(WORLD NEWS) The Daily Mail’s Obsession With ‘Professional Girlfriends’

The Daily Mail’s Obsession With ‘Professional Girlfriends’

The British newspaper, the Daily Mail, can’t get enough of ‘professional girlfriends’, or, as the American’s call them: Fat Hookers and Skinny Hookers.

The Daily Mail seems to have a contract with the talentless wannabe’s that follow sports and movie stars around as the screw-of-the-month. From Kardashian’s to Love Island models, if there was a nuclear war, you can bet that half of the front page of The Daily Mail would feature what style of dress Kim was wearing when she was vaporized (…if only).

In all fairness, The owners of the Daily Mail have, not so secretly, confessed to their thinking on this. A covert quote from them goes something like this: ‘ Our current and future readers are, generally, so impossibly stupid, that we have to use boobs to trick them into gathering actual knowledge. By using large Kardashian tits and asses we can suck them….onto our pages. From there, we can pull them into actual news stories about badgers, Downing Street parties and such….’

The trick may be working.

Sports and movie stars always get bored with their little fucktarts quite quickly, so the turn-over for new photo meat is high.

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Daily Mail writes exclusive because the most of their readers are idiots. They not yet on US mag which used to have “exclusives”. The only pics OTHER sites have are from first day, in beige bikini. the ones of Saint and north in the pool are still only on DM. IDIOT. Aug 20, 2016 #21 Melange Well-Known Member Joined Mar 28, 2015 Messages 2,741

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Today, The Daily Mail is an outlet not only for your garden-variety conservative politics but a legitimizer of xenophobia, racism, sexism, not to mention and an abusive and dull-minded culture of celebrity worship/stalking. Most shockingly, its readership is largely from the educated socioeconomic layers of Britain.

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Originally Answered: Why are people obsessed with the Kardashians? Because they don’t have enough intelligence to concern themselves with something that matters. The media will push the Kardashians and Jenners down the throats of the masses, and the masses feed on it like good little sheep. It’s a distraction mechanism.