid U.S. Senators, who own stock in Tesla, to cover it up.

The lithium fires and toxic vapors are a major safety concern because they have killed, poisoned and injured too many citizens. Musk gets away with his scams because he pays U.S. Senators bribes with stocks in his corporations and has a thousand crooked Goldman Sachs investment bankers selling his hair-brained schemes to your parents pension funds. Tesla is known as “the official car of douche-bags”. The safety defect cover-ups on the Tesla are extreme. Musk’s narcissistic trophy-wife mom and his extremist father (who got his young sister pregnant) are thought to be the cause of Musk’s racism and sociopath behaviors. He is the #1 crony capitalist government mooch in America and has received billions of dollars of your tax money to help him buy his mansions, starlets and sex parties. His cars and rockets blow up, his tunnels are unsafe, his satellites spy on consumers and his brain chip company tortures small animals. He swiped all of his technology from someone else and has never come up with his own inventions. Space-X is just a domestic spying company. Don’t buy Musk’s bullshit about Space-X doing any good deeds. Everything Space-X launches is to spy on the poor folks on the ground and monitor their internet. Also, Musk’s Neuralink company tortures small animals to try out Musk’s pseudo-science mind-reading chips….”

YOU the Public have to stand up and demand an end to corruption like this:

Facebook and Google Have ‘Secret Deal’ To Carve Up Ad Empire, Election Manipulation And Venture Capital Market


Ariel Zilber

Google and Facebook made a secret deal in 2018 which gave both firms unfair competitive advantage in the digital ad space, it has been alleged. The deal, which was brokered by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg (far right), was approved by Google CEO Sundar Pichai (far left) and Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg (center).

More On: facebook

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and his counterpart at Google, CEO Sundar Pichai, secretly struck a deal in 2018 to carve up the digital advertising market between the two tech giants, according to newly revealed allegations from top state law-enforcement officials.

Previously, it was reported that the deal was signed by Zuckerberg’s No. 2, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, who moved over to the social network after a stint heading up Google’s online ad sales team, according to the allegations in a lawsuit by a group of state attorneys general.

But according to newly unredacted court filings, Zuckerberg and Pichai also signed off on the backroom deal in 2018, which allegedly guaranteed Meta subsidiary Facebook would both bid in — and win — a fixed percentage of ad auctions, according to court papers.

The original complaint had alleged that Google reached out Facebook after the social media company emerged as a powerful online ad rival in 2017. The two tech behemoths then allegedly struck “an unlawful agreement” to give Facebook“information, speed, and other advantages” in the ad auctions it ran in exchange for the social network backing down from its competitive threats.

The newly revised, unredacted version of the lawsuit, which was refiled on Friday, also specifically alleges that Sandberg helped negotiate the agreement before bringing it to Zuckerberg, who approved the deal. Sandberg is said to have lobbied her boss to okay the agreement, calling it a “big deal strategically.”

“We’re nearly ready to sign and need your approval to move forward,” Sandberg and her team told Zuckerberg in an email cited by the complaint.

While the names of Zuckerberg and Sandberg are redacted, their titles are not.

“Facebook CEO [REDACTED] wanted to meet with COO [REDACTED] and his other executives before making a decision,” says the complaint.

SUN VALLEY, IDAHO - JULY 09: CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg walks with COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg after a session at the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference on July 08, 2021 in Sun Valley, Idaho. After a year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world’s most wealthy and powerful businesspeople from the media, finance, and technology worlds will converge at the Sun Valley Resort for the exclusive week-long conference. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images) Getty Images

The September 2018 agreement between Google and Facebook allegedly bears the signatures of Sandberg and a Google senior vice president.

“Google CEO Sundar Pichai also personally signed off on the terms of the deal,” according to the lawsuit.

see also

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks during a live-streamed virtual and augmented reality conference to announce the rebrand of Facebook as Meta, in this screen grab taken from a video released October 28, 2021. Facebook/Handout via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES. MANDATORY CREDIT

Facebook faces $3.1 billion class-action lawsuit in UK

The states updated the original complaint in November. The revised version included many redactions. But a federal judge in New York ordered the states to undo most of the redactions, saying that it was in the public interest to have the information revealed.

The newly unredacted suit also claims that Google duped publishers and advertisers for years about how it prices and executes its ad auctions, creating secret algorithms that hiked prices for buyers while deflating revenue for some advertisers.

Likewise, Google used the extra cash it got from inflated ad prices to improperly expand its monopoly, according to the complaint,which cites internal correspondence from Google employees. Some Google workers said the practices amounted to using “insider information” to grow the business, according to the suit.

The allegations were made by the attorneys general for Texas, 14 other states,and Puerto Rico, who are suing Google in federal court for antitrust violations. Facebook and its parent company, Meta Platforms are not YET defendants in the lawsuit.

In December 2020, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton took the lead in filing a lawsuit against Google, accusing it of using anti-competitive means to gain dominance over the digital ad space.

The Post has reached out to Alphabet-owned Google as well as Meta Platforms for comment.

Both companies earlier denied to Politico that the arrangement was illegal.

UKRAINE - 2022/01/08: In this photo illustration, Google logo seen displayed on a smartphone. (Photo Illustration by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

“Our advertising technologies help websites and apps fund their content, and enable small businesses to reach customers around the world.”

“There is vigorous competition in online advertising, which has reduced ad tech fees, and expanded options for publishers and advertisers.”

Meta Platforms, Inc. also released a statement defending the arrangement with Google.

“Meta’s non-exclusive bidding agreement with Google and the similar agreements we have with other bidding platforms, have helped to increase competition for ad placements,” Meta spokesperson Christopher Sgro said.

“These business relationships enable Meta to deliver more value to advertisers while fairly compensating publishers, resulting in better outcomes for all.”

POLAND - 2022/01/03: In this photo illustration a Meta logo seen displayed on a smartphone with Facebook logo in the background. (Photo Illustration by Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

The original December 2020 lawsuit was filed at around the same time that the Department of Justice submitted its own antitrust complaint against Google. The DOJ claimed Google has long broken the law in its quest to remain“the gateway to the internet,” and has disadvantaged competitors in an effort to sell more online search ads.

Last month, more than 200 newspapers filed suit against Facebook and Google, who were accused of unfairly manipulating the advertising market and siphoning away their revenue.

Both Facebook and Google face legal challenges from regulators who allege that they have grown too powerful in the tech space by gaining an unfair advantage over other companies.

Earlier this week, the Federal Trade Commission was allowed to proceed with a lawsuit against Facebook after a judge rejected the company’s request to throw out claims that it is a monopoly.

In June, New York State, Tennessee, Utah, and North Carolina banded together to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google over its management of its mobile app store.

Foreign governments also have the two tech firms in their sights.

Earlier this month, French regulators imposed fines totaling $238 million on Google and Facebook for allegedly violating European privacy laws by not allowing users the chance to reject data-tracking cookies.


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TESLA’S LIEShttps://gotmusked.com/

A year since a Reddit-driven retail trading frenzy rocked the markets and created the ‘meme stock‘ phenomenon, leading U.S. lawmaker Nancy Pelosi’s investments have become a meme in their own right.

Google searches for ‘Pelosi stock trades’ hit a record high earlier this month as users on social media platforms including Twitter, Reddit, Youtube and TikTok scrutinize her investments, believing the U.S. Speaker of the House may have an edge on Wall Street.

Discussion of Pelosi’s trades is a recurring theme on social media including ‘wallstreetbets’, the Reddit forum where retail investors banded together a year ago to coordinate frenzied buying of video games retailer GameStop (GME.N) and other companies, which eventually became known as meme stocks.

Trade disclosures filed by Pelosi, a multi-millionaire, are shared widely across social media soon after they appear on the House website. Companies she disclosed trades in last year include Apple (AAPL.O), Amazon , Tesla (TSLA.O) and Microsoft (MSFT.O).

Like other Congressional lawmakers, Pelosi is legally required to file disclosures of her stock trades. Her reports have garnered growing attention amid a massive uptick in retail trading – as well as recent calls to ban lawmakers from trading at all, a debate Pelosi has been pulled into in recent weeks.

On Monday, 27 House members signed a letter calling for a floor vote on recent proposals to prohibit Congress members from owning stocks “in light of recent misconduct.”

That was the latest push to ban stock trading by lawmakers after Pelosi in December defended their rights to trade. In a reversal, Pelosi last week signaled her willingness to potentially advance legislation that could ban stock trading by lawmakers. read more

Last year, Pelosi filed transaction reports showing her husband, financier Paul Pelosi, made trades valued at as much as $5 million at a time in ‘Big Tech’ companies now facing an antitrust bill in Congress. Those companies are also among the most widely held across Wall Street, making investing in them relatively common.

A 2012 law makes it illegal for lawmakers to use information from their work in Congress for their personal gain. The law requires them to disclose stock transactions by themselves or family members within 45 days.

Transaction reports are typically filed days after the actual purchases and sales, making it potentially difficult for traders aiming to mimic lawmakers’ specific trades.

“It’s nonsense, it’s very hard to replicate what other people are doing and gain some edge,” said Sahak Manuelian, Managing Director of Trading at Wedbush Securities in Los Angeles.

That has not stopped users on TikTok from focusing on her disclosures, with one video clip about her husband’s recent options purchases in companies including Alphabet (GOOGL.O), Micron Technology (MU.O) and Roblox (RBLX.N) earning 45,000 likes.

Companies in Pelosi’s 2021 trading disclosures
Apple (AAPL.O)
Tesla (TSLA.O)
Alphabet (GOOGL.O)
Microsoft (MSFT.O)
Walt Disney Co (DIS.N)
Nvidia (NVDA.O)
Slack Technologies
Micron Technology (MU.O)
Roblox (RBLX.N)
Salesforce.com (CRM.N)
AllianceBernstein Holding (AB.N)

Still, a recent analysis by Unusual Whales, a service selling financial data, concluded that Congressional lawmakers last year traded $290 million in stocks, options, cryptocurrency and other assets, and that they outperformed the market, on average.

Pelosi’s performance ranked sixth-best in 2021, with Republican Congressman Austin Scott leading the way, according to the analysis.

The Justice Department ended investigations of stock trades by at least three senators ahead of the 2020 market slump, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, without filing charges.